Hernandez, Gronk were wise to do new deals


In the offseason, the Patriots plunked down plenty of money to lock up their twin tight ends to long-term deals.  So far, it’s looking like Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski made wise decisions.

Sure, they didn’t get market value.  But they were each at least two years away from making it to the market.  The more likely reality is that one guy would have signed a long-term deal on the brink of free agency and the other would have been slapped with the franchise tag.

Still, to cash in even bigger, each player would have been required to make it through the next two seasons both healthy and effective, while working for far less than they’re now making.  With Hernandez poised to miss his third straight game with an ankle injury (Sal Paolantonio of ESPN reports that Hernandez isn’t likely to play) and with Gronkowski struggling with hip and back pain only three years after a back injury wiped out his final season of college football and caused him to drop out of round one, the decision to squeeze the bird in the hand is looking better and better.

Though the Pats still have plenty of other weapons, they need to get the most out of Hernandez and Gronkowski if they hope to get back to the Super Bowl — and to win it for the first time since 2004.  Regardless of whether that happens, Hernandez and Gronkowski should take some solace in their current health predicaments that they made the right decision to take the money and run.  Even if the run for now entails a limp.

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  1. So now it’s hip AND back pain? What exactly is the problem in those areas? I know he had back surgery, but why?

  2. All players get hurt at some point…Hernandez with a high ankle sprain is not something that is gonna affect his career at all and Gronk is supposedly dealing with hip, not back, pain which could just be from taking a couple big hits…I think it’s stupid to insinuate that their injury situations now would in anyway have affected their contract negotiations, especially since Gronk has gone two years playing 90%+ of the offensive snaps without any back pain and Hernandez with a freak injury when Edelman happened to fall on the back of his ankle

  3. I think these two deals were rare win-win for both sides. Even if the Pats don’t end up with both of them as effective players through their contracts, it’s still better than their wasting money on Haynesworth and Ocho.

  4. The Pats benefitted big time by signing these guys now and not allowing Jimmy Graham to set the market for TE’s after this season. Graham will almost certainly be franchised but should he it the open market, he’d be worth $10+ million a year. And that would obviously effect Gronkowski and Hernandez in two years when they would’ve become FA’s.
    In the end, with his remaining two years and the 5 year extension, N.E. gets Hernandez (who’s still only 22) for an average of $5.8M over the next 7 seasons. Great deal for a talent like that.

  5. @kate773 – word was he ruptered a disc squating weight in the gym.

    Maybe this is why he does commercials and is on cereal boxes. Taking the bird in hand while he can. Hopefully he has a long career though.

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