Jets GM: No pressure from above to play Tebow


Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum described conversations between himself, coach Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson as “robust,” but denied that the boss was leaning on them to start Tim Tebow.

“There isn’t,” Tannenbaum said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “Rex, Woody and myself, we talk all the time. We have a great relationship and we have a good, robust debate about what’s best for the team, but playing time is always going to be driven by Rex.

“We’ll talk to Woody about what we’re going to do… but Rex is in charge of who plays.”

The idea that Johnson would push for Tebow has been going around for a few days.

There’s a reason for that: It’s reasonable.

Johnson has established himself as an extremely image-conscious owner, seemingly desperate to steal the back pages from his neighbors if he can’t have their trophies.

But after making that kind of deal to trade for Tebow, there has been limited return, at least for now.

“Of course we did,” Tannenbaum said when asked if they definitely wanted Tebow. “If we didn’t want him, we wouldn’t have traded for him. Rex, Woody and I felt good about that transaction.

“Tim hasn’t had a lot of opportunities, . . . but we’ll see how the next few games play out.”

In the movies, this is where the ominous music starts playing, and you see the first sign of the shark fin in the water.

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  1. What is it with all the TEBOW talk???? Last I saw Jets were in first place or tied. There has only been 4 games played and this is all that is on the talk shows. One show even wants it called an embarrassement how he is used. I thought he was a back up QB but a GREAT athlete so he should do what is asked. They show him on the sidelines and he ALWAYS has his helmet on…come on coach put me in I can do it. For the first time, I fell sorry for the Jet fans.

  2. “but we’ll see how the next few games play out”

    Way to rebuild confidence in your starting QB…

  3. A case of dumb and dumber, referring both to the QBs and the management. They go forward with no plan of action and then wonder why they fail.

  4. “Johnson has established himself as an extremely image-conscious owner, seemingly desperate to steal the back pages from his neighbors if he can’t have their trophies.”

    Spot on comment and one of the biggest problems with this floundering franchise.

  5. I hope Tebow plays and Jets win the rest of their games and beat the Patriots and Broncos on their way to the Superbowl…

  6. Suffered for years as a Jets fan, but never like this. Last week it was as if Kotite was back as coach.

    Truth is, enough blame to go around. Getting disgusting and disgusted!

  7. Jets homework assignment: Block, Tackle & find a WR that can get open. Back to the basics. Like Lombardi’s ” this is a football speech “. Play like you want to be out there guys!

  8. I think it’s time to turn the heat onto tannenbaum… All jokes aside Rex is an excellent coach but when you lack talent in multiples areas and its not addressed in the offseason the finger should start being pointed at the GM

  9. The Texans don’t intimidate anybody.

    Especially not the Jets.

    Can’t wait to see Schwabbie down 7 pts in 4th quarter crap the bed at MetLife on MNF.

  10. How does a GM “build” a team with absolutely no depth? This is the guy most responsible for the Jets woes.

  11. How in the world would it be “reasonable” to bench Sanchez for Tebow? Three different NFL coaching staffs have concluded that he doesn’t belong on the field and last year he had one of the worst, if not THE worst, season by a qb in NFL history. There’s not one stat to support the urban legend that Tebow is better than Sanchez.

    Starting him over Shonn Green might be reasonable, but Sanchez? There’s not a shred of evidence to support that statement.

  12. Tannenbaum is a numbers GM, he is not a talent signing GM, we need to get a GM who can sign the talent not because they fit a payroll spot, he should have signed an offensive lineman this draft with the #1 pick, never has kept a receiving core together for Sanchez, the only guy Sanchez had a good re-pore with he gave away, (Edwards) Sanchez has to read the field and and get rid of the ball so fast because there is a hole still at RT, the running game is pathetic, easy to play the Jets stack the box and kill Sanchez…

  13. Realistic jets fan here but truth is The Jets could be the worst 2-2 team of all time. Miami’s kicker Dan Carpenter missed 2 makable FGs either would of won game and the phins are not good lets be real. W/o your best defensive player who shuts down the opposition’s #1 Receiver and half the field in Revis the secondary is going to get exploited. Plus your biggest offensive threat in Holmes goes down . Sanchez s QBR is in he bottom 3 (again) last week a 2.4! A number 5 overall pick should be able to win games and make plays on his own. Not just Manage the game when the offensive line is loaded, defensive is tops in the league and have the #1 rushing attack (like his first 2 years in the league).

  14. When he says “no pressure from above” does he mean God or Woody Johnson?
    Why is there no discussion about Tannenbaum being the problem with the Jets?
    No sizzle. Ryan is very visible, Tannenbaum is not. Ryan is “all hat and no cattle”, the big talker. I doubt that anyone outside of the Jets offices has any idea what Tannenbaum looks or sounds like.

    bobby927 is right when he says, “How does a GM “build” a team with absolutely no depth? This is the guy most responsible for the Jets woes.” He’s also the guy who hired Ryan and who at least approved Ryan’s assistants.

  15. Can’t believe all the jests fans jumping ship now. A couple months ago, Tannenbaum was a fantastic GM, Rexy was the best coach EVER, and Sancheezy was “the Sanchise”.


  16. Rex has lost all his swag and brovado and you start to get the feeling it’s because he knows Mike T is only giving him knives to carry to a gun fight.

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