League looking into Bills’ failure to disclose Williams injury


Bills defensive end Mario Williams repeatedly has pointed to a wrist injury when addressing the lackluster start to his tenure in Buffalo.  But the Bills haven’t disclosed Williams on the injury report, and now the NFL is getting involved.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league is investigating whether the Bills violated the injury policy by failing to disclose Williams’ injury, which he has said occurred in the preseason.

The Bills, per Schefter, defend the failure to add Williams to the list by pointing out that he hasn’t missed a practice rep or a game.  But, per Schefter, here’s what the league’s policy provides:  “All players with significant or noteworthy injuries must be listed on the report, even if the player takes all the reps in practice, and even if the team is certain that he will play in the upcoming game. This is especially true of key players and those players whose injuries have been covered extensively by the media. . . .  This policy is of paramount importance in maintaining the integrity of the NFL.”

Frankly, the Bills shouldn’t need to see the language of the injury policy in order to realize that Williams should have been disclosed on the injury report.  Teams routinely disclose injuries to players, even when they fully participate in practice.  Also, because the “probable” designation technically means that the player is virtually certain to be available to play, the slightest ding should land a player on the list.

If/when the league office fines the Bills, look for them to respond by putting 53 guys on the report with whatever random minor ailment they may have.

Either way, they can thank their $100 million free agent for their current 345 Park Avenue pot of hot water.

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  1. does it matter? “Super” Mario has been anything BUT super this year. he got his money… that’s all he wanted.
    it’s ALL about the money in this league.

  2. I frankly, dont understand why injuries have to be revealed..it seems like it is only for gambling and I thought the league “frowned upon” gambling ?? why should you help another team devise their gameplan due to injuries..if a person loses money because he gambles on a team and it is revealed later the team had many injuries?? screw the gambler

  3. If teams had to report every small cut and scrape, every single player in the NFL would be listed.

  4. it is for player safety and probably used to protect the nfl from law suites similar to the cuncussion rule…. im sure its an excuse but WE dont know. everybody complains in life and about our work.. iust becaus they do it for our entertainment doesnt excempt them of any kind of harm or ailments they have, maybe its getting pushed under the rug like a certain team did about staph infections in the locker room

  5. Shouldn’t the NFL start with the master of denial and deception on the injury report up in New England? Bellichick has been a fraud for years. Why wasn’t your followup question to whomever you source was in this instance “What about Brady’s shoulder injury last year, is that being investigated too?”

  6. I’m just gonna say this…The Bills were absolutely stupid for giving Mario Williams this ridiculous contract because he’s really not that good…We saw the Texans defense lose him for the season last year and they didn’t miss a beat, in fact I think they may have gotten better after he went down…He’s not a difference maker anymore and if you want to be successful in the NFL you can’t just throw money around like the Bills did with this guy

  7. His stats have been going down the last few years and that’s why Houston got rid of him. He didn’t want Buffalo that’s why he waited for days after he first got there to sign a deal cause he was waiting for other teams to step up and want to offer him a contract but to his surprise Buffalo was the only team that wanted him. He is an over rated player and now we are seeing how he can’t carry a defense like a stud like JPP can. And I’m not a giants fan but he got skills.now buffalo has to have a guy eat up 50 million on there salary cap the next few years and by the time there done paying him he will be all washed up. So Congrates to super Mario for getting a dumb team to pay him a rediculous amount of money to record one sack through 4 games.

  8. There’s a pretty good chance the Bills didn’t report an injury because there isn’t one. Seems like this wrist injury popped up when critics pointed out Williams’ horrible performance in the pre-season. Which, by the way…Williams at first blamed it on being held on every play. Then he plays the “I was injured” card.
    The Bills desperation got the best of them when they signed Williams to the $100 million contract. This guy is MAYBE worth half of that.

  9. Then the whole Bills team belongs on the list.

    Because all of their egos were severely injured after the Patriots scored a touchdown on six succesive 2nd half possesions.

    By the way, I don’t recall Williams name mentioned for anything during the entire game. Seemed like he wasn’t even on the field.

  10. We Texans fans tried to warn you Bills fans not to get overly excited about getting Mario Williams, especially at that price. We told you he only plays hard when he feels like it, not all the time like JJ Watt, for example. We told you he has a pretty extensive injury history, and here he is again, with a sore wrist this time. Whether the injury is legitimate or not, who knows.
    We tried to warn you, and all you could say was that we Texans fans were jealous that the Bills had him now and that we couldn’t afford him. So wrong, you were, on all fronts. Now you’re stuck with him, and your football fortunes haven’t improved, have they? It’s still early, but you’re going to be sorry your front office ever picked Williams up.

  11. After week 1, everyone is injured to some extent.

    Didn’t big Ben come out and say he was playing with a shoulder injury that was never reported not that long ago?

  12. Because all of their egos were severely injured after the Patriots scored a touchdown on six succesive 2nd half possesions.

    you sir are correct… You should know because it is on par with the bruised ego the Pats feel when ever they hear about the NY Giants.. Ironic that the Pats cant win a SUper Bowl without spygate.. (cue the “Bills cant win a super bowl period comment).
    we all know that Goodell and Kraft are buddies and the Pats get 100% of all favoritism- we get it… Its a miracle they didnt hand them the Lombardi when Krafts wife died…..

    oh and while they have won 3 SUper Bowls, they have also lost as many as Buffalo, Denver and Minnesota….

    Must suck being a fan of a city who is such a wanna be NYC…

  13. Kind of sad, I used to really like Williams, but this move kind of reminds me of when Adalius Thomas was a stud in Baltimore, but did nothing in New England. Its only been a few games, but if he continues to have lackluster games than I can see him following the same path.

    I don’t thing Houston saw this coming, they knew Williams,still had talent, but he really didn’t fit the 4-3 scheme they changed to. And they had young talent that looked just as good, if not better, but they cost a lot less to keep around.

  14. I personally don’t care that the Bills seem to have lost on this deal. I’m glad they did something to try and make the team better. It’s still early in the season, so I’m not ready to consider Mario a complete bust.

    I hope he starts to live up to his expectations, but I don’t mind the fact that the Bills took a chance.

  15. Nothing to see here, only the Patriots cover up injuries every week. All other teams report every injury with complete candor. Spygate.

  16. patriots123456 says:
    Oct 7, 2012 12:04 PM
    Then the whole Bills team belongs on the list.

    Because all of their egos were severely injured after the Patriots scored a touchdown on six succesive 2nd half possesions.

    You would think that a person who’s team was caught CHEATING red handed, wouldn’t be talking crap.

    *>next to every accomplishment since and before spygate.

    Talk is cheap pal, but cheating is the worse thing you can do in professional sports.

    By the way, either learn how to spell or use your spell check.

  17. They should look into rescinding his contract until he plays up to value that made him the most prized free agent this past offseason

  18. The nightmare never ends in Buffalo…as a fan, I’m not asking for much, I just want to get back to the playoffs. 1999 might as well have been 1959.

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