Ryan Tannehill pops up on Dolphins injury report

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You always prefer to see a player show up on the injury report early in the week and then progressively get better as the next game approaches.

When someone pops up later in the week, it’s troubling because there’s so little time left for the injury to resolve itself. That’s doubly true when it is your starting quarterback, so those in South Florida are forgiven if they’re a little bit concerned about the Dolphins offense right now. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill made an appearance of Friday’s injury report with a thumb injury.

It’s not known when or how Tannehill injured himself, although fearful hearts should be calmed a bit by the fact that Tannehill is listed as probable for Sunday’s game against the Bengals. Tannehill is coming off a monster performance with 431 passing yards against the Cardinals and his first four weeks have provided a fair amount of evidence to support Miami’s decision to make him a first-round pick this spring.

They might need him to put up another huge passing day this week with the news that cornerback Richard Marshall will be sidelined by a back injury this weekend. Marshall’s absence leaves Nolan Carroll as the likely starter across from Sean Smith, although Carroll also missed practice time this week with an Achilles injury. He’s listed as probable, but a flare-up could leave the Dolphins reliant on Jimmy Wilson and R.J. Stanford.

While they’ll surely take that over any serious injury to Tannehill, they’d probably most prefer not having to make such a choice at all.

8 responses to “Ryan Tannehill pops up on Dolphins injury report

  1. The only 3 QBs in NFL history to throw for 1,000+ yards in their first 4 games:

    Cam Newton (2011)
    Robert Griffin III (2012)
    Ryan Tannehill (2012)

    (Luck should join that list after this week’s game against Pittsburgh…he only needs 154)

  2. Those neck collars on the new nike uniforms are really not a good look. You all agree right?

  3. Fins shut down Fitz last week and can do that to AJ Green this week. Smith is the real deal but with Marshall out, may be tough. They split time on Fitz last week. I know Green isn’t as good but still a legit threat.

  4. 72 Was,

    Agree the neck collars look lame. On some uniforms they are just ok, if your into that sort of thing. I like how the Raiders kept their uniforms the same. It’s hard to change what is and has been the best looking uniform in all of sports for the last 50 years. What I’d like to see changed is the grotesque brand of football that is being played out here in Oakland since Rich Gannon and Co. left town. The Raiders have never been the same since Barrett Robbins had his epic meltdown, which turned into a disappearing act somewhere in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, just days before the Super Bowl. He wasn’t going to play anyways but it was an unwanted distraction. Most casual fans don’t understand how important he was to the success of that team. He was really the catalyst of that squad, the air traffic controller of the o-line. Jon Gruden will even tell you he was the most dominating center he ever coached. I’ve watched Otto, Dalby, Mosebar, and a few others in my tenure as a Raider fan, but Barrett by was a notch above even the All-Time Raider greats at the position. Barrett has struggled throughout his life with a mental illness that his caused him to make some poor decisions along the way. He’s now sitting in a jail cell doing his time for his crimes committed against society. Robbins is a good person and I believe when he gets out he will redeem himself. My Raider tidbit for the day.

  5. he whacked his throwing hand on someones helmet in the first quarter of the Cards game and was shaking it off, but nothing was said about it during the game…

  6. Dolphins having trouble selling tickets so had to keep the QB injury quiet until they sold out which has been rare this year.

    Would they have sold as many tickets announcing Tannehill injured early in week? No way

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