Injury cost Barry Church a chance at a new contract


Injured Cowboys safety Barry Church’s pain isn’t only from his torn Achilles.

He also missed an opportunity at more financial security in the process.

According to Calvin Watkins of, the Cowboys offered Church a new contract prior to his injury.

His agent didn’t turn down the offer of present a counter at the time, and when Church tore his Achilles, his financial future was thrown into doubt.

He’ll be a restricted free agent after the season, and it’s unlikely anyone would sign him to an offer sheet coming off such an injury. That means the Cowboys can secure his rights for another year, probably at a much lower number than they were talking about previously.

The right-of-first-refusal tender for RFAs in 2012 was $1.26 million. Even if they wanted to use a second-round tender, that was $1.927 million this year.

But there’s really no point in going higher than the lowest level, even if he had earned a starting job and was a player they viewed as a contributor for years to come.

Teams try to lock up players early all the time, offering a guarantee to try to get in under market value, and Church’s bad luck shows that’s not always the worst idea for players either.

3 responses to “Injury cost Barry Church a chance at a new contract

  1. The cost of injury risk rarely gets discussed when players are demanding new contracts. When a team signs a player, they take on the injury risk. When a player refuses to resign and plays out his contract, he takes on the risk. That risk is worth money. You can take less money and put the cost of injury risk on the team, or you can play out your contract, take the cost of injury risk on yourself, and pray you don’t get hurt. This guy tried to go for the bigger money, and now he has to pay the cost of injury risk. Obviously, it would have been better to take less money up front and put the risk on the team.

  2. Church was never the answer to start with. Just another mediocre safety for the ‘boys. Jerry needs to spend some money and pick up a real safety in the offseason, too late for this year. The ‘boys haven’t had a decent safety since Darren Woodson!!

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