Irsay delivering game ball to Pagano

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With the Colts securing the first big win of the post-Peyton era, owner Jim Irsay has a special delivery to make.

Per multiple reports, Irsay is taking the game ball to coach Chuck Pagano in his hospital room.

It’s a fitting ending to a memorable day in Indianapolis.  Digging out of a 21-3 hole against a team that went 15-1 in 2011, the Colts pulled out a 30-27 win, moving Indy to 2-2 and giving them the kind of boost that could carry them much farther in 2012 than anyone ever imagined.

11 responses to “Irsay delivering game ball to Pagano

  1. Not even a Colt fan – my team is the Steelers.

    But this is pretty damned cool. Coach Pagano is a fierce competitor, and to see Luck, Wayne, Arians and the troops keep fighting against a very very strong Green Bay team is awesome.

    Irsay is an enthusiastic owner and speaking for myself only, this guy is alright by me.

    Luck was LIGHTS OUT down the stretch — completely filthy.

    And Wayne showed why he’ll have his bust immortalized in Canton.

    A lot of other Colts on both sides of the ball stepped up too — plus the staff. It was nice to see that Indy could punch out a HUGE win against an elite team for Coach Pagano.

  2. I wonder where this puts the Colts in the power ranks. They’ve defeated Green Bay, who isn’t as good as they were last year, but also beat Minnesota, who’s a lot better than everyone thought would be. And then they lost to Jacksonville, one of the league’s worst teams.

  3. Not a Colts fan, but this is great! Loved Luck running up to and pounding on the Chuck Strong sign after the touchdown! Loved the heart from these players!

  4. Don’t get too excited, Colts fans. The Packers are not even close to being an elite team this year. They’ll be lucky to be 8 – 8 this year. But, congrats to Indy. They kicked butt in the second half

  5. steelernationfartsinyourfaceandwinschampionships says:Oct 7, 2012 7:09 PM

    What a loser organization
    Spoken by a loser human being. What day do you need to be at the end of the driveway for pick-up?

  6. Irsay was hammered when he made that speech.

    Too bad Pagano won’t last as the Colts head coach because his team is terrible not because of a horrible disease. Here is to a speedy recovery Pagano, but Leaf, I mean Luck is terrible.

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