Kicker Jay Feely fined for unnecessary roughness


In a rare instance of the NFL cracking down on an illegal hit from a kicker, Arizona’s Jay Feely has been fined for a personal foul.

Feely, who was called for unnecessary roughness when he hit an opponent late on the second half kickoff of the Cardinals’ Week Four win over the Dolphins, was fined $7,875 for the penalty.

The officials flagged Feely for running down the field and hitting a Dolphins player on a kickoff that he had kicked out of the end zone for a touchback, which the officials said was unnecessary. Feely said he was just trying to run down the field and cover the kick, the way every player on the kicking team does.

“On a kickoff, I’m allowed to hit him in the back and I did that and the refs talked to me later and said, ‘It was a touchback, you shouldn’t have done that,'” Feely said. “I didn’t know it was a touchback, I’m trying to get a block. I was just glad they didn’t score. Anytime you do that you feel responsible for putting yourself in bad field position.”

Feely kicked the winning field goal in overtime of the game, more than making up for costing his team 15 yards. And knowing that Feely is willing to mix it up, even to the extent where he draws a personal foul and subsequent fine, may just give him a little more credibility in the Cardinals’ locker room.

18 responses to “Kicker Jay Feely fined for unnecessary roughness

  1. Ex Dolphin probably did it on purpose. At least he got a fine for it. That’s the only good thing about the game, that the Dolphins should have won.

  2. Used to be a big fan of him until that day where he came on the NFL Network to talk about bounties. Since then I’ve thought he was pretty annoying. But I gotta give him props for this. That’s bada$$.

  3. Didn’t he get another penalty last night for a block in the back? Maybe I imagined it because the game was so bad and I was hallucinating.

  4. Feely was just putting a hit on one of his old teammates that used to pick on him all the time. Payback is a mutha hucker.

  5. Freely, just don’t get upset when you get blown up because you want to play with the big boys.. remember when you tried that against the dolphins a couple years ago and Ted Ginn ran back 2 TDs on you??

  6. Didn’t know it was a touchback????

    Yeah, except Feely was the guy who BOOMED that kick, he of all people should have known.

    Real tough guy, cheap-shotting a guy from behind. Next time feely wants to play “Rambo” like that, I hope someone “blocks” him into the tenth row.

  7. Hit a guy in the back when he wasn’t looking/playing since it was a touchback.

    Bad ass indeed.

  8. Since kickers are such gentlemen and football is such a gentlemen’s game, Feely should just kick the ball and take a knee, right?

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