Robert Griffin III still hasn’t learned to avoid hits

Getty Images

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III still hasn’t figured out how to avoid getting drilled needlessly, and today he paid for it.

With the Redskins facing third-and-goal from the 3-yard line, Griffin took a snap, rolled to his right and had nowhere to run and Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon bearing down on him. But instead of throwing the ball away, sliding, or getting out of bounds, Griffin stayed up until it was too late to avoid a collision with Weatherspoon, who drilled him with a hard but legal shot to the head.

Griffin stayed down for a minute and was attended to by trainers before walking off to the sideline. He then went to the locker room, briefly returned to the sideline and then returned to the locker room again, where he is being checked for a concussion.

On the Redskins’ next possession, Griffin was replaced by rookie backup quarterback Kirk Cousins. If Griffin doesn’t learn how to avoid contact like an NFL quarterback needs to, we should expect to see a lot of Cousins this season.