Chiefs setting football back a few decades, tied at half


If Jamaal Charles can still stand, he has a chance to do something special in the second half.

The Chiefs running back has 125 rushing yards in the first half, as his team has committed to old school football. It’s the first time the Ravens have allowed a 100-yard rusher in the first half since James Allen of the Bears did it in 1998.

Matt Cassel has thrown just seven passes (one was a spike) against 34 runs (20 for Charles), in a 3-3 tie with the Ravens.

The Chiefs finished the half in about the Chiefs-iest way possible.

After pounding the ball to the Ravens’ 7-yard line, they, were called for offsides, and lost yardage on the next two runs, before Ryan Succop pushed one through from 30 yards. Missing it would have been perfect.

They closed the half by punting on fourth down rather than trying a long field goal, which was made longer when they took a delay penalty following the spike.

Charles’ heroics aside, the score stands as it is because the Chiefs have turned it over twice, bringing their league-high total to 17 this season.

7 responses to “Chiefs setting football back a few decades, tied at half

  1. As a raven fan, they look flat. Cant understand why they always play at least one bad half on the road

  2. The Chiefs are the worst franchise in the NFL. They have the worst GM in the NFL, the worst head coach, the worst starting QB, and the worst backup QB. Other than that, they’re pretty good, except for the fact that their defense stinks. All their good players–and there aren’t many–are draft picks from their previous GM.

  3. I have no problem with playing “old school” football, particularly against a defense that has the reputation (if not numbers this year) of Baltimore’s. Heaven knows trying the usual balance or pass-first method of offense hasn’t worked for KC.

    The question boils down to whether they’re trying to win, trying to not lose, or trying to not lose as badly so as to protect the jobs of Scott “I had a big reputation in New England” Pioli, Romeo “I had a big reputation in New England” Crennel, and/or Matt “I had one big year in New England” Cassel.

  4. Dwayne Bowe is horrible, and is a perfect example of stats being overrated. The guy can’t catch. Hell, none of the Chiefs WRs can catch. Steve Breaston is the best option and he doesn’t even play.

    At least 5 of Cassell’s picks this year are because the WRs can’t catch.

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