Titans DC uses some disturbing words to motivate his players


Jerry Gray used to work for Gregg Williams.

And apparently he learned a thing or two about a turn of phrase from his old boss.

The Titans defensive coordinator used some frankly disturbing language in reference to his team’s inability to stop passes across the middle of the field.

Gray told Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean he wanted his guys to play without regards to possible fines.

“If you are worrying about that, you are not going to go out and try and blow the guy up,” Gray said. “Great football players have to put that out of their mind. You have to say, ‘This is my territory between the numbers, and if you throw the football you better bring the Gator truck.’

“And that’s how you have to play. You can’t play timid in the NFL.”

The Gator is the green tractor/cart teams use to haul off injured players.

If that’s not quite “Kill the head and the body will die,” it’s at least running down the same road, and the kind of thing coaches should be smarter than to say out loud in the wake of the Saints bounty investigation, for which Williams was suspended.

There’s a way to read it that comes up well short of “Jerry Gray is telling his guys to hurt opponents,” but he opened the door when referencing what amounts to a “cart-off.”

The Titans currently rank last in the league in points allowed, next to last in yards. They’ve also been outscored 41-13 in the first quarters.

“Have we blown anybody up? … Maybe we are playing too timid,” Gray said. “We can’t give up touchdowns as soon as we get off the bus. We didn’t do that last year. You can’t give up touchdowns in the first quarter and expect to get sacks and expect to get turnovers. . . .

“I don’t coach a defense like this, and I don’t think they intend to play a defense like that. But when it happens, what do you do to fix it? And that is our job. We have 12 weeks to fix it.”

Gray should also expect to spend part of that time on the phone with someone in New York, who will explain to him that you can’t even approach the suggestion of soliciting injuries at a time when the league’s preaching player safety.

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  1. Call the police! Bring assault charges! This is an outrage! Really? Comparing this to Williams comments?

  2. It’s not enough to effectively ban defenders from hitting QBs and WRs hard. Now the league is going to ban defenders from even TALKING about hitting players hard?

  3. A Defensive Coordinator says something that offends a newspaper report. Yeah…that’s news.

  4. Oh NOES – a football coach used rough words and violent metaphores !



    EVERYTHING !!!!!

  5. I still don’t get what is so bad about “Kill the head and the body will die”. It’s just the old “cut off the head of the snake” metaphor. We all use violent metaphor’s when describing football all the time.

  6. Perhaps this is how defense is coached throughout the league. Who would have thunk it?

    Football is a game of violence, intimidation and attrition. Always has been, always will be.

  7. “We have 12 weeks to fix it.” So has he given up for this year and plans to get this fixed in 12 weeks in preparation for next season?
    I don’t think 12 weeks is soon enough.

  8. definitely crosses the line because he talks about injuring players as the goal. He doesn’t specifically lay out what illegal actions the players should try, which is what Williams did, but he does say don’t worry about getting fined – which is essentially the same thing – just not specific.

    It like a mob boss telling his guy to kill someone as opposed to take this gun and shoot him in the head. Same crime.

  9. You’re right. He’ll spend time on the phone with someone in New York. He won’t be disciplined, though, because only coaches in New Orleans intend to have opponents injured with their rhetoric. Of course, if he worked in New York, he wouldn’t even have to worry about a phone call. Those teams are above reproach and exempt from discipline.

  10. If Goodell doesn’t come down on this clown with both feet then everything he has said about player safety, and all the penalties levied against Saints personnel, are total BS.

    If the Commish really wants to back up his stand on this kind of thing he needs to immediately suspend Gray for at least a game.

  11. That coaching staff in Tennessee has not impressed me one time. I don’t see them lasting long.

  12. Jerry Gray is 100% correct…if the players are worried about being fined by Roger Goodell…

    …if “that” is in the back of a player’s mind while they are playing…

    …your players will not hit as hard as they can or play the game the way it is meant to be played…

    …if your players are not giving 100%…it’s unlikely your team will win at the NFL level.

    Jerry Gray didn’t say anything wrong…IMO.

    This is still “tackle” football being played at the very highest level, right?

  13. Did any cash get offered? If not it’s a non story. I don’t anticipate seeing any LB’s or safeties politely asking players to voluntarily go down

  14. @Darin Gantt stop trying to get readers to side with you using words like “that comes up well short” then your point(s) of how we should digest this “unbiased” article…GTFOH just report the what was said accurately I can make my own inferences…

  15. Dude, this isn’t flag football. There is hitting, hard hitting, and if you don’t like it, do something else. And quit trying to relate this guys cliche’s to a bounty.

  16. Speaking of learning something from your mentor, I think Darin has been listening to Florio. I really expected to see Mike as the author based on reading the headline.

    I wonder how Ronnie Lott, Ken Easley, Jack Tatum, Donnie Shell or any other big hitter in the middle of the field would react to the concept of “just tackle the guy with a nice clean hit…and then help him up and encourage him to better next time” approach that the media seems to want in the NFL. They are marking their territory so that receivers will not want to come across the middle, or will not want to fully extend to catch a ball, etc. Please don’t sissify (is that a word?) the game to point where it is no longer the game we all enjoy. These are grown men, well informed about both the dangers and the potential riches associated with playing the game.

  17. Coaches use the phrase “run through the player” in reference to tackling. You can turn that phrase how ever you want it too.

  18. I think this is overblown. He’s just trying to motivate his defense with tough talk.

  19. Ok Roger. Once again you have an opportunity to make sure everyone in the league knows you’re serious about not incentivising injuries. Level those suspensions and fines! What? Oh, those are just for the Saints? Nevermind, kill ’em Titans!

  20. The story never seems to indicate that Gray offered any type of incentive (i.e., bounty) to the players for completing a “cart off”….in fact, if anything, he appears to be telling them that he wants to them to get fined…..which would seem to be a dis-incentive. Can the league go after Gray if his players accumulate too many penalties…fines….suspensions?

  21. Aaaaa, get the mikes and whiners outta the locker room. Sissy ball is going extreme. If the NFL was so serious about player safety they woulda had real refs out there before the season began.

  22. How is that disturbing? Pee wee coaches tell their players that.

    To go along with this subject; a couple of those hits that were called ‘hits to the head’ last night on Kolb should be reviewable. When a defensive player goes in for a tackle or sack and the QB happens to fall at the last second and their head gets hit or grazed, the call is garbage. They should be able to review that and over turn it. This is football, and you can’t avoid that. It’s the players choice to make this their career, no one elses. Let the game be played as it is meant to.

    No biased here from last night. This is coming from a 49ers fan.

  23. Meanwhile, Jeff Fisher has the Rams defense rocking opposing offenses and the team sitting at better than .500 for the first time since 2006.

    Hey Nashville, remember all the “Fire Fisher” chants? Yeah, remember that? … Thanks a lot.

    The Other Titans Fans

  24. I think if we could go back in time and hear what some of the most beloved coaching minds of all time were preaching, we would be horrified. Does anyone think the great coaches only tell their players to play clean, respectful football and to help their opponents up after a tackle and dust them off? Get real Gantt and grow a pair. If the NFL wants to fine players for the rough hits then do it, but they’re not going to change the way football has been played for 100+ years. Teams aren’t going to have this Billy Bean/Moneyball Awakening where they make a massive philosophical shift in the way they coach. This is the way coaches have coached for a century with minor tweaks in philosophy as technology and attitudes have changed and the NFL isn’t going to change it over night.

    Oh and Gray is absolutely correct in what he says. You can’t be thinking about fines and what the commissioner will think when you’re playing because having your mind be anywhere except where it needs to be will lead to blown assignments. Veterans like Gray and Williams aren’t going to change their mindset and philosophies over night. Deal with it.

  25. Next time one of his guys gets Gator-ed off the field, someone remind this idiot of the meaning of karma.

  26. This is starting to get a bit ridiculous. Coach-speak like this has been a part of football… forever. Maybe that’s the point; that language like this shouldnt be a part of football, but I don’t think so. Jerry Gray saying “if you throw the football in my area then you better bring the gator truck” isn’t what’s creating injuries. Guys that are 6’3″ 240lbs with 4% body fat that run sub 4.5 40s are creating the injuries. Coaches have been saying for decades what Gray is being chastised for saying today. The difference is the players today are physical freaks in a bad mood. In addition, these guys seem to be willing to do anything necessary to keep those NFL paychecks coming. If anything is out of control it’s this: bigger, stronger, faster players and the money they’re being paid creating an NFL filled with guys willing to do anything to stay in the league. That’s what is causing the injuries, not a DC telling his guys to blow up some receiver…

  27. If that’s not quite “Kill the head and the body will die,” it’s at least running down the same road, and the kind of thing coaches should be smarter than to say out loud in the wake of the Saints bounty investigation, for which Williams was suspended.

    Perhaps the reason coaches seem to be saying this more is a sign of solidarity to Williams, et al.

  28. Defensive players across many level of football should be taught to deliver the hardest, most fundamentally sound tackle every single snap the offense takes. If that scares anyone then pick a new sport to play or follow.

  29. Darin,

    From every NFL fan. Quit trying to stir things up. There is nothing to this story. No coaching to injure. No encouraging of cheap shots. Nothing that should surprise anyone. So sick of this garbage. I’ll be off of PFT for awhile. I hope others follow and I love this website. What he says is exactly correct. If you play scared of fines or penalties you are not going to play as aggressive as you need to be effective. Look at Greenway’s hit on Calvin Johnson last week that is costing him $21k. If he would have caught that ball and Greenway let up I would be pissed. He was obviously thinking about the penalty coming and let up. Him letting up caused a helmet to helmet collision. He would have hit him in the chest if he didn’t let up.

  30. Smh, thought DCs learned to watch their mouths after the bountygate. This is similar to saying the word bomb in an airport. You should avoid saying anything that might be perceived the wrong way because at the end of the day the league has the authority to investigate and all bets are off after that.

  31. Geez, can we give it a rest already? What would you have him say? His D is getting roasted across the middle and he is acknowledging the issue and the fact that he’s trying to address it.

    Maybe the fans and the media would be happy if he said,”Please bear with us, we’re doing the best we can, lol!”

    Why don’t you just send him a list of politically correct responses so he doesn’t offend anyone?

  32. C’Mon we know that only happens in New Orleans*

    Give the guy a break, he didn’t mean anything by it.

  33. I don’t remember Jerry Gray being a terrorizing playmaker himself….so, that is probably why his words ring hollow with his players.

  34. I think this is a very weak attempt to stir up controversy.

    On a seperate note – I would love to see a Jags player blow somebody up .I love the way Pozlusny plays – he is a tackling machine but not necessarily a hitter. Might be not since Donovan Darius have we had anyone willing to lay someone out.

    We have a great punter and our franchise player was our kicker though – so we got that going for us.

  35. I may be in the minority here, but I frankly believe that playing Defense is largely about posturing.

    This is exactly how a DC should be talking about the mindset that his players need to have. There’s a big jump between telling dudes to “blow up” the opposing team in an abstract fashion, and paying them specifically to injure people in a career-threatening way.

  36. Please forgive me in advance if what I’m about to say offends some people. I promise you I’m not trying to be insensetive. I played highschool foot ball. And, the language the coach uses in this story is mild. Even in highschool I had coaches to used similar verbage in an effort to motivate. There is another issue that is equally troubling. To play football at some level you must have a desire to afflict a level of punishment on the opposition. People may not realize that because the viloence of the sport is controlled . But, make no mistake about it rather it’s spoken or not there is a very real desire by defender to afflict punishment on the other team. And, all the talking in the world won’t change that fundamental fact about the game. The only was to truly stop that way of thinking is to remove contact from the game all togeather.

  37. “Kill the head the and the body will die” “..bring the gator truck.” Coaches talking to players. Not talking to media members ready to pick at every word. Do you really think Williams wanted to kill players? I mean really…. Do you think everytime a team throws the ball against the Titans their DC wants a play to be carted off? “Disturbing” really?

  38. As a kid my first football players I saw were Dick Butkus, Ray Nitchski ( spelled wrong), Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen,Larry Wilson etc. Thats how the game was played. I understand the need today for the rules to protect players but lets not put dresses on the players.

    What should Jerry Gray say? Lets play fair and be careful?

  39. My high school coach used rougher language than that. Is the league really getting this pg-13 as far as motivation goes. Defensive players have to have an aggressive and fearless mindset. Are players supposed to tackle but not let themselves tackle too hard? RBs run through any tacklers that don’t truly mean it and this coach wants his team to mean it.

  40. Meh.

    This just in, Football can be a barbaric brutal sport. Now let’s tune in for the next highlight of a guy “getting blown up” and watch the excited reaction of rooms and stadiums full of fans across the nation.

  41. That’s a fired up Coach. Anybody who reads more into it than that should go watch….volleyball.
    I’m a Coach of 13 year old players and everybody teaches to protect your space. “Carting off” might go a little far, but how many times have we said “we need to go out there and kill ’em” or “i could just kill that guy”. Are we getting locked for our thoughts and expressions now?
    You go Jerry! You do your job to the best of your abilities!

  42. Should have said “let them catch the ball, get situated, then when they start running towards the end zone try to catch and tackle them as gently as possible”. Welcome to the new NFL.

  43. I’m not digging the new kinder gentler NFL. Getting in trouble for hyping up a defense? With words anyone who has played from middle school up has heard? Come on.

  44. Americans are so barbaric.
    Can’t you just play the game and realize it’s a game and play with sportsmanship and respect and dignity.
    Why does every rallying cry in American football have to sound like it wouldn’t be out of place in Rome Gladiator contests.

  45. Wide receivers better bring gator arms or it will be a gator truck for you.

    Secondary is in a tough spot. The rules favor the passing game and some how you have to try to stop it. Kind of like a brush back pitch in baseball.

  46. It’s football. As a former collegiate player, thats the type of mentality you have to have. You aren’t out there to hurt anyone intentionally, but you’re not sitting in your zone looking to play patty-cake either. It’s the coaches job to ramp up the players and get their minds right. This is in no way comparable to the Greg Williams situation in my opinion…

  47. I am trying to find out how this is bad to motivate players by saying what he said. It’s football the game of barbarians. I want my favorite team to go out there and destoy the opposing teams offense. That is there job and they get paid a very good amount of money to do just that.

  48. I don’t see a problem with this. Football is a violent sport period. He’s trying to get his players motivated and if that disturbs you go cover tennis.

  49. maybe gray is right on a pure football level. his team certainly needs a fire lit under them. but his comments about a “gator truck” absolutely fly in the face of what the league wants. if gray isn’t given a one game suspension then all the punishment the league doled out to the saints coaches is pure hypocrisy.

  50. Disturbing?? Really?? This is pro football. I give him credit for standing up to Goodell and encouraging his players to play rough and tough. That’s the kind of attitude the Vikings are gonna have to keep playing with to have any chance of stopping the other NFC North teams high flying offenses. Bring it back to the Black and Blue division!

  51. Everyone needs to cool it. My high school coach used to give speeches worse than this…talking about taking players out legally and ringing guys bells. This is a physical sport, and a speech to get the players motivated isn’t going to be rated PG.

  52. Can’t believe this is considered ” disturbing words ” now in the NFL .. Not even 10 years ago it was just the norm.. How soft of a society do we live in now.

  53. I remember Jerry Gray getting ran over by Roger Craig and Tom Rathman in the 1989 NFC Championship game vs the Rams. Jim Everette was just dropping down on the ground in the pocket when the pass rush would come to him. I do not think he brought the gator truck that game as they lossed 30-3 and the 49ers were crown Super Bowl champs the next game after smashing the Broncos 55-10.

  54. When I see the Titans playing defense, I think less of Gator trucks than I think of clown cars.

    32nd in points allowed,
    31st in yards allowed,
    32nd in opponents passer rating,

    Near bottom-dwellers in INTs, sacks, forcing fumbles, yards per play, yards after catch, etc.

    Maybe he needs to better teach some defensive fundamentals, which for the most part don’t have anything to do with “trying to blow somebody up”

  55. I just don’t get why this is surprising. The NFL for decades glorified the harsh hits and violent aspect of pro football. ESPN used to have that segment “Jacked Up” for christsake!

    Now, after a few concussions, suicides and former players claiming they can’t remember anything about anything, the NFL wants to put the brakes on. Ok fine. But don’t expect it to be like flipping a switch and its done.

    The NFL created guys like Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray.

  56. yet Payton has to get special permission to go to a game – when will that jackass goodell realize that this is football!

  57. I thought Goodell’s letter to the teams earlier this year was suppose to stop such coaching. Oh wait, Gray did not offer a money incentive for such hits. His incentive to the players was keeping your job.

  58. And, just like the Saints D under Williams, the Titans D really isn’t good at all.

  59. There’s nothing wrong with what he said. He’s telling them to defend their house pretty much. He’s trying to fire them up. Stop making something out of nothing. They should be blowing people up or the team will find someone who will. His job is on the line as well as the players.

  60. I find this slightly worse than “Kill the head and the body will die,” but still I believe it was used metaphorically.

    Clearly Williams was talking metaphorically with that quote, by hitting Frank Gore/Alex Smith (the rushing attack and passer, the “head”) the offense (the “body”) will die. That quote sounds nasty if taken literally, but by listening to the conversation he was using it metaphorically.

    The problem within Williams’ collection of quotes was the talk about going after the knees of receivers (once again, probably moreso a football decision to make the receivers timid during blocking/catches) and putting allowing money to change hands when a player is knocked out of the game.

    I’m guessing 80% of coaches talk like this, it’s just how the game is. It’s a rough game and the defense is supposed to play hard and hit hard. I doubt coaches really want opposing players to be severely injured. The Tennessee coach wants his players to hit receivers, backs, and tight ends hard when they go across the middle…. 31 other teams agree and would want to implement this philosophy. The words used were somewhat poor, but coaches love to use metaphors.

  61. What are these guys supposed to say? Let’s go out and try really hard? Come on, I really don’t think he’s asking guys to explode on the field. Geeeeeeezzzzzzz

  62. At what point did it become okay for media to listen in on pre-game locker room talk anyway? Nothing he said amounted to bounty. He is encouraging his guys to play fearless and to instill fear. Ergo, good defense

  63. Difference is hes not targeted a particular area of the body … “Kill the head the body will fall” acl injuries and sorts of that nature

  64. This report is ridiculous. So now political correctness has invaded the NFL. This is the type of lame reporting and whining that I have come to expect from a bunch of liberal attorneys.

  65. How about we enjoy these gladiators wanting to keep the game magnificent and violent and stop trying to dime out everyone who speaks tough as a coach so we don’t end up with more flag football rules than we already have!?

  66. If your goal is to inflict injury on your opponent, then it’s not football that you’re playing. It’s MMA. Football is first and foremost a game of skill. When you lose sight of that, you turn the game into something it was never meant to be. It’s sad, really. Sad and disappointing.

  67. I think some people need to stop being so sensitive and put on their big boy pants. As a Colts fan I see n othing wrong at all with what Gray said. This is way different than explicitly talking about taking head shots at a specific player. This is typical coach-speak.

    What do you want him to say? “I want our guys to go out there and calmly and respectfully guide the ball carrier to the ground.” Give me a friggin break.

  68. Huh and Jerry you did NOTHING in Seattle…Maybe it’s not you it’s every player you coached….Your out coached by the former Titans HC with out a DC!!!!

  69. I think we need to take a step back and ask whether or not we are becoming a bit too sensitive on every cliché that is used to describe playing defense.

  70. … man, it’s almost as if football was a violent sport.

    But, just like the Jets and their “hot sauce” and their “dots”, or the Giants admitting to targeting a player with concussion problems, etc etc etc… nothing is going to happen here because the hypocrite PR man who’s the commissioner of the NFL thinks he’s got enough notches on his belt in the name of player safety, after what he did to the Saints, to throw in the face of future jurors and judges once the ex-player lawsuits reach the courts.

    Too bad for the NFL his argument is going to be countered by video of Colt McCoy being sent back into the field with cler concussion signs, or video of Ben Roethlisberger being sent out onto the field on one leg against the 49ers and taking a beating because he could not move, and multiple others, not to mention the comments like the comments from Gray and Ryan.

  71. The problem boils down to not being able to stay off the field. The offense is either going 3 and out or scoring quick touchdowns. These guys hit the 3rd quarter and are gassed. AVG time of possession is 25 vs 37. That will not cut it. As for Grey, what else can you tell them? Might as well turn this league into touch football.

  72. Roger Goodell and reporters like this are turning the game into the WNFL (Womens National Football League).
    The Saints were not fined for their DC’s pep talk. They were fined for paying and offering bounty money for exceptionally vicious hits that would purposfully cause enough injury to remove the opposing player from the field, unable to finish the game.
    I find nothing wrong with his choice of words.
    That said I feel the real problem on the level of violent hits in the NFL stem from the equipment (specifically the helmets) and the poor tackling techniques used. From watching old film from Jim Brown days no one tackled with their head or led a tackle attempt with their head.

  73. I have no problem with the language he used. He wants his players to play with an edge. People are to sensitive today. He’s not paying his players to go injure someone. He just wants his players to hit hard (like the fans want) so receivers don’t catch every ball without a consequence. Lets remember football is a mans sport still. Hitting is a part of it. Is he supposed to ask his players to hug them to the ground.

  74. This site should be renamed ProFootballLawyerTalk.com. All you report on is owner liability, gay bashing, union negotiations, and trying to get people fined for exercising their free speech rights.

  75. Did he offer money to put people “in the Gator truck”?


    That’s the difference.

    Playing hard is part of the game. Paying people extra for injuring opponents is not.

  76. When the Head Coach is a famous dirtbag you have to expect he’d hire assistants like himself.

  77. Well… I guess it happened, the NFL community is now over-sensitive. Thanks Saints!

  78. Oh boo hoo hoo… I said it once and I’ll say it again. The reason the military keeps things as classified as they can is because the public cannot handle seeing the sausage made. On a smaller scale, the same goes for the locker room. I firmly believe that fans should have never been allowed in the locker room.

    I’m not debating whether the speech is right or wrong. I’m just saying if you think football defensive coordinators aren’t saying “Gregg William-esque” comments (or much worse) you are gravely mistaken. It’s just the way a lot of DCs attempt to motivate. And let’s keep it really real here…There is no safe and gentle way for a 200 something pound man who runs a 4.5 to run into a similarly built man at 15-25 mph. Does your kid play football at a high school level or above? Ask him. There is VERY high likelihood that he has heard similar talk.

  79. These idiot coaches think this tough, gangster style talk is the only way to motivate players.

    Well, it does motivate some players but it doesn’t work in the long hall. It just motivates them to play stupid and dirty.

    Try developing a better scheme, get your players to play disciplined, solid, fundamental football, practice “gap discipline” and you’ll get the best out of the talent you have.

    Has he considered that maybe his talent is just not there?

  80. C’mon….Gantt, you’re looking for a story where there is none. Football is a game of emotion and intimidation, and coaches will use words to try to illicit both. Give it a rest with all this, “Uh oh, did you hear what he said?” garbage.

  81. I agree that those comments are terrible and never should be spoken. One question I do have is how in the world are we able to hear everything is going on in their meetings? These coaches need to learn there is no such thing as old school and they better change. Who knows who has the microphone…

  82. I’m a Vikings fan, we play the Titans this week, and I don’t find this disturbing at all. I don’t think he’s saying to intentionally hurt people. But if someone is going to try to live off slant routes, bring the wood. The wussification of this league is starting to closely resemble the same thing that’s happening in real life.

  83. I curse the internet every day now for being the catalyst for hyper-analyzing NFL coach-speak minutiae. At some point, people are going to have to realize that this IS the game of football; it is a violent sport and phrases like ‘going to war’ on ‘fighting in the trenches’ are just metaphors for motivation. If a coach says “Let’s KILL them!”, I am quite positive he doesn’t actually mean to literally extinguish the lives of the opposing players. America is becoming entirely too litigious.

  84. Pretty sure nearly all DC’s will use this type of language… but I’m not in the NFL so I wouldn’t know.

  85. Goodell* is gonna need to punish the Saints even more now in order to set the example for the rest of the league. This kind of talk is conduct detrimental to the NFL*

  86. Look, I’m not some new school fan who thinks the players should be wrapped in bubble wrap and hitting should be outlawed. Good, CLEAN hard hitting will always be part of the game.

    But call me whatever names you want, I don’t want to hear about coaches saying “if you throw the ball, expect the injury cart to come out”

    I’m sorry, but that is idiotic. Say there needs to be some pain if you come over the middle, or that we’ll hit you if you come over the middle, don’t say that the damned cart is going to come onto the field to pick someone up.

    It’s absolutely disturbing and it’s horrific coaching no matter if you agree with the idiotic statement or not. What do you think is going to happen if in the next game an opposing player IS CARTED OFF? The player on his team who did it will go from a guy who made a poor decision or even a clean hit to a guy who is trying to injure people.

    That’s just terrific coaching there. I can’t believe a coach in this day and age would seriously be stupid enough to mention an injury cart when talking about what he wants his players to do.

    I can’t believe people here are actually supporting the statement. . . unbelievable.

  87. That is not saying that you’ll get more money if you hurt someone. That is saying that if you are worried about a fine you won’t be able to play your best.

    Great job making a story out of nothing.

  88. Darin Gannt this is the kind of mentality that shows you never played the game. And here you are trying to “report” on it. Sad. Come on man, let’s use some common sense.

    Fact is, football is a CONTACT sport. Hard, blistering, knock your teeth out contact. If we keep allowing the so-called media to attack coaches/players for utilizating violent words to motivate and coach their team, we might just as well shut the doors on the game completely and start watching baseball.

  89. prmpft says:
    Oct 5, 2012 12:29 PM
    yet Payton has to get special permission to go to a game – when will that jackass goodell realize that this is football!
    After he LOSES the massive concussion lawsuit!!!

  90. The mass media and this website in particular are dead set on turning this game into “sarcastiball” and its a damn shame. (South Park reference, but exactly on point)

  91. Well, the media over at espn all ready have him apologizing for his comments.

    Now i know why Belichick gives the boring monotone unemotional interviews. So he doesn’t have to start the next interview by apologizing for the last interview. If it were me, i would just answer yes and no and get the hell out of there. Never tell them what you’re feeling or the media blows it all out of proportion and get’s you into hot water.

  92. Well he sees the way Locker gets hit and he wants his defense to do something like that.

    Or maybe Locker is just brittle.

  93. you know, there are legal tackles when players go over the middle.
    you dont have to tear thier head off and yes it hurts just as bad.
    players dont form tackle anymore, which is why explosion plays happen.
    besides when you form tackle someone at waiste level and bend them in half, 9 out of 10 times they cough the ball up.

  94. This is such a crock. I’m awaiting to hear how next Goodell wants to influence the language used in the women’s league as well. Because it seems that right now it’s looking like the tougher of the two sports. At least they can motivate their players without worry. This guy knows nothing of the game and the language that surrounds it. He never played the game period. So how are we to expect anything resembling reason from a guy who never knew how the game was played and only knew about it’s finances? That is like letting the head of the Treasury Department run the Armed Forces for the USA. Promoting somebody to the point that he is way in over his head, and expecting them to succeed.

  95. This is a classic example of the type of liberal democrat drivel that comes out of people when we let women take too much a role in raising children in this country.

    When are the Democrats going to create a “word police” in this country??

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