Jerry Jones: Cowboys are not dismayed by a 2-2 start

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After an ugly loss to the Bears on Monday night dropped the Cowboys to 2-2, owner Jerry Jones is trying to stay upbeat.

Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan that while he isn’t exactly thrilled with the way the team has played since the impressive Week One win against the Giants, he isn’t worried, either.

“We thought we would play better in the last three ballgames,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Certainly in Seattle, we were not above expectations. But we met expectations and were elated with our first game. But we didn’t play as well against Seattle, a good team, hard team to beat out there. And certainly didn’t have the game we wanted to have out here against Tampa, but we won it. And then we laid an egg here against the Bears. So, I would say that we’re not up to expectations but certainly, at this juncture, not in any way dismayed or in any way thinking we won’t be the team that we want to be.”

The Eagles lead the NFC East with a 3-1 record while the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins are all at 2-2, and Jones thinks that leaves the Cowboys in fine shape.

“We haven’t really lost ground,” Jones said. “We might have missed some opportunities to gain ground, but we haven’t lost ground. Secondly, I think we can have a chance to be significantly better. The kinds of things that are beating us, are the kinds of things that coaches and players can correct.”

I’m not sure how Jones can say the Cowboys haven’t lost ground, considering that after Week One they were tied with the Eagles and a game ahead of the Giants, and now they’re a game behind the Eagles and tied with the Giants. But he is right that four weeks into the season is too soon to panic — and that the Cowboys need to play better than they have in the last three games.

37 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys are not dismayed by a 2-2 start

  1. Just the continual rantings of the drunken, delusional, out of touch owner who surrounds himself with yes men. The thing is Jerry is A-ok with mediocrity. He’s got enough people sold on the the Cowboys are “next year’s champions” myth who are one player away from winning it all so he doesn’t HAVE to change. He’s raking in millions per year selling that line and cares about his bottom line more than he cares about the Cowboys. The Cowboys are going to be a .500 team as long as Jerry runs the show.

  2. Jerry may not be dismayed, but right now… the Cowboys really suck. I hate to say it, but it’s time for Romo to go go. Since he got there, the team has always been on the cusp of greatness but have only won in the playoffs once. Man… trade that guy for some picks while you still can.

  3. Jerry needs to relinquish some control to overcome being 8-8. Their players aren’t “afraid” of Jason Garrett the way they need to be. They know that he’s really not the man; Jerry is. Kind of like a parent telling you that your brother is in charge while their gone. Uh… mmmyeammmp

  4. Jerrah’s insignificance becomes more profound every time he opens his ignorant mouth. No one cares anymore buddy, so just shut the hell up!

  5. “Cowboys are not dismayed by a 2-2 start”

    Technically Jerruh is correct, the Cowboys have grown accustomed to .500 records.

  6. OK. Shall we say, overjoyed. You are the major cause of the crappy beginning.
    Stay up in your owners box, FRAUD

  7. Trust me as a Raven fan, with a Ryan as your D Coordinator, you will blow leads late all year. Why do you think Rex loves Revis so much, he’s the only CB capable of bailing him out of his blitz schemes that take too long to get home. Unfortunately for the Cowboys they have the stupid Ryan brother running the D. Dallas 7-9 this year.

  8. This just in, Jerry is dilusional. Of course they lost ground. What if they end the season and don’t win the East but are looking for a wild card? The Seahawks and Bears would have the advantage over them in a wildcard race.

    That happened last year when they lost to the Lions in week 4. Lions a wildcard and Cowboys didn’t. Wake up Jerry!

  9. Jerruh’s shortcomings as a GM, of which there are many, have relegated the Cowboys to perennial wannabe contenders. There are so many gaping holes on their offense and defense that it’s staggering.

    Moron should have been drafting offensive linemen when he drafted Felix Jones and Dez Bryant.

  10. You think Dallas is bad now, wait til Jerry’s kids take over, they know even less about football than Jerry, I’m a Dallas fan forever but if they resign Romo they’ll never get better than average. I think the main problem with Dallas players is they think they are better than they really are.

  11. The one thing that Jerry Jones has going for him? That Dan Snyder keeps him from being the biggest moron of an owner in the NFL.

  12. Dear Jerry,

    Don’t listen to all this criticism! You are the very best owner, GM and head coach ever. Please don’t even think of turning over power to someone else. True Dallas fans love you very much and appreciate all you’ve done to make the team great.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Your new face looks great too.

  13. 2-2 aint nothing to be dismayed about. Playing like total garbage is, though. Someone ask jerrah if that’s a problem he is worried about?

  14. I guess we haven’t been watching the same games then. He should be dismayed by everyone’s crappy play. 5 ints? New contract! Franchise QB!

  15. ESPN is reporting that Cowboys games will now be televised on the History Channel since their owner and fans continue to live in the past.

  16. Of course he’s not. As long as “Jerry’s World” is sold out, the swag keeps flying off the shelfs,and the TV camera cuts to him a minimum of 47 times per game, there will never be a problem.

  17. I would be dismayed about the fact that the boys got up for the opener against the defending champs, and have been TERRIBLE since. It’s just happens that one of those games they played the Bucs, so they won anyway. Their bye couldn’t have come at a better time, but if they spend the extra week deluding themselves into thinking it’s only a few minor issues that need to be fixed, they are in trouble, and may get trounced in Baltimore. They have serious issues up and down the roster

  18. Jerry isn’t dismayed. What about the fans that pay too much to go to games and watch .500 football? I bet they are dismayed.

  19. Lets face it most Cowboys fans expected them to be 3-1 and the realists probably said 2-2 at the bye.

    It just looks worse because of the way they lost but still on pace. Its still a little early. Given the next 4 of 5 are on the road, they need to keep the .500 pace or better to have a chance the second half of the season.

    I’d say get to 5-4 and let’s talk because the back half of the season has more home games. If they choke after that then we’ll be more than dismayed. For now, lets see where this goes….starting with Baltimore

  20. Jerry is every bit as buffoonish as Steinbrenner used to be. Constantly running his yap and stroking his own ego by pretending to be a GM who knows what he’s doing although he very clearly doesn’t. The Cowboys will be stuck in their current rut until Plastic-Face steps aside and allows football professionals to run the ship instead of forcing them to defer to him.

  21. the only award cowboys get year and year out is the most OVERRATED team award..2-2 is a great start for them having such low standards, they need to trade WARE to my NINERS we need OLB depth (yes he would be coming off the bench) haha.

  22. As long as Tony Romo is the starting QB and Dez Bryant is still on the team, the Cowboys will never be anything more than mediocre at best. Romo is the weakest link. They may have won games riding on his shoulders, but they have lost many more with him at the helm.

    Dez Bryant will always serve as the Cowboys kryptonite. He is the same deal as T.O. minus the talent. An all-pro Receiver doesn’t drop balls. The draft experts sure built this kid up to be one of the best, they were dead wrong.

    Rid of Romo and Bryant and watch the team go back to the top, until then enjoy mediocrity.

  23. Let’s see….. what QB is available to lead the team to greatness? Jeez, there’s just so many to choose from!

  24. that impressive win over the Giants may turn out to be not that impressive. The Giants haven’t been that good to date

  25. “The kinds of things that are beating us, are the kinds of things that coaches and players can correct.” – Well Jerrah, too bad you don’t have a coach who has a freakin clue on how to correct them!

    I agree Romo’s time is dangerously coming to an end in Big D but to his defense the only OC he’s ever had is pretty boy ivy leaguer Garrett who’s play calling is so predictable high school coaches could defend against it.

    Lowest points scored, inability to score in the red since forever, ALWAYS letting go of the run early in the game. That’s on the OC.

    Give Romo a coach who can manage an offense for pete’s sake! (Of course if we had a real GM, Garrett would be long gone but that’s another story…).

  26. cowboys are going to take over the basement in the east .they have the worst qb and owner in the division .blast snyder all you want but he gave control to shannahan and its seems they are going in the right direction

  27. How often do people need to hear about how the Cowgirls are not playing as well as they expect before they adjust their expectations? When are people going to smarten up and realize that they are just a mediocre team, and that there is no reason to expect more from them? 120-120 over the previous 15 years, and 2-2 this year. One playoff win in 15 years. They simply aren’t good, and haven’t been in quite a while.

    We don’t see twice a day articles on the Raiders, Chargers, or Steelers trying to justify how they really are better than their record.

    The Cowgirls are what their record says they are.

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