Lions special teams coach wants to go back to shadows

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Danny Crossman’s kids keep looking for him on television.

He’d prefer they not see him as much.

The Lions special teams coach knows him doing interviews or showing up on the broadcast is bad news, considering the way his group’s played.

Love anonymity. Love it,” Crossman said, via Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News. “That’s what I tell my kids all the time. They’re like, ‘Daddy, we don’t see you on TV.’

“That’s a good thing. You don’t want to see daddy.”

If the Lions don’t turn things around quickly, Crossman may have more time to spend with the kids. While Lions coach Jim Schwartz said the assistant wasn’t in danger of losing his job, the reality is in the results.

The Lions have given up a pair of touchdowns in the kicking game each of the last two weeks, games they’ve lost by 3 and 7 points, respectively.

“I’m a teacher,” Crossman said. “If you’re a teacher and half the kids are flunking your exams, you’ve got to find a way to teach the kids better . . .

“There’s no heat,” he said. “The heat is to win games. The heat is outside. We’re going to get it done, end of story.”

Crossman’s problem is the bane of many special teams coaches’ lives. When starters are injured, as has been the case with the Lions, it forces backups who generally form the core of special teams into bigger roles on offense and defense. That leads to bad fits in a part of the game where discipline is key, and small mistakes turn to big plays the other direction.

6 responses to “Lions special teams coach wants to go back to shadows

  1. That injury excuse is BS. They always give up big returns. I was at Ford Field when they let Ginn’s PR get the Niners in position for Akers’ GWFG.

    Logan is mediocre. They signed Osgood and there is no ROI whatsoever. The secondary is suspect but at least there’s a chance at improvement. Their special teams continue to blow chunks.

  2. I would personally like to thank you for writing an article about the Lions that points out a specific area of concern without bashing individuals or the entire organization or going for the cheap laugh.
    This problem would plaque any SC coordinator having to throw guys out there on special teams when that’s not their strength.
    That being said, I believe it’s time for the Lions to find a place kicker who can put the ball out of the end zone (or at least 8 or 9 yards deep) on a consistent basis.

  3. “If you’re a teacher and half the kids are flunking your exams, you’ve got to find a way to teach the kids better . . .”

    Coach Crossman, these are not kids, they are the best in their profession getting paid A LOT of money.

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