Chiefs fans expressing their anger with organization

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Arrowhead Stadium used to be known as one of the hardest places to hear in the league. Now, you’ll probably be able to hear the engines of the plane dragging an anti-Chiefs banner around today’s game against the Ravens.

According to Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, the banner which will read “WE DESERVE BETTER! FIRE PIOLI — BENCH CASSEL” will be flown over the parking lot, expressing the fanbase’s dissatisfaction with general manager Scott Pioli and quarterback Matt Cassel.

The money to have the banner printed and flown was raised in less than an hour.

There’s some passion behind that message,” said Corey Leuwerki, a pilot for company who made the message. “Because money is not normally raised this quick.”

It’s not just that the Chiefs are 1-3, with the lone win over a Saints team that has more problems at the moment than they do.

It’s the apparent lack of direction, and the lack of hope based on recent results.

The Chiefs have lost nine of their last 12 home games, four of them by at least 21 points.

Since the win came in overtime, they haven’t led for a second of game time this year, trailing in 204 of a possible 249 minutes.

That has a city that’s known its share of failure (the Royals play next door) as unhappy as ever. And the message will fly over the stadium today.

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  1. As a Pats fan I remember hearing how Belichick the GM would fail since Pioli was the brains behind the draft/Pats.

    Since Pioli went to KC in no order: Gronk, Hernandez,Mayo,Spikes , Hightower, Solder,McCourty,Ridley amoungst others. Yes there have been several misses and signings but ask any Chiefs fan how is Pioli’s drafts/signings worked out for so far?

  2. As much as the Chiefs fans might suddenly want a change from Pioli when have they ever been good? It’s a disfunctional organization that has few shining moments in its history. He’s been there what, three years and they already want to cast him aside.

    Maybe you’ll get what you want Chiefs fans and you will continue to be a dysfunctional organization that never wins. Hmm… maybe that isn’t so bad because at least it means there is at least one AFC team that will never be in contention and therefore it improves the chances of the team I cheer for!

  3. finding a good GM isnt easy, ask any Lions fan.
    the draft isnt easy either, draft the best player available.
    wtf happened to drafting need?
    who cares if you “reach” or “over pay” a player?
    if you need him does it really matter where you draft him?

  4. Can you really blame any serious Chiefs fan???? You have an owner who never wants to spend the money. Right now they are still over 26.5 million under the cap. They never seem to draft well. In free agency they always take the cheap way out. Let me give you two examples. Instead of going after Michael Busch or Mike Tolbert they sign an often injured Peyton Hillis. Mistake #1. Instead of resigning Branden Carr they let him go and sign often flagged Stanford Routt. Mistake #2. Mistake #3 they let Kyle Orton go and sign well traveled Brady Quinn. Do you kinda see a trend here??? They don’t want to do what it really takes to truly build a championship caliber team. It all starts from the very top. It will never change.

  5. @zombiepatriot

    The Patriots got lucky with a 6th round QB. Before that, they weren’t any more successful than the Chiefs.

    Anyway, Pioli, Cassel, and Romeo need to go. Herm’s teams were bad, but they didn’t have any talent. This team has talent, but they don’t know how to win.

    Pioli has whiffed on a franchise QB and two head coaches. He doesn’t deserve to choose the next QB and coach.

  6. As a Bears fan I can understand what your going through…. Our GM was terrible over the past 12 years, but have faith. Maybe the ownership will feel the pain and get off the pot and do something. We as Bear fans now have a lot of faith in our new GM.. It makes a hell of difference.

  7. “a city that’s known its share of failure (the Royals play next door)”

    Don’t forget the excellence of the Scouts and the Kings in their day.

  8. Chuckxx
    i feel your pain, every Lions fan feels your pain.
    We were all screaming for Mr. Fords head.
    We are moving in at least a direction, just not sure what direction at least its not 0-16.
    Hang in there.

  9. @yelix

    The drafting of Brady did help with the Patriots current success but having some consistency year-to-year has also helped. I would actually argue there was at least a couple of bright spots before Brady arrived (they may have lost but at least they had Super Bowl runs).

    Either way Kansas City is one of those teams where fans believe they are a good team but the winning history just isn’t there. It is an organization with impatient fans who believe the team is better than what it actually is. The last time the Chiefs were an arguably good team was when Schottenheimer was coaching. Prior to that it was an organization marked by impatience and coaching changes and same with after he departed.

    Come to think of it Kansas City has not won anything of significance since 1969.

    Still, as we know constant change is a recipe for success in the NFL so get rid of Pioli, Crennel and Cassel and start from scratch again for the 5th… 6th… 7th… time in the past 14 years and then two, three years into the next regime you can start calling for everyone to be fired again and restart the whole exercise of building a team.

    Basically, Kansas City has a losing culture especially if the best person is always going to be the next man up.

    Now I wait for the ‘thumbs down’ counter to skyrocket as those who believe in constant change continue to live with their romanticized past from 50 years ago and clamour for the next regime to turn things around (aka Chiefs fans).

  10. So QB is the most important position in today’s NFL, and the Executive of the Decade Scott Pioli goes into the last 2 seasons with the following cast of misfits lined up at the position… Matt Cassel…Tyler Palko….Brady Quinn….Ricky Stanzi.

    Scott Pioli is a total fraud. The worst GM in the NFL.

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