Larry Johnson: People will judge me, but I didn’t do it


After his arrest on Friday in Las Vegas, former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson has now been arrested five different times after allegations of violence toward women. But Johnson insists the latest allegation against him is bogus.

“I know people will try to pass judgment on me from my previous record but I didn’t do what I am being charged with,” Johnson told TMZ.

In court, Johnson is of course due the same presumption of innocence that every criminal defendant is entitled to receive. But Johnson’s past history makes it hard to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In 2003, Johnson was charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery, but those charges were dropped when he agreed to enter a domestic violence diversion program. In 2005, he was arrested for assaulting a woman, but that charge was dropped when the woman didn’t appear in court to testify against him. In 2008, he was arrested once in February when a woman accused him of shoving her and once in October when a woman accused him of spitting in her face. Johnson pleaded guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace as part of a plea deal on both of those accusations.

Now Johnson is accused of choking a woman in a Las Vegas hotel. And Johnson is right: People will pass judgment on him for his previous record.

54 responses to “Larry Johnson: People will judge me, but I didn’t do it

  1. Tough guy. I’d like to seem him try that on me…. Well, not me. But somebody bigger. Like my neighbor. I’d like to see him try that on my neighbor!

  2. Helloooooooo. Of course people will judge you based on your past actions. Hell we judge people when they do something like this one time much less 5 times. You sir are an idiot. You should try this on a man and see what happens. I’m probably about your size. Message me on twitter & I will meet up with ya sometime. Sad thing is you probably think you are a Big Man too. I used to love watching you play ball and there was no one better for about a 4 year run. This is just sad LJ

  3. Poor me, I’m being falsely accused. If that’s true Larry, how many times do you have to go through it before you learn not to put yourself in situations like this?

    Take the diapers off meant act like an adult and take responsibility for your life and your actions. Still haven’t figured that one out, I see…

  4. There is never an excuse to hurt a woman. That said, he shouldn’t let himself in position for the claim to be made against him.

  5. I hope the prosecutor is able to charge and convict this cowardly POS with more than a slap on the wrist before he pulls an OJ on some woman! This guy was a d-bag while he was in the NFL and he’s still a d-bag. Real men don’t hit women. Guys like him make me sick.

  6. You know who judges you, LJ? Judges. Because you appear in their courtrooms.

    But you keep on visiting those casinos and paying those legal fees. Then tweet about how you’re richer “then” other people.

    Waste of organic material.

  7. He’s trying to be clever. Notice he didn’t say “I didn’t do anything”… He’s parsing his words carefully… He said “I didn’t do what I am being charged with…

    So, you didn’t punch her, you just slapped her….

  8. Prisons are filled with innocent people. If you ask them, 99% of prisoners “didn’t do it” either, Larry. I guess you didn’t do it the 4 prior times you were accused of beating up on a woman, too. This guy is a worthless POS. Sandusky & LJ, Penn State’s finest.

  9. this is one of those sick guys who really likes beating women and will get more and more cruel until he actually gets convicted…

    it would be cool to see a story one day where he got payback…

  10. Can’t you just forget about guys like this and get back to your never ending attempt to make Jay Cutler out to be a bad guy?

  11. Let’s not forget that not only did he play for Paterno, but his dad was the d-line coach for Paterno while Sandusky was coordinator (and still is a coach under O’Brien). Wow, just so many reasons to be Penn State Proud.

  12. Man, there sure are a lot of ‘OJ’ references in this story’s comments. I went back through and took a shot every time I saw ‘OJ’ and I have a nice buzz. Props to the 1 guy who referenced him as a 2K rusher as opposed to acquitted murderer…

  13. Ah, man. How bad does this dude suck? He’d probably kick my ass but I’d love to give it a go anyway.

    Larry, if you’re ever in NE FL, let me know. You outweigh me no doubt, but I’m not afraid of douches that pick on chicks.

  14. 4 times, aaaaahhhh I’m not sure. 5 times, well maybe we’re starting to see something, I guess. Right? Maybe not. Should we give ths African the benefit of the doubt?

  15. My guess: He was in Vegas, made some money at a hotel he’s staying at, the casino sent a “escort” up to reclaim some of that money, but LJ couldn’t get erect.

    So…… he got pissed and started choking the woman who just refuted his manhood.

  16. Now that the “shield” does not protect him he is toast. Hitting women is a no no from like age 2 or so.
    Larry will soon be hooking up with his old PSU coach Jerry, and Kharma will be served.

  17. bingocostello says:
    Oct 6, 2012 9:51 PM
    A graduate of the Jim Brown school of social graces!


    Jim Brown championed civil rights and economic empowerment among A-American athletes. He’s not one of the greatest NFL players who ever lived, hes one of the greatest human beings that ever lived. He also started AMER-I-CAN, and worked with gangs.

    He retired on his own terms and went on to do film. A great and deeply thoughtful and political person – so of course the media was going to bring him down and play up clowns like Deion Sanders.

  18. In his particular case, the recurrence of these kinds of issues strongly suggests he may be a closeted gay man.

  19. you couldn’t show him in a chiefs uni?! damn man. the guy had like 5 carries with us in his whole career.

  20. Larry Johnson shouldnt be allowed in the Bellagio or the Wynn. He belongs on Fremont Street gambling in the grind joints with the other freaks.

  21. I agree with the statement that there is a special spot in the fire pit for abuses of women or children or animals.

    Men who abuse women are cowards and scumbags.
    Larry Johnson is about as low a person there is…..

  22. Gee what a surprise? A Penn State alumnus not keeping their hands to themselves

  23. I’m actually disgusted by the almost 100% he guilty comments.

    This justice by presumed character is a dangerous thing. It leads to many an innocent person being put to death and many a guilty person walking free.

    What’s you rush folks…the man’s been arrested. To much work for you to have a trial?

  24. More specifically, you will be judged by 12! That is unless you go with trial by judge, hence then you will be judged by 1. wah waah waah

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