Rob Gronkowski playing through significant pain

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has started all four games this year and played fairly well, but his numbers are down from his great 2011 season, and injuries may be the reason.

Mike Reiss of reports that Gronkowski, who has been listed on the injury report with a hip problem, is playing through significant pain.

Reiss suspects that the Patriots are actually more concerned about Gronkowski’s long-term health than about the health of tight end Aaron Hernandez, who has missed two games with an ankle injury.

The Patriots cut down on Gronkowski’s playing time last week against the Bills, presumably because he’s at less than 100 percent, and he has been limited in practice as well. Still, Gronkowski managed to five passes for 104 yards and a touchdown, so Gronkowski at less than 100 percent is still one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

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  1. Gronk is a tough dude. I can’t imagine too many skill players even being able to play at all 2 weeks after the ankle injury he got last year in the AFCC. That said, I’m more worried about the Pats young D today (not talent wise, but that they are so inexperienced against a vet like PM)than I am about the O. This will be a hellafied test for the D.

  2. @tooz72 You mad bro? Did the cable go out in your mom’s basement? Always love hearing from the friendless adult-virgin crowd.

  3. It’s a story because :

    1. Hernandez has been out with injury and the spotlight has been on that.
    2. Gronkowski is a record-holding TE and an important part of the Patriots offense.
    3. The Patriots have made news with the inventive use of the duel TE tandem in their offense

    Try less hating and have more general interest in football news.

  4. @ j0sixpack – Love the note of sarcasm in your post. I have to wonder though if PFT writers are even watching the games. If they did they would also notice that Gronk has been blocking a lot more than last year as well. But suspecting injuries are much interesting than commenting on the obvious. Then there are the losers who invoke Brady as a reason why anyone would care or Spygate, in which case I would recommend that they not forget to wipe the Cheetos dust off their fingers before they start typing.

  5. Its an article because Gronk is the best Tight End in the NFL, a BEAST and has become one of the biggest stars in the game both on and off the field !

  6. @inventivefootblfan: the patriots didn’t invent the double te set. Double te sets date back to the ’70’s. Typical bandwagon fan. Learn some NFL history before opening your mouth and making yourself look foolish.

  7. It is a story because the Pats have the best duel tight end combo in the NFL, and they are both hurt.

    I suppose if they didn’t have this story they could have started a story on a new Rex Ryan comment.


  8. @sourdough — What, you have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of football back to the leatherheads to comment on this board? Get off your high horse man.

    Patriots are doing something special with their tight ends — now being copied by other teams.

    Scouts, Inc Matt Williamson 5/30/11 :

    The Patriots are loaded at this position and use their tight ends like no other team in the league. Defenses must distinguish pre-snap how they count each tight end. By doing so, defenses show their hands to quarterback Tom Brady, who exploits the weaknesses. The Pats can mix and match their tight ends and offensive personnel overall like no other offense in the NFL.

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