Vick can’t stop fumbling, Polamalu can’t stay healthy


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick continues to be a turnover machine.

Vick lost two fumbles in the first quarter of today’s game in Pittsburgh, continuing a rough season in which he simply hasn’t been able to protect the ball. Heading into today’s game, Vick had six interceptions and five fumbles (three lost) this season.

Vick’s first fumble came on a first-and-goal when Vick tried to run up the middle and into the end zone. Instead of scoring, he lost the ball as he leapt toward the goal line. His second fumble came on a nice play by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who pressured Vick on a pass play and knocked the ball out as Vick tried to elude him. (Vick actually appeared to lose another fumble in the first quarter, although a replay review overturned the ruling on the field and found that Vick was down before he lost the ball.)

Fortunately for Vick, the Eagles’ defense has played well, and the Steelers haven’t been able to put any points points on the board.

Unfortunately for the Steelers, safety Troy Polamalu, who has missed the last two games because of a right calf injury, had to hop off the field after appearing to aggravate the same injury.

28 responses to “Vick can’t stop fumbling, Polamalu can’t stay healthy

  1. After all these years, Vick can’t stop turning the ball over.

    The loser is completely untrainable.

  2. Troy looks like he is finished. Vick should be finished. He can’t keep turning the ball over. Vick has lost 11 balls in less than 4 1/2 games. Ugly!

  3. The Steelers have a long storied history of RUSHING injured players back before they’re ready. Then, some otherwise innocuous play puts them down for the count for the long-term.

    It’s hard to put into words how frustrating it is that the Steelers fail to learn that this practice is poor risk assessment.

    This has been going on in Pittsburgh since the Cowher Era.

  4. Most of the teams in the League would be glad to have the record of the Steelers “since the Cowher era”. Players suit up, accepting the risks. So, the Steelers have a reputation of riding their players till they drop? The players are still proud to wear the colors, so whats your point?

  5. Gotta love it. Pitt fans talked about how Reed’s career is over. But he is playing strong and making hard hits, while Troy can’t stay healthy

  6. Are we sure that the replacement refs aren’t back for this game? Or maybe they are just on the Eagles payroll?

  7. noturavragepunk says:
    Oct 7, 2012 3:17 PM
    Gotta love it. Pitt fans talked about how Reed’s career is over. But he is playing strong and making hard hits, while Troy can’t stay healthy
    I don’t know exactly what was said, but it’s worth noting that Reed himself seemed to waffle on whether to return for the past few years due to his health issues. Can’t say as I blame him since I believe it was neck related.

    Also, Vick is one of the single most overrated players I can ever recall. Any other QB in the universe would be blasted off the planet for turning the ball over like he does and for having QBed so few playoff wins. All he gets from most media and fans is excuses for his poor play.

  8. Conversation on the Eagles’ sideline:
    Andy Reid: “Vick, if you don’t cut out those fumbles I’m gonna throw you in a room full of pitbull and lock the door!”

  9. Juan castillo just lost that game he is the most pitiful coach in the league. No way you play zone on third and twelve no more excuses get rid of him. They couldn’t play zone last year at all but in the fourth quater he does it again. MAN CORNERS CANNOT PLAY ZONE DUMB ASS.

  10. Not from this fan. I can’t believe we have to keep watching this guy turn the ball over week after week. It’s so time to move on. Congrats steelers on a hard fought win.

  11. 5 NFC Championship games & a Super Bowl appearance, never been in trouble, always a complete citizen & the guy is vilified in Philly.

    Never had back to back winning seasons, is a career 2-3 (is 0-1 for Philly) in the playoffs, is a animal torturing ex-con, that has a career record of 150 TDs vs 218 turnovers & the guy is defended & loved in Philly.

    What a GREAT CITY!!

  12. It appears Troy no longer can’t even finish a game let alone a season. He still my man but, father time has arrival.

  13. Monkeyman your exactly right. On sports talk all people want to say is about how Vick leads us back in the 4th quarter and 5 never did that. But 5 never would have turned the ball over as much as Vick does. I am tired of watching this turnover machine.

  14. Vick has performed quite poorly as a competitor. Maybe it’s time he’s put down. Just to be fair, let him choose from any of his preferred methods. What were HIS penalties for poor competitors … hanging, electrocution, and drowning if I remember correctly? I’m in favor of any of them.

  15. Ten years from now, when kids that have grown up watching Troy play are starting to come out of college we will see someone come close to being what Troy has been…. Sadly, I’m afraid that Troy can no longer be what Troy has been… I hope I’m wrong and he can get back…. but it don’t look good!!!!!

  16. Vick does lead more 4th qb comebacks then 5 did… 5 didnt turn the ball over ss much in thr earlier quarters. Thus he wasn’t playing from behind as much..

  17. Juan castillo isnt the only defensive cord that has reverted to zone when the eagles were up in the 4th… every time i’ve seen the eagles blow a 4th quarter lead inder andy they were in a zone

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