49ers humiliate another AFC East foe, beat Bills 45-3


The 49ers might want to think about petitioning the NFL for a move to the AFC East.

They took on their second AFC East opponent in a row on Sunday and laid just as convincing a beatdown on the Bills as they did on the Jets a week ago. The only difference is that the 49ers gave up some points in their 45-3 win, but it’s hard to argue with the complete control the Niners have shown in outscoring the two AFC East squads by a combined 79-3 score.

Sunday’s win could have been closer if not for two Bills turnovers. There was the Scott Chandler fumble that helped the 49ers build a 14-point lead at the half and then Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a brutal interception with the score 24-3 and still flickering with the possibility of competitiveness. It pretty much died when the ball settled into Chris Culliver’s grasp and went away for good when Alex Smith hit Mario Manningham for a touchdown a short time later.

That score was one of three that Smith threw on the day, a nearly flawless performance made easier by the continued absence of the pass rush that the Bills thought they bought themselves this offseason. Smith had eons to throw and used the time to set up Michael Crabtree (113 yards) and Vernon Davis (106 yards) for big games and finished with 303 passing yards before handing things over to Colin Kaepernick. And the defensive line wasn’t much better against the run as Frank Gore ran through, over and around the Bills en route to 96 yards. Everything clicked offensively for the Niners on Sunday, resulting in 621 yards by the time the final whistle blew.

The Bills barely mustered 200 for the game and got just 80 in the second half. They’ve now been outscored 90-10 since taking a 21-7 lead in the third quarter of their Week Four loss to the Patriots, a damning total about the state of both their offense and defense in Buffalo right now. They’ll cross the country next week for a date with the Cardinals that looks awfully large for their quest to remain meaningful into November.

That makes eight straight quarters of impressive results after the loss to the Vikings and it sets up quite a clash when the Giants roll into Candlestick for an NFC Championship Game replay next Sunday.

64 responses to “49ers humiliate another AFC East foe, beat Bills 45-3

  1. This is one of the rare games I’ve seen in which Alex Smith had time to throw the ball.

    And look what he did with it, that was a darn near perfect QB performance.

    Give this guy protection and he’s a pro bowl level QB.

  2. Don’t blame Bills fans for being vocal about their team in the preseason and being behind them . They were sold another load of crap from the organization. Mario Williams was supposed to be game changing. They were told fitz had rib injuries and thats why he took such a turn for the worse last year. They have no coach. there was a reason he was let go by the chiefs. Bills fans really deserve so much better for standing behind that team, when year after year the only think they are sold is lies.

  3. As a Hawks fan I hate to say it but…..wow, pretty damn impressive couple weeks for SF.

  4. Franchise record for total yards as Alex Smith as our qb. Say what you want about him but he keeps getting better and better. For a team that’s built around defense, our offense is getting real good. This team is becoming real dangerous.

  5. I am curious to see how the game goes when they play Miami. I believe the 49ers will win but am just curious because Miami’s run defense is no joke and that is how the 9ers offense finds rhythm.

    Any team that is good stopping the run will give the 9ers problems.

  6. They’ve played 2 of the NFL’s best teams the past 2 weeks, but still, the Bills look worse than ever…someone needs fired tonight. This is just pathetic. I can’t believe how disappointed I am in this team.

  7. Giants definitely the best team in New York, but if they fall behind like they did these last few weeks they have no prayer of recovering. I’m expecting it to be a lot more competitive. Time for Kyle to get his revenge

  8. Bills ownership is so bad. They took all the steeler rejects…mularkey, donahoe, chan gailey and sold them like the real deal.

    Smith is awesome. Hate when he is called a game manager.

  9. Well, if the 49ers look strong for the next 3 or 4 years in a row, we might be able to start talking about Alex Smith being a good QB…

  10. I think the 49ers are growing as a team. The defense is playing tough and the offense is making strides. At this pace Alex Smith would end the season with roughly 3,400 yards, 24 TDs and 3 ints. If he could get near those numbers them it should be a very successful season. Hopefully they can stay healthy and get to the Super Bowl. Also, I think Randy Moss deserves some credit for going out and doing what the coaching staff needs him to do. He isn’t getting a lot of reps or catches but I think the coaching staff just wants to keep him healthy and fresh down the stretch. He could be very valuable towards the end of the season and if we can get to the playoffs. Go Niners!

  11. Yeah, not looking forward to next week. The Niners team is looking like a juggernaut out there, and my Giants are banged up all to hell. Hopefully the Niners burned up all their aggression on the Bills. Go Big Blue!

  12. Ok straight up sent the message to all doubters.. Alex Smith is playing great and is really improving and getting better every week minus fluke wake up call in Minnesota round 2 they couldn’t beat us.. Fluke wake up call! Our recievers are freaking outstanding man we got all styles all play makers and all have great hands!!! Sky is the limit for offense if they keep excelling in pass and run game is solid all day with frank and Kendall that’s a given if blocking is good.. By the way great blocking O line is pushin it every week and I’m loving it!! Now to defense we are the best!!! And we will get better if that’s possible?? They will!!! Great job this week coaching staff made All of us FAITHFULL PROUD this week and last! Lets get it in GO NINERS

  13. The Mario Williams signing was ridiculous for Buffalo. The Texans let him walk for good reason – he was done. (And Texas seems to be doing quite nicely without him.)

    I’ve lived in the Bills area for 25 years (and a HS classmate of mine is in the Bills Ring of Honor), I have never seen a team so badly run. (OK, the Lions under Matt Millen) Bad draft after bad draft, misguided FA signings, and an incredible string of injuries, nothing works for the Bills. Fitzpatrick had a string of good games, and they sign him to a huge extension, whereupon he promptly turns into an INT machine.

    Whatever happens when Ralph Wilson passes and the team is sold, I hope the new ownership has a clue, because the current ownership does not.

  14. NFC is miles stronger than the AFC. NFC is 15-5, outscoring AFC 594-388

    AFC has won only 1 road game. Hasn’t won a game by more than 7 (Cinn at home to Wash). Won the other 4 by 3 or less.

  15. The Bills have a lot more in common with the Jets than they do with the Giants. At least this beat down happened away from Buffalo. 49ers on a mission from…

  16. Good post alewatcher. As an Oiler fan, I should dislike the Bills, but I like to pull for them as a small market team, and because they are old school AFL. Hope they can get competitive again soon.

  17. Bills defense looked pitiful.

    The shocking thing is that this isn’t the worst start for a Bills Defense in their history. The 2002 version gave up 180 pts in their first 5 and went 2-3, this team 176.

  18. Fitzpatrick needs to donate 90% of his salary to the city of Buffalo, simply for supporting him these past 14 games or so. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy but there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Bills fans who deserve more than this. We’ve done our part. We buy tickets to games, we buy the merchandise, we watch every lousy minute of every lousy game, and we continue to be the court jester of the NFL.

    Our owner doesn’t even live in New York state. If that doesn’t tell us that Ralph isn’t serious, why should we keep giving him our money?

  19. The 49’s have been pretty impressive these last two weeks.

    As a fan of the AFC East, I think the Phins will give them a better game because of their defense. and the Pats would be very competitive with them, but without question, the Niners very impressive.

  20. Hey Alper the Bills are not crossing the country again next week. They are staying on the west coast all week. Even without Fritzpatrick’s interception the Bills would not have been able to circle the wagon…we don’t have a franchise QB and our defense has looked pathetic 3 out of 5 games this season

  21. football is the ultimate team sport and the 49ers showed how you can dominate by playing as a complete team. there were a lot of penalties early for the niners but they got back on track and just whipped on the bills. Rushing, Passing, Defense, and Special Teams were all great. this is a scary team. And im calling niners texans in this years bowl.

  22. Bills fan around here are even more sad, dejected and hopeless than the team itself looked. They are really taking all the fun out of my gloating. Have you no fight in you Buffalo? GO NINERS!!

    But seriously, any other day I do like to see the bills do well. Too bad they are cursed. Hope they snap it and we see a 49ers/Bills Superbowl some day.

    GO NINERS!!!

  23. Sorry, but the Bills are still NY’s best (and only) team.

    Giants definitely the best team in New York, but if they fall behind like they did these last few weeks they have no prayer of recovering.

  24. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Oct 7, 2012 8:25 PM
    49ers got trounced by the Vikings, so don’t call it a fluke, San Fran


    Why not? You imbeciles called SF a fluke all season long last year and have been calling SF a fluke all off season, preseason and even up until this week.

    Don’t look now but you’re team doesn’t want to play anybody in the NFC West. Come to think of it NO doesn’t even want play anybody. Rest of the NFL > Saints.

  25. Buffalo fans should have known you can’t just go out and buy a defense. And Niner fans should know it’s not “we”. You aren’t on the team. But after watching that game, it’s painfully obvious Oakland doesn’t have a single player that could start on the San Francisco’s defense.

  26. Mario Williams: Albert Haynesworth 2.0
    Dave Wannstedt: I’m so grateful the Steelers didn’t hire this guy in 1992 to succeed Chuck Noll. I shudder to think how that might’ve turned out.

  27. Ryan Fitz, looks a lot like Derek Anderson when he was with Cleveland. Great in 2007, bum in 2008!

    The “best” DL in the NFL, that would be the Buffalo Bills, has given up more yards, points, TD’s, and have less sacks, than a Cleveland Browns defense that is without their best corner, has two rookie linemen starting, an undrafted rookie LB starting, and a second year CB starting.

    Can you say someone is going to regret shooting themselves in the foot, for years to come, by giving one player $100 M?

  28. Bills will rebound… Cards are extremely overrated. They ESCAPED Seattle, New England, and Miami. They got abused by the rams. I think Buffalo wins a close one

  29. fground says:
    Oct 7, 2012 8:57 PM
    NFC is miles stronger than the AFC. NFC is 15-5, outscoring AFC 594-388

    AFC has won only 1 road game. Hasn’t won a game by more than 7 (Cinn at home to Wash). Won the other 4 by 3 or less.


    uh before we get too carried away in the last decade
    AFC – 6 (Steelers twice/Pats three times/Colts
    NFC – 4 Super Bowls (Saints/Packers/Giants twice

    i think it says more about defenses beginning to turn the tide over high-powered offenses, but if you stop the Niners running game – THEY ARE DONE.

    But you have to score against that offense. Question; Was Minnesota able to score more?

    Baltimore has had a great defense, but has not gotten to Super Bowl since 2000 – the same probably occurs, however with the Niners there are no marquee QBs in the NFC compared to the AFC, either. Jets and Bills were weak wins. The real test will be v. the Giants

  30. NFC is now 16-5 vs the AFC

    gotta love people giving thumbs down to a stat – it’s a fact – not an opinion.

    Helps me to understand how some people vote.

  31. goldrush36 says: Oct 7, 2012 7:48 PM

    “Giants definitely the best team in New York, . . .”

    Unless I’m mistaken, the Bills sre the ONLY team in New York – The Jets and the Jints are from Jersey.

  32. I am a life long Bills fan that grew up in Western New York and now reside in Indiana. Watching the Bills get beat by NY in week 1 made me lose all faith I had in Fitz-pick-trick. He himself gave the Jets their first win and that is honestly the truth. Then comes week 2 and 3 and Buffalo puts a Beating down on the Chiefs and on the Browns. The Chiefs scored a few points but all were during garbage time in the 4th. Week 4 we have a 21-3 lead against the Pats in the 3rd quarter and right then and there is when the Bills Started playing like the bills. Gailey began to quit on the team as he did against the jets. He was chewing up more time on the clock than the opposing team was with a lead. So watching the Bills give away probably the 15th game in the last 3 years that they should of, could of, but didn’t win because they have no clue how to finish a game. Now this week, we got absolutely embarrassed by the Niners which honestly I figured we would lose this game but I figured it would be another one of then hopeful Bills games that comes down to the 4th quarter before we actually decide to let the other team walk with the W. Well that thought was wrong, instead Buffalo Let Alex Smith, Crabtree, Manningham, Gore, and Vernon Davis look like Montana, Rice, Taylor, Roger Craig, and Brent Jones. The Buffalo Bills Defense is full of Talent. All u people saying that Houston LET Mario Walk are a joke. Houston made their pitch/offer to keep him and he tested the market. Who wouldn’t sign a darn contract like his if offered? The problem is that the coaches I. Buffalo do not and hhave not known what to do with the talent they have. They do exactly what Donte Whitner called out on them this week, they do not play to the players abilities. They would rather want it their way and this is clearly shown with the SLOW Development of CJ Spiller. He used to get about 3,4,5 touches a game that wasn’t on kick returns and they would run him up in the 1 and 2 holes. it has taken 3 season to realize the kid is FAST, ELUSIVE AND CAN MAKE PEOPLE MISS. He’s not Carwell Gardner (Bills Fans know him) who will run u over up the middle for 5 then carry ya for another 5. cmon Ralph please either get healthy and wake up and see all the talent you have there and see how it is all mishandled and get rid of them fools who call themselves coaches. Get a GD franchise Quarterback some year and give winning or making the Playoffs a shot. have u not Noticed yet Ralph that all the successful teams in the NFL have Franchise Quarterbacks? Is it really that hard to see? Fire sale in the coaching staff, Get a new QB and lets play some ball. When u send 4 down lineman every single play with no blitzing u will not get through the 5,6,or even 7 guys up front blocking for the other team. Safe thing is u send 4 so that leaves 7 guys to cover 3,4,5 receivers and u can’t do that?? Its become a joke in Buffalo and if we can’t go into week 8 with atleast 3 wins then u might as well write it up as another year of HOPE for Bills fans only to be let down by a bunch of idiot coaches who have been fired by numerous teams numerous times. We have a pretty mediocre schedule after our week 8 bye and really can end up getting 10 wins this yeah IF Gailey and his staff go get their high school diploma in coaching football. Its just a complete joke in Buffalo right now. Sorry this post is all over the place but after this weeks beating I honestly believe I would live a healthier life if I could just give up hope that maybe SOMEDAY I might see my Bills back on the big stage in the Superbowl!! At the rate were headed my sons (who’s 9) great grandson wont ever get to see that happen. GET RID OF CHAN, WANDSTADT, AND FITZ AND LETS PLAY SOME REAL BILLS FOOTBALL. BRING BACK THE K-GUN AND GET OPEN BOYS!!

  33. Wow beating bills and jets were weak wins but it doesn’t matter if they beat high power offenses like the packers or the lions right. The Giants is just another high power offense, something the niners are already used to playing and beating. Right now, the niners have a healthy team and the giants are pretty banged up. However, they are still playing well with injuries but that’s against the buccs, panthers and browns. The niners will get their revenge against the Giants and the niners are better than the cowboys and eagles…the team that beat the giants this season.

  34. @patridge21….no, the only joke is that your team signed him to a $100 million contract! If the Texans really wanted Mario, they would have tried harder to keep him. But they didn’t, because Mario is a good but NOT elite player. He’s always getting hurt and all too often disappears in games when you need him the most.
    So, think whatever will help you sleep better at night.

  35. To be completely honest… I’m happy that we lost to the Vikings, going undefeated is damn near impossible and I doubt that many people thought that was a possibility. It was going to take a loss to keep everyone’s head in the game, and I think that was the perfect game to lose, it had to come at some point and Im happy to see it come against Minnesota rather than the Cards, Hawks or Rams. Moral of this story is that this team is clearly the class of the NFL… Offense, Defense, Special teams and Coaching is on another level. I might be in over my head, but Im thinking Superbowl or bust people!!! Go Niners

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