Cribbs says Jerome Harrison is dealing with seizures

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Last year, an effort to trade running back Jerome Harrison from Detroit to Philadelphia resulted in the discovery of a brain tumor, during the physical administered by the Eagles.  Browns receiver Josh Cribbs, a one-time teammate of Harrison’s in Cleveland, says that Harrison is still having serious health issues.

In discussing his recent helmet-popping concussion against the Ravens, Cribbs mentioned Harrison.  “I still go over to his house every now and then and talk to him,” Cribbs told the Cleveland Plain Dealer (via  “He’s doing pretty bad.  He’s in and out of the hospital with seizures.”

Harrison remains on the Lions’ non-football injury/illness list, and there’s no indication when he’ll be able to play again.  The fact that Harrison is suffering seizures suggests that Harrison has a long way to go before he will be able to return to the field.

Either way, we wish him the best as he continues to overcome this challenge.

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  1. Thanks for the update, I was just wondering how he was doing. Didn’t know him and Cribbs were boys. War Jerome Harrison returning to break that per-game rushing record (he’s 3rd all-time)

  2. Terrible. Worst part of football. I think every fan on this site will join me in saying get well soon, jerome

  3. I remember seeing the article about Jerome’s tumor last year. It’s a shame to hear about the seizures though… I just lost a 21-year-old friend very abruptly to a seizure recently. I’ll keep Jerome Harrison in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. For crying out loud, forget about being able to play again, I just hope he’s ok….

  5. Damn. Poor guy. I liked him when he played for the Browns, too.

    Really sad story. I hope he made enough money in his career to last him a good while. He was never making superstar money and obviously this was his career, and.. obviously it’s over.

  6. Reading articles like this makes you feel silly when you complain about stuff going wrong in your life…

    Best of luck to Jerome, hope he gets through all this.

  7. Very sad situation…I just hope he gets well enough to lead a normal life. Playing football again would be a bonus.

  8. lightcleric says:

    Reading articles like this makes you feel silly when you complain about stuff going wrong in your life…

    You have that right. Harrison’s medical problems put everything else into perspective.

    Here’s hoping Jerome can get well and resume a normal (let alone football) life.

  9. Jerome Harrison was a dual threat. A very good runningback with loads of talent and potential. Its very sad to see this happening to such a great athlete. Seems like just yesterday this guy was shredding defenses, and now he can’t even stay out of the hospital. Very very sad. I hope he recovers from this. Best wishes Jerome!

  10. Jerome,
    Browns fans never forget players with heart, and yours is huge. We will always have love and hope for you and your family. Gods speed to a complete recovery.

  11. Thank God they attempted that trade!!!!! Might have never found out before it was too late!!! Thoughts and prayers, Jerome!

  12. Now I am curious, why would anyone thumbs down a supportive message with a hope for recovery? Did your mother not teach you its better to say nothing at all rather than show bad manners?

  13. Not a good situation. But most people associated with the Browns suffer seizures this time of year.

  14. brownsclown–As a Steelers fan, I feel your pain, as I go back to the Sixties with my team. God Almighty, did my team stink back then.

    However, this goes way beyond our teams and how they do on the field. Anyone who thumbs down on Harrison being able to resume a normal life is a serious jerk.

  15. I very much question whether he will ever be able step on the field again, but obviously there should be more concern about his life period. To think a trade attempt may have saved his life due to the required physical. Get well Jerome.

  16. I really liked the kid in Cleveland. I wonder if his downfall in Cleveland was a result of the tumor. Same OL & scheme, but he seemed to be missing holes often & went from the guy that hid behind a lineman, cutback, & daylight to dancing in the backfield & diving to get back to the LOS.

    Sad to hear of his health & hope he gets well! Good luck to you JH!

  17. There’s no need to worry about football. Just focus on being healthy and able to spend your life with your family. Beat of luck Jerome.

  18. As a person who has dealt with seizures my whole life I can say with the utmost certainty that epilepsy is a condition you wouldn’t wish on anyone and therefore I feel for you Jerome and what your going through so maybe forget about football for awhile and just focus On getting healthy this isnt something you want to suffer from the rest of your life trust me…

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