Ravens hang on for ugly win over Chiefs


Sometimes when you’re watching a dumpster fire, it’s easy to pay more attention to the fire than the dumpster.

Despite their best attempts to give it away, the Ravens actually beat the Chiefs Sunday, taking a stirring 9-6 decision at Arrowhead Stadium to improve to 4-1.

Baltimore’s dismal play was only slightly less offensive than the Chiefs (1-4), but the Chiefs were such a spectacle their awfulness was able to obscure the Ravens’, which seems to be the temporary variety.

They have issues on defense, and needed the Chiefs to lose touchdowns on a penalty and a fumble to be in this game.

Joe Flacco was held to 187 yards passing and Ray Rice had 102 rushing, but Justin Tucker’s three field goals were more than Ryan Succop’s two, the difference in this game.

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was knocked out of the game with a head injury in the fourth quarter, allowing Brady Quinn to finish off a stirring field goal drive.

While a plane circled calling for his benching, the Chiefs effectively did that with the game plan. They obviously didn’t trust him, because of their ridiculous reliance on the run game (50 rush attempts).

Cassel was a miserable 9-of-15 for 92 yards, with two interceptions and a fumble at the goal line on an attempted sneak for a touchdown.

That represented three of Kansas City’s four turnovers, giving them 19 on the season.

42 responses to “Ravens hang on for ugly win over Chiefs

  1. Just don’t understand how we can have 10 days to plan for that game and still have that awful of an offensive performance. Once again, no halftime adjustments by Cam Cameron, dropped passes, and pathetic blocking. FIRE CAM.

  2. I can’t figure out this Baltimore team. They’re supposedly one of the best teams in the NFL, yet they barley win games against bad teams. And they lose games they’re supposed to win. Remember when Jacksonville beat them 10-6 last year?

  3. So that’s the 2nd game this year the refs gave to the Ravens, right? Good Lord Flacco is a horrible QB. The guy plays well against bad defenses but he’s awful against any team with talent on the other side of the ball.

  4. Ugly win? The refs handed it to them on the fumble/TD. Flacco’s going forward and the balls ripped out on his way down. KC holds them to 9 points and it takes a KC fake injury to Cassel’s ego for Quinn to lead them down the field.

    I’m glad they lost though, it’s not like KC’s going to be good with Quinn or Cassel.

  5. I love the failure to address the obvious Joe Flacco fumble for a touchdown that the refs blew the call on.

  6. I

    I bet Ray Ray is not complaining about the refs today. Another very impressive win by the pre ordained S B champion Turd birds. If the refs hadn’t given them help they would have lost again.(pats field goal). I know the convicted felon is not going to complain.

  7. I am a Ravens fan but the refs missed that flacco’s fumble /touchdown. But all in all, we got the win but I am very concerned about the game plan. They had more than a week to prepare for this game and they couldn’t even score a touchdown.

  8. Lord sakes is John Harbaugh a classless coach. After Ray Rice ran for a first down to seal the victory he turned around to the Chiefs fans and yelled something nasty and shook his fist. He is classless just like his brother in S.F. You don’t do that to the fans of the opposing team. Really a classless guy.

  9. A lackluster win but a win none the less. The mini bye week might’ve softened them up but ravens were lucky to escape with the win to say the least. Regroup, move on and prepare for a showing next week at home to erase the doubters. Ill take the win, thanks.

  10. Yea, it was ugly, but a W is a W. But yes, I forgot…..every Steelers, Patriots or [insert your team here] is a picture of perfection, and your QB throws for 350+ yards and 3 TDs EVERY game, with a QB rating of 2 zillion. Check to see who is still playing in January.

  11. All you people bashing Flacco didn’t watch the game, you’re going off of Stats on NFL.com. He was constantly under pressure from Hali and Houston and, Boldin, Rice, Jones, and Pitta all dropped perfect throw balls that would’ve extended 4-5 drives.

  12. Cassel’s fumble on the goal like was atrocious, but the other three TO’s weren’t his fault. D Bowe tipped two passes and Gray fumbled. MC’s not the answer at QB but he doesn’t deserve all the blame for today’s embarrassing showing by my beloved Chieves.

  13. 4 and 1. 1st place. getting ready to own texas the next two weeks. are we going to complain about the refs…really, no, i mean really. the kc fumble/touch down makes the ravens even for the td we had called back vs. philly. like flacco, don’t like him, we don’t care. most of you guys would take him on your team, you know you would. just be ready to see the ravens deep into the playoffs….wait for it…again.

  14. the Flacco bashers look for any chance they can get to say what an awful QB he is. sure he had a bad day, but it is his first of the year. Receivers dropped more balls than they have the first four games combined and and the O-line gave him about a 2 second average to get rid of the ball.

  15. Lackluster? Son, they looked sorry. Flacco is far from elite, never will be elite. Ravens started out hot this year but they are fizzling. Needed the refs to win this one for them. Boys will beat the Ravens next week to start Baltimore’s slide to the bottom of the division.

  16. I am hearing less confident bs from the SB champion rat bird fans after their dominant performance today. Also hearing that you stole another one with the refs help from your own fans. Just think those old steelers beat a team that exposed you for what you are… Old and over rated. Houston is lol you posers. Karma will get you . Get ready for your share of injuries. Good luck chokers! Or should I say the cundettes?

  17. I’m personally offended that the ravens are leading the afc north right now. And don’t worry steelers will sweep this crap team. Flacco terrible and that defense is atrocious!!!

  18. easternshoresfinest says: Oct 7, 2012 5:46 PM

    the Flacco bashers look for any chance they can get to say what an awful QB he is. sure he had a bad day, but it is his first of the year.


    Flacco is known for being inexplicably inconsistent, and it seems to come about under strange circumstances (for instance, against mediocre teams). This is partly why he has gotten the so-called “bashing” that he does, which often isn’t bashing (as stated before, I’ve nothing against Flacco whatsoever) as much as it is trying to cut through fanboi myopia. Also, nobody wants to hear it about the o-line — other QBs manage without the luxury of a fantastic offensive line, and it didn’t stop Rice from breaking 100 yards today.

  19. A win is a win. Besides, I rather for the Ravens to sputter along early in the season. Teams usually winning impressive in September and October do not lead to Super Bowl victories.

  20. Yeah, only Flacco’s line has statistically given him an average of 1.5 seconds less time in the pocket, the line has been atrocious this season in pass pro. Drops and throwing under duress has effected his numbers the last two weeks. If you did in fact watch the games it’s obvious.

  21. This is supposed to be a Superbowl team? Kings of the regular season with an early exit in the playoffs once again. Flacco is still clueless.

  22. The entire Ravens organization is and always has been classless & unprofessional. For some unknown reason luck seems to be on their side, but luck and a nasty rude behavior will not take you to the Superbowl. Karma will rear its ugly head again just as it has before.

  23. Steelers are lickin’ their chops to play this completely over-rated and over-hyped team Nov 18. Ravens were lucky to beat the 2 dregs of the league, the Cleveland Clowns and the KC Chiefs! Did the team give the coach a gatorade bath today? Wasn’t this another Super Bowl win?

    This team is not nearly as good as anyone thinks. Watch as the season goes on, don’t kid yourself. Two losses to the Steelers coming up.

  24. All of you haters make me laugh!!!!! Say what you want about Joe Flacco and the Ravens, but the score was 9-6, a WIN, the Ravens are still first in the AFC North, and everyone that doesn’t like that. TOUGH. We won the game. Ball so hard. Oh yeah, Suggs is returning THIS MONTH. HAHA.

  25. Typical Ravens, starting the perennial downward spiral, like last season losing to three under .500 teams, and not even once getting in the end zone this time. How’s 37 year Ray Lewis and 34 year old Ed Reed holding out ? Flacco is a fantastic QB, eh ?

  26. ”It wasn’t a pretty win, but we’re not a pretty team.”


    Btw, drops are what kept the Chiefs in it. This one isn’t on Flacco. He actually won the game with his 16 yard scamper. But as usual, he’ll absorb the blame and protect the rest of the offense from scrutiny, like true leaders should.

  27. I cant blame refs when Cassel had the TO’s he did. The goal line fumble is the most “unforced” TO you can possible have. The Chiefs Oline pushed the ravens 3 yds deep in the endzone and cassel just botched the play.

    The MCcluster penalty was an awful call and so was the Flacco fumble. Thats 2 TD’s taken off the board.

    With that said 3rd and 15 all KC has to do is not let Flacco run for 16 and we get the ball back. Horrible play.

  28. siggtacular says:

    All of you haters make me laugh!!!!! Say what you want about Joe Flacco and the Ravens, but the score was 9-6, a WIN, the Ravens are still first in the AFC North, and everyone that doesn’t like that. TOUGH. We won the game. Ball so hard. Oh yeah, Suggs is returning THIS MONTH. HAHA
    Unless Suggs can help your offense score more than 9 points, I wouldn’t get too excited. Certainly not All Caps excited.

  29. It is so much fun for us Raven haters to listen to the trash during the regular season from the raven trolls. Their SB is always played during the regular season. They will choke again when the games really mean something,so enjoy yourselves now the karma train is coming.

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