Illinois man killed in Jacksonville the night before Bears-Jaguars game

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An Illinois man, quite possibly a Bears fan who traveled to Jacksonville to see the Bears play the Jaguars, was killed early Sunday as a result of a stabbing at a local restaurant within a block of the Bears’ team hotel.

William Pettry, 42, died after being attacked at an Irish Pub at the popular Jacksonville Landing.

Per NBC 5 in Chicago, Bears fans “flocked” to Jacksonville for the game, with fans crowing into the team hotel on Saturday night.

According to First Coast News, a suspect has been arrested in the slaying.

25 responses to “Illinois man killed in Jacksonville the night before Bears-Jaguars game

  1. joetoronto
    Oct 7, 2012, 7:42 PM EDT
    No class at all, I’m not surprised.

    I grew up in Chicago and also spent 7 years in Jacksonville, I can say I know both cities. You sometimes have some funny comments but mostly you are just a jackass who hates on the Jags and the city. This is not a bad area of Jacksonville, so with that said keep your ignorance to yourself.

  2. Im sorry for this guy an his people. Thats real bad an the FOOL that did this should be put to death… Your going to kill a man over a game?

  3. Let me start by saying this is obviously a tragic unfortunate incident. Although I must say, if this happened in any other NFL city besides Jax, it would not be a story. This happened a mile away from EverBank Field the night before a game. So obviously the one person (he knows who he is) on here that hates Jacksonville alot, and bad Jax news is definitely in his interest. So is the team gonna leave Jax now because of this incident? I can’t wait to see that follow up story….

  4. I feel awful for his family. What are the odds of leaving Chicago and having this happen. Chicago is crushing the murder rates. Mexico is safer. Chitown is the real wild west. Jacksonville is a much safer place.

  5. Most importantly, my heart goes out to the victim’s family & friends. Regardless of what team you support, this is the last thing you expect. I’m a Raider fan from Canada as well, and this piece of work called “joetoronto” should shut his trap. I’ve read enough comments from this idiot to believe he lives in his parents in suburban Toronto who doesn’t have a life. I would invite him to the black hole, which I attend twice a year…he would probably piss himself.

  6. i doubt this is sports related. Jags fans barely show up for the games, do you think they would actually kill for them?

  7. “Police say Pettry was in Jacksonville to attend the Jaguars football game against the Chicago Bears.”
    -per nbc/abc first coast news

    Bummer. Chair for both of the suspects!

  8. Pretty much everyone who is murdered is a fan of some sports team or other. But it usually doesn’t have anything to do with why they were murdered.

    That said, where was joetoronto when we wanted him in a Jax restaurant on Saturday night?

  9. I was at the game, and although the jax fans are somewhat delusional about the talent of their team, all of the jags fans I was near were good sports.

  10. Heard some more of the story today….Homicide detective said “Our suspect … showed up, his wife was there with another friend, and for some reason, (Hinson-suspect) became jealous, enraged, whatever you want to call it and approached our victim, and according to one of the eyewitnesses calmly and basically cold-blooded just cut the victim’s throat and calmly walked out of the restaurant,”

    Likely this is not related to him being a bears fan, or if it is he was just the target of a crazy man who was looking to hurt someone. Sad world we live in. This guy will rot in jail while the victim’s family suffers even longer.

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