Osi Umenyiora invites Trent Richardson to look for candy

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Now that his long-running spat with Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has come to a end, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has an opening in his schedule for a pointless verbal feud with an opposing running back.

He may be trying to fill it with Browns rookie Trent Richardson. Richardson suggested this week that the Browns might have success running the ball on the Giants if they are able to effectively block New York’s defensive linemen during Sunday’s game at the Meadowlands. Umenyiora responded to this fairly bland comment Friday by telling Richardson he was welcome to try and find something sweet on the ground.

“If (Trent) looks on tape and he thinks he sees some candy, come try and get it,” Umenyiora said, via Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News.

It’s not quite the gender confusion that marked Umenyiora’s jabs at McCoy, but you can understand why the man might want to switch things up a bit.

The Giants surrendered plenty of candy to the Eagles last week as Philly rolled up 191 yards on the ground en route to their 19-17 win. The Giants will be playing without defensive tackle Rocky Bernard this Sunday, which will force Umenyiora and his mates to do a little more than usual in order to keep Richardson from satisfying his sweet tooth.

18 responses to “Osi Umenyiora invites Trent Richardson to look for candy

  1. All this guy(Osi) likes to do is run his mouth. Now it’d be a different story if he were at Justin Tucks level, but he’s 4-5 years past that. The guy isn’t even in the top 3 d-line men on his team. Hopefully T-Rich pulls a Kurt Coleman on him. Literally keep his mouth shut for quite awhile.

  2. It’s not like the Browns O-line is anything special, and Trichardson has looked very good thus far. With all the touches he’s likely to continue to get, I’d expect him to continue to look good this weekend even against a nice Giants D-line.

  3. I love talking, maybe more than anybody else on the planet, and in almost all circumstances, I hate when a player has said or done something funny, and the comment section is full of octogenarians, and/or younger men acting like octogenarians, telling the athlete to shut up and play.

    Unfortunately in this case, I have to take that stance (it’s easier because was Osi said wasn’t even funny, it was just stupid).

    “Come on man, shut up and play”
    (for the record, I am thumbs-downing myself for simply uttering the phrase shut up and play)

  4. First, Tuck isn’t having any fun and now Osi is just plain stupid. It’s so much fun to watch the Giants self destruct!

  5. seems like coughlin is going to need to pull osi into his office monday. 2nd stringers aren’t allowed to run their mouth as much as this one does.

  6. Hopefully people will understand my comment as I will try to make a couple of points.

    OK, there is nothing wrong with what Trent Richardson. He answered a question with a specific answer, and not with the “kissing every player including the practice squad player’s butt” response. It is true, you block well, put a hat on everyone and you will run well. he has a rushing td in 3 straight(?) games. People always need to remember that when someone says the word can, it doesn’t mean will. I say that because last year the Giants did plenty of those can comments and people perceived them as trash talk when all it was was can.

    So if I feel this way about Richardsons quote, then I definitely am against what Osi did. he’s acting as if Richardson said he would gash the Giants for a career high or something. Besides, Osi not only isn’t as good as Pierre Paul or Tuck, but wait until everyone sees Adewale Ojomo play, he can even be better than Osi. To top it off Osi usually is the target when teams run the ball and he’s in the game.

  7. what i dont get is how you can call the giants a humble team, and a team that shuts up and just plays as they have stated in the playoffs and during the offseason.. all they do is talk. they start a feud with a new player each week. its absurd.

  8. @billfbrennan

    When you compare the Giants to my team it makes them look quite tame in comparison. They never stop talking either, it’s the Jets that are famous for it though. Besides, you could get away with murder if you have not only 1, but 2 rings.

  9. Hopefully, TRich has an early trick or treat, fills his bag with candy, and steps on Osi’s mini M&M’s in the process.

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