Mike Shanahan says RGIII has a “mild” concussion

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The Redskins have confirmed that quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered a concussion in today’s loss to the Falcons.

Specifically, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said Griffin suffered a “mild” concussion. The term “mild” concussion may be more descriptive than “shaken up,” which was how the Redskins initially described Griffin, but with the NFL’s emphasis on protecting players from head injuries, it’s probably better for coaches not to refer to any concussions as “mild.”

The hit that caused Griffin’s concussion was totally avoidable. He rolled out on a third-and-goal, had nowhere to run and instead of stepping out of bounds, sliding or throwing the ball away, he attempted to pick up a couple yards and got popped by Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who hit Griffin hard but hit him cleanly. It’s on Griffin to learn how to avoid hits like that.

But Griffin didn’t avoid that hit, backup Kirk Cousins threw two late interceptions, and the Falcons beat the Redskins while Griffin watched the end of the game from the locker room.

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  1. MDS your job is to report the story. Not to give your opinion on how griffin “learn how to avoid hits like that”. Leave your opinions out of it dude

  2. Painful loss, but I see a team that’s growing & improving, defense played better today…..as the season wears on, the Redskins will get stronger

  3. This is the problem… If in fact it was a concussion, that means it is a mild traumatic brain injury. Even the smallest concussion can have debilitating consequences depending on the individual.

  4. RG3 is a very good player but if he continues to get hit like that his career will be short. Hail!

  5. Mike Shanahan said RG3 has a mild concussion.

    When asked for comment, RG3 just sat there and drooled while singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

  6. Listen brother RGIII is going to have scramble eggs every sunday if he keeps this up. Kirk Cousins is awful too brother. Do I sound like that idiot that post here?

  7. When will the NFL stop lying through the media. There is no such thing as a mild concussion nor concussion like symptons. How many more athletes need brain problems during their retirement before the NFL takes this issue serious? Does the NFL have to lose billions of dollars before they change their policy? This is ridiculous.

  8. So he has a mild concussion and can’t resume play – makes sense…why was he watching from the locker room versus on the sidelines supporting his team?

  9. RG3 avoids that hit and the Skins probably win that game… very unfortunate… and they HAVE to get rid of Cundiff… that guy is just horrible

  10. @truth asassin
    rgIII did very little before he got hurt. The TD came from the defense so to say they win the game with him is a stretch

  11. but for real!!!! All of the Redskins haters that said RG3 would be a bust are glad to see this man get hurt! Most of them are Cowboy fans in disguise…..Didnt they get Manhandled last Monday? Anyway The Redskins played this game better than most of you thought they would,Even though they lost they put up a valiant effort! Hate all you want on RG3 & co. But they will be just fine!!!!

  12. This was expected. This RGIII thinks he can carry the entire team. Well guess what? I know he’s a NFL rookie but not a football rookie. You have to know how to not get splattered. This is another Michael ConVick. He will be crippled and on IR soon.

  13. Wow u have a lot of hatred and possible racism in your heart. How r u going o say this young man is a convict. He is a brave talented young man who just took a hit he probably should not ave taken. That’s it.

  14. jmsincla says: Oct 7, 2012 4:59 PM

    Notice how ruthless people are with ‘athletic’ QBs? Makes me wonder if there are other, underlying, motives.

    How many “athletic” QB’s have led their teams to championships?

  15. huskersrock1 says: Oct 7, 2012 4:57 PM

    First the Rams play dirty, then the Falcons play dirty. Maybe just maybe RGIII is soft. 3 first round draft choices for this guy.
    To say the Rams played a dirty game is an undeniable fact. To say the Falcons played a dirty game is just stupid, and is not a point or idea anybody has made or is trying to make.

    Hitting a quarterback, especially a scrambling quarterback, is not dirty, but a concussion takes a player out of the game no matter how tough they are, it’s a matter of safety. Griffin has taken some man-sized hits this season, gotten right back to his feet and played through it all. To say Griffin is “soft” because he happened to get hurt is a ridiculous argument. Quarterbacks get hit, quarterbacks get hurt, they’re human beings after all, no matter how tough they are. If you could draft a literally invulnerable quarterback, it would be worth a heck of a lot more than three first round picks.

    Hits like that are a lesson, after today the Third probably won’t be trying to blow through two converging linebackers again anytime soon.

  16. jmsincla says: Oct 7, 2012 4:59 PM

    Notice how ruthless people are with ‘athletic’ QBs? Makes me wonder if there are other, underlying, motives.
    As an ‘athletic’ man myself, I feel like I have the right to label this the dumbest comment of the week.

    Yes, defenses are “oh, so ruthless” to ‘athletic’ quarterbacks scrambling past the line of scrimmage. Almost as ruthless as they are with running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and any other offensive player carrying the football downfield.

    On top of that, yes, I’m totally sure Sean Witherspoon and John Abraham, both ‘athletic’ themselves, are actually part of some secret underground conspiracy to keep ‘athletic’ men from playing the quarterback position professionally.

    Seriously though, hitting the other teams quarterback improves your teams chances of winning: so if defensive players have a chance to lay a big hit on a quarterback as he’s running down the field, they are going to hit him as hard as they can, every time. There is a correlation between ‘athletic’ quarterbacks and big hits, but that’s simply because athletic (without the quotation marks) quarterbacks are more likely to take off and run down the field, and are subsequently more likely to take big hits than pocket passers, but when Brady, Manning, Ryan, and Stafford take off, defenders aren’t going to hit them any less hard than they’d hit Vick, Newton, or Griffin.

  17. I noticed several roughing the passer penalty’s called and the league seems to be serious in preventing traumatic brain injury’s, which are cumulative over one’s lifetime. A franchise QB like Griffin gets sat down for “evaluation” with almost any wooziness, and to emphasize sliding and running out of bounds to avoid the hits. Athletic QB’s that have had success running early and often seem to be reluctant to learn hit avoidance technique’s, but watching their team lose from the locker room should speed the learning curve.

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