Jets says report of unsold tickets isn’t accurate

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On Sunday morning, NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi suggested at the tail end of First on the Field that the Jets were more than 12,000 tails short as of Friday when it comes to selling tickets to Monday night’s game against the Texans.

A Jets spokesman tells PFT that the report isn’t accurate.  The Jets don’t, and won’t, comment on specific ticket figures, but the Jets say that all home games will be televised.

Of course, all games will be televised if the Jets and/or their sponsors buy all unsold tickets at 34 cents on the dollar.

It’s still unclear whether and to what extent the Jets are having trouble selling tickets.  But if there’s any issue with putting butts in seats, it could be time to send Mark Sanchez’s butt on the long metal seat that is kept on the sidelines.

19 responses to “Jets says report of unsold tickets isn’t accurate

  1. As is the report that Timmy starting would cause 12,000 additional tickets to sell, unless he plans to buy them himself. Tebow’s only popular in the media, not in the real world!

  2. Stub hub has tickets as cheap as $17. That pretty pathetic for a MNF game. You can’t find a Texans home game ticket for less than 3x that…

  3. It’s hilarious that the fans in NY never saw this train wreck coming, too distracted by Rex’s bluster and babble and now the y wake up to the fact that they have no starting caliber QB, an old team that cannot run or stop the run, and one talented receiver with no heart.

  4. The stadium vendors are all for benching Sanchez, provided he can hold a hot dog and a clipboard at the same time.

  5. You could be right about Texas Rabii.

    New York is a much cheaper place to live.

    (Probably cost more to park a car in midtown than many pay for rent in Texas).

  6. Wow.. .they only have 20+ million people in the area. Why cant they sell out? Somebody tell me again why NY has 3 teams when they can’t support them?

    They should just move them to LA… za-zing!
    (thumbs up, Chargers, Jags, Bucs fans).

  7. I don’t think tebow will sell seats in NY like he did in Denver. He’s really not popular among the Jets fan base. Most of them don’t even want him on the team.

  8. Tebow will not sell seats. If anything, he’s part of the reason Jets fans have turned against this organization. I’m a long time Jets fan and know a lot of other fans. I would say that 90% + of Jets fans want no part of Tebow.

  9. What fools. Saying most jets fans don’t want Tebow or that he’s only popular in the media. The fact that his jersey sold out in hours in NY, might say otherwise. You’re right people won’t but tickets to watch him stand on the sidelines while the jets lose, but they will sell out to watch him play and the jets win.

  10. @ rabbi187

    I just checked Stub hub. The cheapest ticket for the NYJ v Texans game is $29. Still $29 for an NFL ticket in NYC!!!!! Holy Smokes!!! You can barely eat dinner for that in NYC!!

    In comparison, for the Texans v Ravens game, the cheapest ticket on Stub hub is selling for $169. That’s almost 6x more.


  11. what does this franchise expect? I didn’t go to the game tonight with free tickets offered to me. Granted I now live a hour and a half away and the Yankees are more important to me than the Jets, but they put a terrible product on the field, so they get a terrible turn out in the stadium. Mike Tannenbaum has to go. And, Rex has to go after next season. He gets a pass this year because of the lack of talent on the field, but if he has the same results next year, take a hike Rex

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