Saints frustrated by lack of pass rush


While the Saints’ offense doesn’t seem to have the same sizzle that is displayed last year, the more glaring problem is the defense.

The switch from Gregg Williams to Steve Spagnuolo coupled with personnel deficiencies that have become more and more troubling have kept the Saints from getting to the quarterback.

Through four games, the team has six total sacks.

Yeah, that bothers me,” interim-interim coach Aaron Kromer said, via Nakia Hogan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “That bothers the defense, mostly.  Coach Spagnuolo is working on it with [defensive line] coach [Bill] Johnson.  They’re working at pass rush and how to get there with a blitz, how to get there with a four-man rush and how to get there and contain them with a three-man rush.  They’re definitely on it.”

They need to get on it, because the Saints rank last in yards allowed.

“It doesn’t matter where you are or what players you have or what scheme you run,” Spagnuolo said.  “Offenses are pretty good and affecting the quarterback is the thing you have to do whether you do it with four or three [players].  I believe in just mixing it up.  We have to find a way to mix it better and find a way to win a couple of these one-on-one matches.”

The last time Spagnuolo was a first-year defensive coordinator, it took a while to get things rolling, with the Giants allowing 80 points in their first two games.  In New York, however, Spagnuolo had players with the talent to win those one-on-one matches.

In New Orleans, he simply doesn’t.

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  1. You can believe the Saints fans are frustrated by it as well. All those first round picks need to freaking produce. The only one who looks like he’s trying to make a difference out there is Cam Jordan

  2. “Saints frustrated by lack of pass rush”

    Yeah, less motivation, what with no bounty system, huh?

  3. So what are we asaying…that the Saints defensive players don’t put out the effort unless there is a little, “something extra,” wink-wink, on the table?

  4. pftcensorssuck says:
    Oct 5, 2012 10:18 AM
    “Saints frustrated by lack of pass rush”

    Yeah, less motivation, what with no bounty system, huh?
    Yeah and I guess it has absolutely nothing to do with MISSING THE HEAD COACH!!!

  5. Giants won without spags. It was the players that made his bones for him. He has proven ineffective without the right personnel on the field.

  6. Hooks is dead on. Spags sucked with the Rams last year. Last night the Rams sacked Kolb 9 times. So they Rams sacked the Cardinals 3 more time last night than the Saints have in ALL 4 GAMES.

    I think Spags is a nice guy, but he is clueless. When interviewed by ESPN 101 about punting to Patrick Peterson and losing a game to a 99 yard punt return TD he said, “I don’t really remember that play, I would have to see the film.”


    Spags got his job in St Louis and New Orleans based on the strength of the NYG players – not his coaching skills. He just happened to be the DC in NY when they won.

  7. sb44champs says:Oct 5, 2012 10:30 AM

    Yeah and I guess it has absolutely nothing to do with MISSING THE HEAD COACH!!!
    Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it was the PLAYERS that played the game.

    Silly me.

  8. Against my Charger’s awful offensive line, this might be the week that the Saints D-line finally breaks in there.

    But don’t sleep on the Charger’s new, younger D-line… Brees will not be able to break the Unitas record from his back.

  9. I’ve been a Saints fan for a long time and don’t know the last time our defense sucked like this! I wore the rose-colored glasses because I was in denial. But the numbers don’t lie and I can see clearly now. 6 sacks in 4 games? The Rams had 9 in one game against the Cardinals last night!

    The entire DL and LBs should donate their first four game checks to charity because they are stealing money! Nick Saban, can we borrow your Alabama DEFENSE? Pretty please!!!

    Junior Galette and Martez Wilson are their two best pass rushers and they get little playing time! Mainly after the game is decided. Why? Scott Shanle should have been cut 3 years ago! Dude is too slow, can’t cover, can’t rush and can’t tackle! And he’s a starting linebacker. He’s a special teamer at best!

    Wake up Saints coaches! Our offense needs at least a decent defense to help them out. There’s still a chance to turn this around, but we’re runnin’ out of daylight. Defense: It’s time to shine!

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