Cassel has concussion


The official word after Sunday’s loss by the Chiefs to the Ravens was that quarterback Matt Cassel is being evaluated for a head injury.

The evaluation has been completed.  Per a league source, Cassel has a concussion.

And so Cassel’s status will depend on evaluations and opinions from an independent neurologist, who must clear Cassel to practice and play.  Until he’s cleared, he can do neither.

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  1. In the old days it would have been something like this.

    Matt how do you feel, can you tell me what day it is?

    The snozzberries taste like snozzberries

    He’s good send him back in.

  2. Atleast the Chiefs admitted Matt Cassel has a concussion. Mike Shanahan said RG3 has a “mild concussion” after RG3 said he did not know the score or what quarter the Redskins were in. I wonder what information a player does not have to know to have a concussion. Or is how the quarterback is playing the only important thing to a head coach.

  3. No, we’re not happy Matt got hurt. Chiefs fans, let’s not hold it against Matt personally that he isn’t a great QB. We’re angry, but Cassel simply isn’t capable of great play so take it easy on him.

    Thank you for your hard work Matt, no matter the outcome.

    As for the team, it’s time to focus on getting a real franchise QB

  4. I may be completely wrong about this, but don’t you have to actually get hit in the head to get a concussion? From the video I saw he took a pretty weak hit and it wasn’t to the head. If the fans at the stadium were cheering that he was hurt then that is wrong, but it shouldn’t have even got to that point. Cassel has had more of a chance to prove himself than anybody in the league and he has failed.

  5. Matt should have been pulled before he got hurt. Quinn may not be the answer either but its time to end the Cassel experiment. 3-4 turnovers in every game is unacceptable to anyone except Pioli. Put the pickle back in the jar!

  6. I have never seen a more disgusting fan reaction than the KC fans today. Cheering the QB got injured. If you’re a fan you support the team when they’re winning, losing, or rebuilding. If that’s a problem stay home, you aren’t needed in that stadium. Those players are not out there to make YOUR lives happy. They don’t want to lose, trust me. Totally pathetic.

  7. this is not steve bono or elvis grbac. matt cassel is a good man and a good guy. but …. he’s just not a good starting quality qb in the nfl …. he’s a decent backup at best.

    it’s time to move on, pioli and cassel have to go, it’s that simple. everyone laments brady quinn as backup, but … he can’t be any worse than cassel. cassel takes wayyyy too long to drop back, set up, and make a decision. love his heart, his dedication, good guy, but not a qb who will take you to the playoffs.

  8. No one cheered for Cassel getting hurt, or for Brady Quinn, they cheered for change. Pioli won’t allow Crennel to coach just as he didn’t allow Haley. The difference is Crennel won’t ruffle Pioli’s feathers verbally. Crennel will just overuse their RB to show Pioli.

  9. I am a season ticket holder and was at the game. Lets get this clear, we did not and do not want Matt to be hurt in anyway. People only cheered out of frustration , because of his play , knew this would be the only way Pioli was going to allow Romeo to take him out of the game. We need a change and not only at QB. If you listen you will also hear the crowd applaud Matt as he stood up on his own power and walked off the field. Matt is a great guy, I have talked to him personally on a couple occasions, but his play has be, well, crappy to say the least. Pioli has a coach in place that will do what he wants with out question. He got rid of Haley cause he wouldn”t comply to his demands. We need a GM that will hire a good coach and let him coach. We need a GM that will go out and trade for draft or make appear out of thin air a franchise QB. Matt I am sorry to say is not it

  10. The media acts like KC fans are all crazy now because we want a new QB. Crazy about a league that has “fantasy” teams, an entire 24 hour network, 100 million dollar players, Billion dollar stadiums, $150 tickets, $30 parking, $10 beers, $100 jerseys, mock drafts for 3 months, and so on.

    Sorry, you made us crazy!

    And for the players, we “crazy people” fund your salary. If it’s too hard I know some minimum wage jobs some people would beg to have, get in line and try to live in the fantasy world we’re forced to endure because you made us want to be so much like you. You get off of drug convictions like we get out of speeding tickets, you buy $100k cars, we’re lucky to buy $100k homes, you play a game for millions a year, we work lifetimes just to earn 1 million, you work 30 weeks out of the year, we get 2 weeks vacation if we work 54 weeks a year. You’re welcome, don’t talk down to us, sign the football and get back to your cushy lifestyle.

    Winston, I’ve been a KC fan for 25 years. I smiled when Cassel went down, only because Pioli’s hand was now forced, it was Karma calling Scott Pioli because the rest of us have been trying to tell him that for 5 weeks, some for 4 years. Get over yourself and your supposed embarassment. Like you give 2 sh!ts about KC or their fans. You were paid, you liked the amount offered and you signed the dotted line. If you could’ve made more you would’ve went elsewhere, if you were more valuable Houston would’ve kept you. Save your speeches an opinions for your o-line, or your team. The one that’s 1-4…

  11. The bigger problem rammer is that no decent GM nor Head Coach is willing to come to KC. The Chiefs have been under abysmal ownership aka The Hunt’s who’ve done absolutely NOTHING in 43 seasons except line their pockets.

    Seriously, some teams win more playoff games in ONE YEAR than the Chiefs have won in FIVE SEPARATE DECADES. True.

  12. Congrats KC farmer trash fans, you have just matched the Philly Eagles fans for being a piece of garbage. The same idiots that cheered when Micheal Irvin had a neck injury that left him motionless on the field. The fans that scream nasty crap all game at their own team when they lose. I guess all the high prices for food that we pay for your crops isn’t enough. Time to nationalize all the Cargills and their Greek Mafia so they can stop ripping off the rest of America’s taxpayers subsidizing all your farmers not to grow crops or sell all the corn to ethonel gas plants. Stalin was right,”collective farms or starve all the farmers. “

  13. Well, seems as though some (in the legion of the NFL fan base) have sunken to a new low. I used to think that the fans in Philidelphia were bad….I mean really, who throws snow balls at Santa.
    I heard today that some of the fans in Good Ole Kansas City actually cheered when their QB was injured during the game.
    You have got to be kidding me! This is absolutely unaccecptable behavior behavior on t…he part of some of you KC fans. I know it isnt all, but those of you who did cheer when this man was injured ought to be asshamed.
    Yeah the franchise looks pretty rough right now, but does that mean you cheer when someone’s health & well being are in question?
    To those who saw it fit to cheer when this man was hurt…..I say GROW UP! First how would you feel were it a family member or friend down there? Second, there are FARRRRRR more important things in life than a football team. If you dont like how your season is going thus far quit watching.
    I will now step off the soap box. Thank YouSee More

  14. I dont wish any ill will on Matt. I do however hope we put him on IR.

    Last year we put an OL on IR for blisters.

    Hopefully we just deactivate Cassel. Its in his head at this point. He had guys open against Balt but forced it to Bowe no matter what.

    Cassel has barely been pressure the last 3 weeks yet has managed to be the worst QB in the NFL. Its time for him to move on from KC.

  15. I was there, it did not happen that way. Fans cheered as he got to his feet, we cheered louder when we realized Brady was coming in. Damn Media, Damn Winston… Eric grow the hell up, whole team is a bunch of crybabies, starts at the top. And the next time we are down by boatload of points, and we score and then do an end zone celebration I’m going to go crazy! This team has major issues but the FANS ARE NOT ONE OF THEM!!!! Hell we took the easy way out by promoting RAC from within = LAZY and cheep, who really thought that was the winning recipe? Got ride of Carr but had money to keep him = Stupid and cheep. TBowe is gone next year 100%. Owner lives out of state = out of touch. But the fans keep strong, keep cheering, if you want to call the fans something it should be dedicated, spirited and you know we love the game.

  16. Remind me again how many $$ the Chiefs are under the cap…..$26M??? And, this is the QB situation?? Joke!

  17. Brady Quinn is the only hope the Chiefs have…….wow, feel free to read that again and laugh or cry.

  18. Chiefs fans need to stop going to games or the ownership will pay to just win enough games (or create enough PR hype) to keep this going.

    C’mon – it’s been 19 (now 20) years without a playoff win.

    This must be what a battered wife feels like – knows they need to leave the jerk, but just can’t.

  19. How many times can J. Charles run 30 times a game before an injury happens….they’re going to ruin his career!!!

  20. Time to get the grocery sacks ready…..just be sure to choose paper over plastic….it’s safer when you put it on your head at the games.

  21. sullijo1 says:Oct 8, 2012 11:32 AM

    How many times can J. Charles run 30 times a game before an injury happens….they’re going to ruin his career!!!

    @ sullij01

    I agree with you but the big picture here is that this organization is ruining all of our boys careers, wasting there amazing talent. Imagine Jamaal Charles with one of the more elite teams in the NFL… or DBowe receiving Brady’s rockets, we have some good talent but were being coached and managed out of contention.

  22. Why does everyone always say the fans are cheering because he got hurt? Just maybe they’re cheering because he’s out of the game and has nothing to do with being hurt and everything to do with not leading the team nowhere. Next time your teams in the playoffs against T Brady and he gets knocked out with an injury, see if your not glad about it. That’s sick too right?

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