Kevin Kolb calls Cardinals’ offensive performance “sickening”

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Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb was sacked nine times — nine times — during Thursday night’s loss to the Rams, and it’s no surprise that he wasn’t in a good mood afterward.

Kolb noted that the Cardinals had several good opportunities to score, especially in the first half, and ended up with only three points.

Oh man, it was sickening,” he said. “That’s what changes the game.”

Cardinals guard Daryn Colledge said he’s optimistic the Cardinals will use Thursday night’s loss as motivation to correct some problems.

“Hopefully we use this as a springboard. I don’t know if we bought into our own hype or what, but we obviously weren’t ready to play tonight,” Colledge said.

The next question is, when the Cardinals do take the field again, will Colledge be blocking for Kolb or John Skelton?

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  1. I know everyone likes a good QB controversy but does it really matter who they put behind that offensive line??

  2. Their O-Line set pass blocking back 4 decades with that performance last night. THAT is what is sickening. For an O-Lineman to say “maybe we bought in to our own hype” is sickening and leaves me thinking he’d like to spread some of that blame around. THAT is sickening! Kolb will take the verbal abuse after the physical abuse he took last night and this clown is shrugging it off. That is garbage. Where is the ownership

  3. It’s the cardinals…bout time they come back to earth. Things in the league will start to get right this week. Saints will win..New England will win…the real talent will start to rise up.

  4. If there was ever a flawed 4-0 team the Cardinals are the poster child. Truth be told, they won in spite of their offense. I have never seen a team with an offensive line this bad. They cannot run the ball at all and when they pass the QB is running for his life. This outing shows two things, the Cardinals offense is pathetic is so are the Dolphins pass defense.

  5. The O-line was atrocious, but Kolb was also not reading the field well. His eyes would often stay on one side of the field, and curiously he missed opportunities to get Fitzgerald the ball as a result.

    He was also looking to push the ball down the field too much. Given his shaky line he should have been taking shorter drops and throwing underneath or to checkdowns. They also could have tried more screen and draw plays in an attempt to negate the Rams edge rush.

    A good QB and coordinator can scheme around a shaky line and I didn’t see much of that going on. Reminded me of the Bears last year.

  6. “We weren’t ready to play today.” That may be the eagles they they played you. You cards just aren’t THAT good, and the Rams aren’t as bad as you are trying to make them sound with your comments after they throttled you. You went on a short week to a hostile environment and got beat by the correct gameplan to use when facing you. Run, playaction deep off of it.

    Texans, Falcons, Cardinals…. which one of these is not like the other? C’mon, Cards.

  7. I don’t blame Kolb, the o-line was terrible, but don’t take credit from the Rams who played real well on defense. That D-line is strong, and Jenkins, who they went after all game, held his own. The NFC West just keeps getting more interesting.

  8. This loss was not the fault of Kevin Kolb. Even though it is a Passing League…defenses have become too smart to let themselves get beaten by a Team without ANY running game. This is the primary thing that was SICKENING.

  9. It seems the NFC West is full of good defenses. Is the NFC Worst now the reincarnation of the Black and Blue Division?

  10. The Rams have been pretty solid and at home. The Cardinals were exposed on offense last night, they have a nice defense, but without offensive support they will get run down. Laughing at the Denny Green quote (joetoronto), that will live forever!

  11. The other side of this is the Rams defensive performance…are they really that good?

    I guess it was no big deal to not have Gregg Williams as DC…

  12. Steve Young in his prime could not have done much better than Kolb did last night. That was ridiculous.

    I remember posting on here after one Cardinals preseason game that even if Skelton was better, Kolb should start because they were going to need his mobility with that terrible offensive line.

    I think I underestimated how terrible that line was. Also, the Cardinals offensive coordinator bears some blame. Why in the world are you still calling slow developing, 5 and 7 step drop passing plays in the second half when you know it is getting your QB murdered?

    They say your defense will succeed if you can create pressure with your front four. Well, I think it’s pretty safe to say the your offense has NO chance of succeeding when the opponent can create pressure rushing THREE, as the Rams did last night.

  13. LMAO, The thought of me picking the Cardinals over the Rams. He finally get lit up. I bet you he wants to hand that job back to Skelton.

    Hey Skelton, you can have your job back. Those defensive players hits hard. I want my clipboard back. Good Luck.

  14. They were never a true 4 & 0 team.
    They were exposed as a pretender. The ninwers will eat their lunch

  15. Kolb is far far better than Skelton, the line is an embarrassment , and putting Skelton in will only prove that your coaching is a big factor why your team is struggling! Could not believe they didn’t make adjustments, rams d is good but please, they are not that good!

  16. I’m not a huge fan of Kolb, but I gotta say, he doesn’t have much of a chance back there. When the Cards played my Dolphins, I think they got exposed a bit. Cam Wake had a field day, and it was evident that the Cards o-line is very weak against the edge rush. They also have no push in the middle, too (which, well, nobody really does against our defense, but it still stood out as a weakness).

    I respect that D, and I think Kolb can get it done when he has some time in the pocket, but if they don’t fix that o-line, I expect every team is going to be pressuring those tackles and piling up sacks.

  17. The O Line stinks and they have no running game, true. But I don’t think Kolb held the ball for less than three seconds all night. I counted five, six a lot.

  18. I love all these “welcome back to Earth” posts…the Cards have one truly bad game, and that’s what defines them? You’re falling back on antiquated stereotypes…the Cards will be back…then y’all can go back to finding nonsense excuses for their victories…

  19. It WAS sickening but I have to hand it to Kolb for taking a beat’n and stay’n with it. I have to wonder if the Cards watched any tape on these guys or if they were thinking they were playing the “old Rams” who they have so easily owned in the past. Steven Jackson is a beast and only gets better, is the same caliber player as Fitz. Sam Bradford is like a young Kurt Warner but he was having difficulty with the Cards defense who were the redeeming factor for the Cards. I do think Skelton would have had an easier time reading the field and getting the ball to Fitz who was wide open a couple of time, and that is a skill the Cards need to have in a QB if they don’t have the RBs to move the ball. The Rams had several RBs to the Cards one, and Williams was being beaten to a pulp on each carry he attempted. With Greg Williams on the scene for the second week in St.Louis and the Rams playing Greg Williams style, I have to wonder if a return to a position with the Rams is in the future? The Cards are the team everybody loves to hate and I hope they will use that to fuel their resolution not to let this happen again. The Cards are resourceful and smart enough to beat the 9ers last year in their house so are not a fluke team. Focus and move on but remember the sting of this loss!

  20. Texans, Falcons, Cardinals…. which one of these is not like the other?

    I laughed my butt off when i read this and again now as I type. Thumbs up, bro!

    About the Cards. Like a few other teams, the cards took advantage of the fake refs in the first 3 games. Now that the real refs are back and will not let the dirty play go unnoticed, we are seeing what the cards are truly capable of.
    Not Much!

  21. Lets see they got to 4-0 for the most part with several drops in the endzone, a shanked kick, a beatdown of Philly, and a fumble when a player wasn’t even touched. Was this game really much of a surprise? For those that say the niners were already brought to “reality” last I checked they are coming of a 13-3 record. Something the Cards have never even approached. They underestimated an underrated team and payed for it. All of their wins were dominant performances. Cards can’t say that in the least when in reality they barely escaped going 1-4

  22. A couple of points…

    1. Mike Miller – the Cardinals offensive coordinator, is terrible. It took him all game to realize that the Rams were simply pinning their ears back and going. Draws and screens would’ve offset that pressure much earlier and limited the pressure that was seemingly coming all game long.

    Plus, his playcalling on the goal line and late in the game was horrendous. 4th and Goal from the 6 and the QB’s first read is a two-yard square in/hitch to Fitzgerald. 4th and 1 outside the two minute warning – empty set. Not even the threat of a run – why not line up let Kolb sneak it for the first down take the two minute and go from there. “Nah, I got a better idea – we’ll go empty, they’ll never expect pass after they’ve sacked us 7 times.”

    Too many guys in routes – not enough help for an undermanned O-Line. Too many long developing routes – just a terrible game for the playcaller.

    2. Kolb’s toughness – I would want to see if Tommy Kelley could survive the beating Kolb took last night. Jesus. If nothing else, Kolb earned the respect of his lockerroom last night by taking that beating and not flinching.

    There’s no way Whiz should take the job from Kolb based on last night’s performance and the way the OC hung him out to dry…

    3. Danny Amendola – feel terrible for the guy – coming into his own as a wide receiver (a more complete wide receiver) and that happens to him. An undrafted kid, cut twice – it’s a shame, sometimes there’s no justice.

  23. Actually Steve young would still do good with a bad o line…he’s a mobile hall of fame quarter back. In the west coast offense it’s all about short quick accurate passes and that’s how great QB will adjust compared to a below avg QB like Kolb. Plus cardinals has no running game to keep the defense guessing, niners always had a running game even with a bad a line.

  24. This game was on the OLine not Kolb’s fault. You can’t give up 9 sacks in a game. Kolb had absolutely no time at all to make plays. To me Kolb should remain the starter. He is a better QB then Skelton and Kolb took a beating last night and kept getting back up. Give him credit. He has played well the last 5 games. Don’t mess with a good thing.

  25. KK is one tough SOB….to take that and keep coming for more. Cards will be fine, tough Miami game which they took lightly and a really short week with travel. All you clowns who say they stink today are the same clowns who said they were great the first four weeks of the season. Way to ride the wagon!!!

  26. Daryn Colledge has been buying into his own hype and vowing to improve for his entire pro career.

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