Andre Brown’s playing time limited by his pass protection

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Giants running back Andre Brown ran the ball very well when Ahmad Bradshaw got hurt early this season, but when Bradshaw was healthy enough to play again on Sunday, Brown went back to the bench. The Giants say that’s a reflection on Brown’s blocking.

Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride told the Star-Ledger that the Giants don’t trust Brown enough in pass protection, which is why he was limited to nine offensive snaps on Sunday against the Eagles. Brown carried the ball on five of those nine snaps, while Bradshaw was on the field for 58 offensive snaps and carried 13 times.

Brown said he knows he needs to do a better job pass blocking so that the coaches are comfortable with him on the field in passing situations.

“It’s all about gaining the trust and keep going out there every week and letting them know that I can pass-protect and picking up all my blitzes,” Brown said. “I just got to keep going out there and taking advantage of all the opportunities that I have and continuing to grow on that side of the game and keep continuing to gain their trust so they can leave me out there.”

Brown leads the Giants with 38 carries for 198 yards and three touchdowns this season, but he says what he really needs to do is become a better blocker.

“I’m progressing. I’m still going to go out there every week and work hard, and I know it,” Brown said. “I feel like if I continue to go out there each week and just continue to keep showing progress, I’ll be all right. Eventually, one day I’ll be out there and I’ll gain their trust.”

Until he does gain their trust, Brown will spend most of his time on the bench, as long as Bradshaw is healthy.