Suggs returning October 21 or November 4


When Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs partially tore an Achilles tendon in the offseason, it was believed he’d be out for the year.  Suggs said otherwise, and now he’s less than a month away from proving it.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Suggs will return on October 21 or November 4, the two games on either side of the team’s October 28 bye.

Predictably, the player is pushing for the earlier return.  Coach John Harbaugh hopes to tap the brakes beyond Halloween.

They could use him on the 21st, since that’s when the Ravens travel to Texas, to face the Texans.

27 responses to “Suggs returning October 21 or November 4

  1. Im sure he will raise their defense up. Cause lets face it that defense can’t go anywhere but up. They stink. Old and talentless…

  2. Eh, Houston game is probably a loss anyway. No sense risking an injury with an overly aggressive return.

    Wait through the bye, push it back to November, get a game or two under the belt to get reacclimated to game conditions before the Yinzer-Charger-Yinzer gauntlet in late November.

  3. As a Pats fan I do not like Suggs but as a fan of the game I think it is great to see Suggs recover from the injury in less time than expected like Welker and AP. He may not be 100 % but the Ravens will welcome his return.

  4. He is NOT RUSHING back. His injury was only a partial tear…happened many, many months ago…and he has been rehabbing very carefully and with great dedication. The Surgeon and training staff have been monitoring his recovery VERY carefully
    Only the Stooler fans were hoping he was finished for the year or would rush things and re-injure himself…NOT SO stoolers.

    Roethlisberger’s ankle will be ripped off and re-broken by Suggs as soon as possible.

  5. As a Steeler fan, it always presents big-time challenges with T-Sizzle. If he is back to form, or even close, it WILL present major challenges.

    That stated, the Steelers that I know never shrink away from challenges and want teams full strength – and NOT injury-compromised.

    More importantly, T-Sizz is a flat out monster, plays the game the way it is supposed to be played and at an elite HOF level – plus he is a classy and passionate player richly deserving of respect. So if Sizz can ball in a couple of weeks or so, that is awesome and also speaks to his fortitude. I wish him all the best in his speedy recovery.

  6. The Steeler’s defense is an absolute joke…its ANCIENT and WASHED up. Polamalu, Harrison, and Hampton are REALLY OLD and ALWAYS injured. The Eagles will go through the Steeler defense like a knife through soft butter.

  7. ravenmuscle, I think you’re engaging in wishful thinking. I’m not a Ravens fan, but my feeling is Suggs coming back before December at the earliest is a bad idea. He won’t be the same even if avoids re-injury. We’ve seen players try to be heroes with injuries like that (tendons) and it usually doesn’t work out.

  8. timtheenchanter1 says:
    Oct 7, 2012 11:07 AM
    Eh, Houston game is probably a loss anyway. No sense risking an injury with an overly aggressive return.

    Is this the same Houston team that lost twice to the Ravens last year?
    The first loss with Schaub by 15 points?
    The same team that probably goes 8-8 last year with Manning playing? The anointed ones?

  9. “steelersownyou says:
    Oct 7, 2012 11:05 AM
    Im sure he will raise their defense up. Cause lets face it that defense can’t go anywhere but up. They stink. Old and talentless…”

    A Steelers fan calling the Ravens’ defense old and talentless? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Now THAT is funny.

  10. As an unbiased fan, no the steelers do not suck and no they won’t lose at home to the eagles today….no way. However, do you all honestly think he would rush back from a career threatening injury while we are 3-1? They have treated this very carefully and he will still take time to get back even close to form but I’m willing to wait from what I’ve seen from our pass rush…,

  11. Hilarious notes from the comments:

    1). The same people that said Suggs was an idiot and that there was “no way” he’d be back this year have now been proven to be the real idiots.

    2). Most of the comments are from Steelers fans. Why? Because they were mortified when they saw this headline, knowing that Suggs owns them.

  12. As a Steeler fan I can recognize talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball, and there’s no doubt Suggs is one of the best players in football.

    I’m glad he’ll be back because if the steelers were to beat the ravens without him it would give guys an excuse. It will no doubt be more challenging wi him in the game but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Get your best 11 we’ll bring ours and lets do it.

    But that’s a month or so away. In the interim, ravens fans and Suggs would do well to make sure that Suggs’ CALF is in shape. A lot of times guys coming back from ankle injuries tend to hurt their calfs rather than their ankles again.

  13. greglloydrules says: Oct 7, 2012 11:15 AM

    I personally cannot wait till he comes back and re-injures that knee. Ball so Hard must be a real school, cause Suggs is dumb as hell
    Funny, coming from the guy who thinks the Achilles is in your knee. Clown.

  14. And the rich get richer the Ravens will continue to dominate as they have been and will do so moving forward

  15. In this time were modern medicine has been greatly updated there is no reason for Suggs to come back for a game during the season against the Texans, when their goal is the Super Bowl and they are likely to face them in the playoffs.


  16. Who cares if he’s really coming back or not. Make the other team waste time preparing for the reigning DPOY as if he is. Win win.

  17. Max Starks will continue to stonewall Suggs, especially after Suggs has not played a down for this long. It’s only a matter of time before he re-tears the Achilles again and goes to the locker room on a cart. His physical size and nature of his occupation are huge factors with such forces being applied to such a small pre-injurd area.

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