Now a Cowboy, Brian Moorman honoring commitments in Buffalo

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After 12 years in the NFL, all punting for the Bills, Brian Moorman was abruptly cut last week. A day later he signed with the Cowboys, but he’s not turning his back on Buffalo.

With the Cowboys off this week, Moorman traveled back in Buffalo on Friday to honor commitments he had made to visit a children’s hospital and to visit a school where students had raised money for charities that help pediatric cancer patients.

I didn’t ever think I’d be wearing a Cowboys jersey when I came to speak to them. We had talked about setting this up before any of that happened,” Moorman told the Buffalo News. “I intended to come up here and speak as a Buffalo Bill and now I’m speaking as a Dallas Cowboy. Whether I’m there two weeks or the rest of the season, I don’t know, but that’s life. I’ve decided that I’m going to respond to this in a positive way. I’m trying not to look back.”

No player wants to get cut in the middle of the season, but Moorman has handled it in about as classy a manner as possible.

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  1. What a guy, we’ll miss him as a Bill. His punting skills might be eroding but his humanitarianism certainly isn’t. Good on you Brian.

  2. More stories like this please. This is awesome on many levels that dont need pointing out. Nevermind that he was the only Cowboy who played a good game that night. Keeping the ball out of Hester’s hands and I believe he dropped 3 inside the 20.

  3. What do they expect ? He’s a punter. Most punters are not punks like a lot of wr’s, db’s, and in MJD’s case; rb’s. I applaude you sir

  4. Solid act of kindness for those in need. I agree, let’s focus on more feel good stories like this one and less talk about the hapless jets.

    I mean really, what more needs to be said?

  5. I was terribly disappointed when I saw that Buffalo had cut him; I even felt bad for him and his family. He has done a lot for the community and for the team. In a ‘perfect world’ Buffalo would have honored its contract with him, just like it would have expected him to honor it had they not found another punter.

    This is why I don’t jump on the hate-train when players holdout while still under contract – teams routinely dishonor contracts. Mr. Moorman did more than a fine job. He may have had a slow start, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where they were going by signing a second, more cost efficient punter – not the best motivational tool.

  6. These are story I wish were told more, too many when a player does something positive it goes untold,

    Salute to Brian Moorman for keeping his commitment. Class Act

  7. @ superputman

    Moorman gets to collect his entire contract from the Bills (as if he was playing the whole year) and now he gets paid by the Cowboys on top of his Buffalo money.

    I’m not discrediting your opinion about players holding out, but Moorman’s contract was not violated, it was upheld.

  8. I realize that, but I was speaking from a non-monetary viewpoint. This has shaken up his community involvement in Buffalo, and probably his family life as well. While he may get paid, I’m sure he had planned on living in Buffalo and serving the community until its end. With a, say, 5 year contract a player who performs at a high level and is involved off the field should (in that “perfect world”) be secure for those 5 years off the field as well as on. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think it’s wrong to uproot a players personal life which is based largely on where they’re signed to play and for how long. It’s my (admittedly worthless and useless) opinion that moves like the Bills made with Moorman contribute to players holding out. I sure wouldn’t want to EVER be told “Hey, I know you had plans to live and work here for awhile but you gotta go. I’m gonna pay you, but you gotta move to _insert far off place_”

  9. Its really awesome to see that in 2012 there are still professional athletes that can be roll models; players who I can actually buy there jersey for my children. Not that I would EVER allow my child to wear a Bills jersey, but still. Class act all the way around

  10. I used to only remember this guy for getting rocked by Sean Taylor during the Pro-Bowl then going over and congratulating him for the hit. This will be a close second.

  11. I hate the fact that he couldn’t retire a Buffalo Bill, and that he is wearing a Cowboy uniform, but I am thankful for all of the memories he left here in Buffalo. Best Punter the Bills have ever had, class act person too. Thanks for everything Moorman! Good luck with your future! -#BillsMafia

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