Robert Griffin III thinks he’ll play next week

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was knocked out of Sunday’s game with a concussion, but he doesn’t think he’ll be out long.

Griffin wrote on Twitter after the Redskins’ 24-17 loss to the Falcons on Sunday and said that he believes he’ll play next week. Although NFL teams are becoming increasingly cautious about concussions, the fact that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan referred to Griffin’s concussion as “mild” would also suggest that the team expects to have Griffin back on the field a week from now, when they host the Vikings.

The most important thing for the Redskins and for Griffin is to make sure he’s fully recovered and no more susceptible to another concussion before putting him back on the field. If the doctors say he’s good to go next week, fine. But it would be incredibly foolish for the Redskins to rush Griffin back, or to allow him to rush himself back. NFL Network reported after the game that the league will look into how the Redskins handled Griffin’s concussion, when they first announced that he was just “shaken up” and allowed him to leave the locker room and head toward the sideline, before he turned back and returned to the locker room.

And when Griffin does return, the Redskins need to stress to him the importance of sliding, stepping out of bounds or throwing the ball away as a means of reducing the risk of further injuries. The hit Griffin took from Atlanta linebacker Sean Weatherspoon today was the kind of hit Griffin needs to learn to avoid.

49 responses to “Robert Griffin III thinks he’ll play next week

  1. You can’t stop him. You can’t contain him. You can only pray to injure him. Different ending with Rg3 the great available. The division has flipped!!!!!! You’ve been warned!!!!

  2. RGIII is looking great this year, but as a Niner fan who has watched a lot of Steve Young, take a week off.

  3. As an NFL fan, I’m glad he’s okay. Never want to see a player hurt, especially with concussions.

    As a Vikings fan, dang, kinda hoped he was out

  4. Wether or not Griffin plays…

    If the Vikings win we are gonna have to start taking them seriously.

    Nobody saw that coming

  5. Hope his brain is unscrambled enough during the week to review some film — so he can see the obvious thing on the play where he was injured was to throw it away, not get hammered by two Falcons.

    Love RG3, but I hope he learns that he should not play like Vick.

  6. Poor RGIII…

    Your owner traded away the next years picks, and has a mix match group on the field as it is…

    Your coach won’t be around long…then another whole new system…basically rebuilding soon, with no picks.

    Good Luck

    Buy fast shoes for the next couple of years

  7. Why is no one mentioning it looked like he was starting to slide when he got hit and had given himself up? Seemed like it could have been flagged.

    I agree he should have thrown it away. Hopefully a lesson learned.

  8. Only reason he got hit is because he’s so sure of himself to the point where he won’t quit. He’s gotta know when to hold’em and know when to fold’em.

  9. I feel bad for the Skins. I’ve watched every game and they’ve always been right there. Even today, the Falcons probably would have won either way, but RG3 gives them a better chance. The Redskins have been unfortunate all season, and today it got worse.

  10. He also commented on how pretty the big sky was playing “here in Montana today.”
    But, hey, Whadda we know?

  11. i have a feeling people are still going to be complaining about griffin not sliding a few years from now. get a clue kid……

  12. Playoff preview. This actually could have big implications come december as far as wild card teams.

  13. Robert……its not up to you anymore. It’s up to the doc (with some help from Roger Goodall)

  14. The NFL education of RG3 continues. This guy’s career will be cut short if he doesn’t learn how to protect himself better. Redskins fan or not, no one wants to see RG3 drooling on himself and unable to remember his own name.

  15. This guy will be lucky to see his 2nd contract if he doesn’t change the way he plays. The hits he’s taking remind me more and more of Vick as these weeks roll on. He is far too talented to keep taking this abuse to his body and head. Shanahan may be partly to blame as well, but it would be sad if this continues.

  16. As a falcon fan I cringed at the hit. I sure hope he’s OK. Would’ve like to see him return. Never like to see a player get hurt

  17. A lot of sarcastic talk coming from Skins haters. I certainly hope those of you who are talking trash aren’t fans of Philly or Dallas. RG3 took a nasty hit today but at least he didn’t lose two fumbles or throw five picks, which is more than I can say for your QBs.

  18. Andrew Luck would have been smart enough to slide and get down. RG3 will last about 3 years

    IRG3 will be a sandwhich artist at subway in 3 years

  19. Vikes fan here! I really hope RG3 is ok? I want him to play against the Vikes. To be the best you have to beat the best! It will be a real treat to watch two of the most electric players in the game. This will be a highlight reel game!! Just hope both teams will be healthy. I hope Harrison Smith will get the chance to play and isn’t suspended!!

  20. In his next Tweet he mentioned the beautiful view from his invisible helicopter on the way home so maybe he’s not so good after all.

  21. He added that he can’t wait to get cleared from the concussion so he can back on the mound for the Astros next week.

  22. He wont last long, watching the skins on offence is like watching a college football game, qb draw, option, double option, screen pass, yawn, boring.

  23. Griffin wrote on Twitter after the Redskins’ 24-17 loss to the Falcons on Sunday and said that he believes he found Mary’s little lamb. He was quoted saying, ‘It must be. It’s fleece is……”.

    Seriously, though. I predicted RG would turn out better than Luck before the draft.
    I don’t watch college ball, but while most were drooling over luck, 2 more reputable people mentioned the divisions the 2 played in. So far, he is proving that to be true. However, head injuries will ruin that and he just had one way too early. He better start playing smart quick. Before he is too stupid to.

    I also said that Tannehill (Miami) will, over the long run, be better than either. He showed glimpses of that in last weeks loss. Over 300 yards passing for a rookie? And on a so so team no less.
    Maybe in a few years Miami will trade him to the Pats for a bag o magic beans like they did Welker. tee hee

  24. Being totally serious here. If your head needs rest,don’t play the Vikings. Their defense is flat out committed to smashing people. Afraid your running style would set you up for a Harrison Smith vaporizer hit,,,

  25. Uh oh… Even though it was a clean hit, Ginger may be spurred into action. Griffin is putting butts in the seats at FedEx again and Ginger has to protect his meal tickets.

  26. You must be talking about wolfmanpatriot. He doesn’t watch college football but predicts Tannehill will be better then RG3 and AL1 (Andrew Luck the first). I think he used the old “who has the hottest chick”for making that assesment.

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