Brees breaks consecutive games with TD record


Drew Brees might not have a win this season, but he has a piece of history.

The Saints quarterback broke Johnny Unitas’ old record of 47 straight games with a touchdown pass, hitting Devery Henderson for 40 yards and a milestone with 2:58 left in the first quarter.

Unitas, the legendary Colts quarterback, set the record from 1956-60, and his son Joe was on hand, after the family wished Brees their best earlier this week.

Brees also had his suspended friends on hand to see it, as Saints coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis were given permission to be on hand, even though they could not have contact with players or coaches.

52 responses to “Brees breaks consecutive games with TD record

  1. Doesn’t look like to prototypical QB of today. Tremendous talent and smarts gets it done. Congrats Drew!

  2. No comparison when all the rules today favor the passing game. Under the rules Unitas played under, Brees wouldnt have lasted a single season.

  3. Thats a nice gesture by Joe Unitas. However we all know how much the game has changed. I grew up watching Johnny U and the Defenses were more argressive and just abou everything was legal. Headslaps, clotheslines….forget about PI…..In my mind he changed the game. That will never change. The average QB throws for 300+ yds…

  4. Johnny U’s record will remain infinitely more impressive, he did it in a time when WR’s weren’t coddled and throwing for 30+ TDs in a season was considered amazing.

    Unitas > Brees, as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Kind of neat that the player who caught the record-breaking pass was wearing Johnny U’s number 19.

  6. Is it only me or does Drew seem more interested in his records than his team winning a game?

  7. Brees breaking Unitas’s record is not that impressive with as much as they pass now, Unitas threw 24 att per game, brees 35 per game. Sorry, but brees doesn’t even compare to Johnny U, one is legendary, one is great during the passing era.

  8. Congratulations to Mr.Drew Brees,I followed your career ever since Purdue University!!! I have always been a big fan of yours!!!Nobody else deserves this recognition ,through all the adversity and perserverance!!! Drew is a class act and a future 1st ballot Hall of Famer!!!

  9. Another misleading record brought to you by rule changes.

    Bree’s is as good as they get in today’s game, but they might as well put a moat around him and make the defenders wear blindfolds.

  10. It’s nice and all, but lets remember that Unitis did this when it was a heck of a lot harder to pass the ball in the NFL and when they didn’t throw it 50 times a game like Bree’s does.

  11. eh I don’t really think he deserves it since he threw a TD Pass against my Rams last season with 6 seconds to go in the 4th, down by 17..

    but it is what it is. Congrats to Him! Hope he sets more this season!

  12. I don’t think it’s as impressive as Johnny U’s record. It’s a different league. I think Johnny’s record came during a time where they ran the ball more and receivers would get dogged.

  13. Makes it even more impressive what Johnny U did back in the day, when football was about running the ball and the passing game was much more difficult for QB’s.

  14. footballfan58 says:
    Oct 7, 2012 9:09 PM
    Is it only me or does Drew seem more interested in his records than his team winning a game?

    It’s you.

  15. footballfan58 says: Oct 7, 2012 9:09 PM

    Is it only me or does Drew seem more interested in his records than his team winning a game?
    It is only you. Brees is as team-oriented and win-oriented a player as has ever played. The records come with his consistent excellence.

    As for those who think that the Brees record is not that impressive because of the rules changes, then why haven’t 12 other QB’s broken this record in 52 years?

    Yes, like most everything else in the NFL, it was harder to do things offensively in Johnny U’s day than it is today, but that does not negate the excellence of what will surely be Brees’s Hall of Fame career.

  16. I was very impressed until NBC showed Unitas had a few hundred fewer passes at the time of the record. And we don’t even need to discuss the rules protecting the QB today. Unitas is still the man. The NFL should have completely different record books for the two eras.

  17. And by the way, no one ever said Brees was better than Unitas – least of all Brees – any more than Cal Ripken was greater than Lou Gehrig, or Emmit Smith was greater than Walter Payton. These records just are what they are.

  18. Who cares. Unitas was still the best ever. If he played today he’d average 50 TD’s, and 5500 yards a season. There were no rules when Johnny played, the QB was getting murdered on every play back then fer cryin out loud. Now you have to get permission from your lawyer first to hit the damn quarterback.

  19. i hear everyone saying that the unitas streak is more impressive because of the way todays nfl favors the offense. and while that is certainly true if it was so easy how come no one else has done it. congrats drew on breaking the record of a legend. great stuff

  20. What is wrong with you people?? The Saints have loss every game this season, yet you folks are clamoring as if they are among the top 5 in the NFL. Goodell has succeeded in decimating this team for this season, you are free to focus your attention elsewhere. Oh yeah, and thank Mr. Goodell for your good fortune. The Saints will return, believe that!!!

  21. ghjjf says:
    Like WE don’t know rules have changed. Same as rules have changed inthe last 40-50 years inbaseball – yet they still count stats on who hits home-runs. Well football rules have changed and Drew didn’t change them, he is playing with the rules he was given yet he still reached the record.

    As for other non-believers he passed the record long ago. This from an article in NFL news this morning.

    Brees has already had the record by himself since the first quarter of Week 1. Do not forget the post season which no one has counted.
    All you have to do is add the six playoff games since 2009 that have come during the streak, which began in Week 6 that year — and Brees was sitting at 49 games before the start of this season. That is the exact same number as Unitas, who had touchdown passes in both the 1958 and 1959 NFL Championship wins in addition to the 47 regular-season games. (Unitas’ count includes other than regular season)
    When Brees threw his first touchdown of the season in Week 1 versus the Washington Redskins, that was his 50th consecutive game with a touchdown pass, setting the record right there.
    If we are supposed to put so much stock into what happens in playoff games, then why does the NFL want us to ignore them when it comes to most consecutive streaks? We have seen Brees throw a touchdown in 53 consecutive games, not 47.

  22. Not to take anything a way from Brees and his game, but I don’t see why they are making such a big deal out of this record. It seems coincedental to me. Like a player having a catch in every game… would that be something to be proud of also?

  23. Impressive record breaking performance by Brees. I cannot believe that this record has stood for so long! Everyone has the opportunity to try and break it, supposedly all these favorable rules might have made it easier, yet only Brees was able to do it. That’s why it’s called a record. And that’s why Brees is elite, doing it without a bunch of highly touted receivers.

  24. Drew Brees deserves some credit for this. Unitas played in an era when defenses could make hits that are not illegal, but those defenses hardly had the complexity of today’s defenses, and on top of that, defenses in Unitas’ era were ill-equipped to handle a “real” passing quarterback, of which Unitas was one of the first. A guy like Brees, who can release the ball within seconds of a snap and with extreme accuracy would have destroyed those defenses. They would have never gotten to Brees in order to tackle him. The ball would have been gone!

    Anyway, what Unitas did in his era was extremely impressive, and what Brees has done in this era is equally as impressive.

    It’s crazy to see the Saints haters out in force saying this isn’t a “big deal”…for crying out loud,the record stood for what, 52 years?? Breaking that record is a big deal.

  25. Brees is money every game. Great job no doubt. First ballot HOFER without question. He won a SB for the Saints. And that is more impressive then the 48 games straight. But I got to say what Unitas did in that era is insane. Mad props to two stud QBS in any era!

  26. The way they are stats happy for every single little detail (He throws better with black shoe laces than white ones etc) it seems like the NFL media reaches for every little thing like this.
    I mean, so what?

  27. Yes, the rules are different today. Yet outside of Drew, today’s QBs haven’t used them to break records as he has.

    Hate all you want, if your QB was doing it, it would be a big deal.

    Wanna bet that San Diego would like him back?

  28. Yes there are 32 lead QB’s in the league but there’s only one that brokes records, but leave it up to the NFL Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers haven’t broke any records but he’s the best QB in the eyes of the NFL and people’s, New Orleans Saints doesn’t not care about how people’s may feel about them. We as Saints fans we love our team win are lose, the Saints still have a run for the playoffs when people’s hate the Saints it makes them play better so you haters keep hating them all the way in the playoffs.

  29. I noticed all day long today, when mentioning Johnny Unitas, everyone just said “Colts” – not the “Baltimore Colts”….that’s just wrong.

  30. Lotsa hate, kids……since it were such a running league, perhaps a pass is a surprise, on defenses using 8 men in the box. If a DE is expecting 70% runs, why pin his ears back? Why wouldn’t a safety in that era be more concerned with run support?

    You can only be successful in your own era, obviously! Drew Brees is great! Congrats!

  31. For all those saying the game has changed and favors the pass…you are right. It definitely has.

    But, no QB has been able to do this in 50 years, which gives credit to Johnny U. You could just as easily say defenses weren’t designed to stop the pass in the 50’s so maybe Johnny was so far ahead of his time that he caught the league off guard.

    Bottom line, congrats to Drew, another amazing long standing record broken and it couldn’t have been done by a better person or a better player.

  32. I love how overhyped this record is. I have heard people say that this is the DiMaggio record of the NFL. I have a firm belief that the closest thing we have to a DiMaggio record will stand in immortality. That being Brett Favres iron man streak. No one will break that. So go ahead and cheer on the aints and their stupid record. They are obviously having a hard time on defense, probably because they don’t have that extra motivation.

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