Chiefs threatening all-time NFL turnover records


The Chiefs haven’t just been bad in the turnover department this season. They’ve been historically bad.

With 15 turnovers so far this season — eight lost fumbles and seven interceptions — Kansas City is on pace to turn the ball over 60 times. That’s close to the all-time NFL record of 63 turnovers in a season, set by the 1978 San Francisco 49ers. And with a turnover differential of minus-13, the Chiefs are on pace to finish at minus-52. That would blow away the all-time NFL record of minus-30, set by the 1965 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel acknowledged that his team has a problem.

We cannot turn the ball over, so we’re going to concentrate on the importance of the football and hanging onto it,” Crennel said this week. “One thing we do is work on it more, so all week we’re going to put more emphasis on hanging onto the football.”

It’s probably unlikely that the Chiefs will continue having all these turnover problems: Losing and recovering fumbles tends to be as much about luck as anything else, and a team that’s been extremely unlucky for four games probably won’t continue to be extremely unlucky for 12 more games. But Crennel is right that this is something the Chiefs have to get better at. Benching Matt Cassel, who has already thrown seven interceptions and lost three fumbles, may be a step in that direction.

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  1. Good luck, bet they turn it over at least twice tomorrow. Go ravens, Flacco and Torrey are going to burn that secondary.

  2. I say put Stanzi in. He was pretty good at Iowa. I thought he would be a decent NFL QB, just give him a shot.

    …My God the Big Ten sucks this year….

  3. Holding on to the ball better is only half of the equation RAC. How about getting that Ole! defense to manage a few stops and a takeaway or two?

  4. How are all those New England (ooooooooohhhhh! He mentioned Holy New England!) connections working out for ya, KC?

    Chiefs fans deserve far better than the garbage Pioli and Crennel are putting on the field, especially that one-year system wonder, Cassel.

  5. “edhochuli says: Oct 6, 2012 1:39 PM

    Tony Romo will not let them simply walk away with that record.”

    I laughed my ass off when I read this… then laughed harder when I saw the user name lol

    When the best and most jacked ref in the league says something, you gotta take note. lol

  6. Put Stanzi in there, he’ll do a much better job taking care of the ball than the 14 game wonder Patriot that ripped the chiefs off.

    The Chiefs have many leaders and It will only take one of them to be on board with Stanzi to have the team come together.

    Start fresh with Stanzi.

  7. Did anyone see the Football Life show last week about Cleveland ’95?

    They made it seem like Belichick and his cronies invented football. His ‘tree’ consisted of the following:

    Nick Saban – gutless traitor
    Piolo – garbage wannabe
    Tananbaum – tebow, santonio, sanchoke
    Phil Savage

    Ill give you schwartz, ferenz and Newsome but the show made it like they invented tendency analysis.

  8. You’re probably a little bit behind the proverbial 8-ball if you have to take time out of your weekly preparation to emphasize hanging onto the football. Players have been taught that since they were five years old.

  9. 4 games in, 1 nightmare at home vs San Diego. Meh… they’ll be ok, and I base this opinion on my expertise as a beer-swilling armchair QB who’s never even played Pop Warner, so I’m at least as knowledgeable as Matt Cassel.

  10. This “on pace” stuff. Seriously?

    There’s still 12 games to go in the season, make these proclamations at, at least, the halfway point.

  11. This is a case of a team thinking they are more talented than they actually are. Tone it down on offense and play more conservatively. Your defense can make some plays if they dont have to play 45 minutes a game and your running game is pretty solid.

    I think KC upsets Baltimore tomorrow if they win the turnover battle.

  12. Cassel’s stats would be even worse but he’s been padding his stats in garbage time this year.

    Kyle Orton did the same thing last year.

  13. I guess afterall, the Pats knew what they had in Matt Cassle, and getting more than what they did for him would have been paramount to the Bernie Maedoff scandle.
    It also should show that it is not just one player who makes a winner, but the surrounding cast plays an important part as well.

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