A few comments about Eric Winston’s comments

After Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, Chiefs tackle Eric Winston unloaded on fans who cheered the head injury suffered by quarterback Matt Cassel.

In Monday’s PFT Live, I commented on Winston’s comments.

And now you can consider those comments, and then you can add comments of your own.

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31 responses to “A few comments about Eric Winston’s comments

  1. That’s what happens when you haven’t won a playoff game since Joe Montana & Marcus Allen.. Bums! No class at all!

  2. KC is a die hard football nation. Their expectations are to at least contend. I don’t think that there is a fan in KC that wishes anyone to get hurt, but when you mix the following: beer+idiots+losing= Eric Winstons comments to those handful of idiots that are not fans

  3. It has been all over talk radio today. It looks like Winston was misinformed. They did not cheer when Matt went down, but people started cheering when the back up started warming up. They also gave applause when Matt walked off the field.

  4. It seems as no one in the media is interested in what actually happened at the game. I was there, and if there were Chiefs fans cheering Cassel’s injury, it wasn’t very many. There were plenty of Ravens fans at the game and maybe they were cheering the injury or Ngata’s hit. There were Chiefs fans that were cheering Jamaal Charles’ run after the catch in my section that may not have seen that Cassel was down. Cassel got a standing ovation as he was taken off the field as all injured players (home or visiting team) get at Arrowhead when they have to be assisted off the field. Cassel’s inept play has grown very stale in KC, and plenty cheered to see Quinn enter the game. Let’s just not let the hype interfere with the facts.

  5. This whole thing is BS!!!!!! I was at the game and have been for 13 years. Did we want Cassel benched? Yes Did we want him hurt? No Were there some idiots cheering? Yes. The play happened on a play were they gained like 20 yards or something, so we were still cheering that the were able to move the ball. When it was noticed that Cassel was on the field hurt it became somewhat quite in our enzone( which is the one closest to the action at the time). When we noticed Brady Quinn come on to the field and start taking practice snaps we cheered cause we wanted a change. That cheer subsided as Cassel was getting up and as he walked off the field he was applauded for being able to walk off. I did make a comment to my son and another man that the people happy about the injury were classless, but it really wasn’t that many. In an interview on sports radio 810 today even Winston said it wasn’t the whole stadium but maybe 700 people. Still way to many but not indicative of our great and loyal fan base.

  6. No defense of those that cheered for cassel being hurt but a couple factual corrections. 1) hit wasn’t bad at all and likely ground caused the injury. 2) he wasn’t motionless at all. 3) (a fans opinion) most fans weren’t cheering cassel being hurt but instead Quinn coming in and the most arrogant GM in the nfl having his hand forced.

  7. The fans who cheered an injury to Cassell need to get a grip. Not cool.

    But the KC fans I’ve known have been classy, so I imagine that a small minority were the ones exulting in Cassell’s pain. I’ve never been to Arrowhead, but one thing I do know is this. 5% of roughly 80,000 people is about 4,000 people — enough to create significant crowd noise. But if 5% cheer an injury, it means 95% did not.

    Certain fans should get it together — but most Chiefs fans are pretty cool based on my experience.

  8. “KC is a die hard football nation. Their expectations are to at least contend. I don’t think that there is a fan in KC that wishes anyone to get hurt, but when you mix the following: beer+idiots+losing= Eric Winstons comments to those handful of idiots that are not fans”

    Please google “No True Scotsman”

  9. If u cant think of an instance in which ppl applaud someone being knocked out or in pain then you’ve obviously never seen/heard of boxing or ufc. And if they dont want fans to cheer when someone is injured stop calling yourselves warriors or soldiers. Lol. Im not saying its ok to cheer for a player being injured but dont act so surprised.

  10. Hey Mike…You brought up Michael Irvin, as I’ve heard others mention it too. I was at the game when Irvin went down and the fans DID NOT applaud or boo the injury. The boos started when that idiot Deon Sanders started his “dance” around Irvin laying on the carpet. Sanders said he was doing a healing dance…yep a healing dance…isn’t that boo worthy ?

  11. Look, there are dumb drunken A-holes everywhere. Lets not act like society as a whole is going to hell in a hand basket here. I was there. It happened. There were a handful of people that were celebrating Cassel being on the ground. 5% if that. However, it didn’t last long. What hasn’t been talked about in the national media is the other fans who were there that shut these people up. It was a vocal minority that was making a spectacle of themselves and the fans that it disgusted made sure these people heard how big of jackasses they were making of themselves. They shut their mouths pretty quickly.

    That’s how it went down where I was and after talking to other people in different parts of the stadium it was a similar story. The jackholes may steal the spotlight in this whole story, but the decent people who were in the vast majority at that game had no problem standing up and policing these idiots themselves. We don’t need Eric Winston to tell us how wrong it is. 95+% of the people in that place already know that and did something about. The cheers and applause were louder when Cassel got up under his own power and walked off the field. I agree with a lot of Winston’s comments, even his latest ones today that even if it was 7 people it’s too many, but his fault was painting out the entire group with his rant yesterday which will be the only thing the media will pay attention to because it’s sensationalism. Godspeed in your recovery Matt Cassel.

  12. Winstons bogus theory has already been debunked with video/audio evidence which can be found on KCTV5.com.

    Now all thats left is for Winston himself to apologize to the entire fanbase for his blatant lies.

    We won’t waste any such time waiting for the media/Florio to do the same. We know that would never happen no matter the issue.

  13. As someone who has sat in the stands at Arrowhead for the last 22 years, the talking heads and Mr. Winston have no idea what transpired. 1st, there was nowhere near 70,000 people in the stands yesterday (moot point). 2nd, I didn’t hear one single person cheer for Matt Cassel getting hurt, I did hear several cheer for Brady Quinn getting a shot at leading the offense. The only point of embarrassment was that so few clapped for Matt as he walked off the field. I’m sure that there was a few drunken troglodytes that did cheer Matt’s misfortune, but the reports that 70k strong were hailing his demise is reckless journalism at best. Its amazing how so many that weren’t there can pass judgement.

  14. This needs to stop. I was in Arrowhead. The fans were not cheering Cassel or anyone being hurt, they were excited to see Quinn come in.

    Winston and NFL players are not Gladiators, they do not fight till death, and they large money contracts.

    This is all a diversion from the real problems in KC, a bad GM hire who is riding success off a player (Tom Brady) and head coach (coach B) that he rode the coat tails of.

  15. blackngold4life says: Oct 8, 2012 8:27 PM

    That’s what happens when you haven’t won a playoff game since Joe Montana & Marcus Allen.. Bums! No class at all!

    No class? Yo don’t even have a clue what class is.

  16. Winston sounds more frustrated than anything else.

    If one pays for a game ticket, they have the perogative to boo if they so wish, and at any circumstance. Getting emotional about it will do absolutely nothing.

    The only curse out there are The Eagles fans booing Santa. Those clowns will never win anything meaningful.

  17. I do not condone that behavior at all, if in fact they injury is what was being applauded. However, the media is making a huge story out of this and it is not. Simply put, the Chiefs are tired of losing, and they are extremely frustrated with the front office the last few years. Keeping Elvis Grbac and letting Rich Gannon go back in 98. Putting Grbac in after Gannon took them to a 13-3 record in 1997 to lose to the Broncos in the AFC Championship game. Since Dick Vermeil, the Chiefs have not hired a decent head coach or had a decent starting QB, aside from Kyle Orton, whom they let go after the end of last season so the fans continue to see the ‘Matt Cassel project’, of which I am sure they are really sick and tired of. How many first round picks do the Chiefs need to spend on the defensive line? Loaded with talent on offense, they’re main problem remains to be the QB position. Yet, they continue to spend they’re first round picks on the defense, and do nothing to aquire a decent QB through trade or free agency. It might not be popular to say, but why on earth is Kyle Orton a BACKUP in the NFL? He is better than anything the Chiefs or Jets have. Do you remember a couple years ago when he threw for 300 yards in almost every game before being run out of Denver?

    I don’t think Chief fans were applauding Cassels injury, but rather the fact that they were finally going to get to see someone at QB, OTHER than Cassel at that point, and they’re frustration all came out there. It’s sad that the only way they get to see someone other than Cassel, is only when an injury occurs, because the Chiefs front office (whether it be Pioli or Crennel) refuses to sit him and give someone else a try.

  18. Winston being in KC for 5 weeks and lecturing the Chiefs fans just doesn’t seem right. He grossly generalized his comments and unnecessarily attacked ALL Chiefs fans.

    The Chiefs need to get rid of this guy immediately!

  19. I have to say that KC has some of the nicest fans in football. I have seen the Dolphins play in many different stadiums. The KC fans are welcoming and nice to opposing teams fans even in losses. For gods sake they offer me and my family BBQ and beer! Really nice people. That being said, the people cheering for Matt C getting hurt are despicable. Eric was 100% right in his comments there is no ifs ands or buts about it. I know however that it was not a majority if KC fans and they don’t accurately represent the quality of character of that franchise. Every fan base has some drunk idiots that think they can say and do what they want. Don’t judge all KC fans by the actions of a few idiots.

  20. OH BOO HOO. You make millions of dollars to play a game. It absolutely comes with the territory and has been for decades. This is the path you have chosen. You can probably take the whole city of Kansas City’s school teachers annual salaries combined and they don’t make what Matt Cassel makes in a year. In my opinion, that gives fans who do pay their hard earned money which pays your salary the right to do whatever they want, and if that consists of cheering against a player who the fans don’t like, and who was the victim of a tough football hit then so be it. You’re right Eric Winston, you’re not gladiators. Gladiators didn’t make millions of dollars, and I’m sure they didn’t cry about how the crowd cheered when they got a concussion.

  21. Winston’s not right. If he wants cultured fans he should go to the opera. If you have a stadium full of people looking to see smash mouth football, what do you expect to happen?

  22. Just like Baltimore did when Kyle Boller went down with an injury – classless fans all the way around.

  23. Maybe if Winston (and the rest of the O-line)would play as passionately as he runs his mouth Cassel wouldn’t get touched.

    But let’s face facts, Cassel has been a turnover machine this year. If RAC doesn’t have the sack to bench him or if Egoli won’t let RAC bench Cassel, then this is the only way he was going out.
    Let’s see if this convienently ends up as a “season-ending” injury. Then the Chiefs quietly cut him in the off season.

    I’m sure Quinn won’t be any better but Chiefs fans have seen enough of the Matt “Keystone Cop” Cassel.

  24. Winston needs to be fined or fired!!! He is 100% wrong, I was there and was paying attention. I cheered when I saw Brady come on the field, I did not cheer at Matt being hurt. Oprah Winston there is alot going on during these games, remember when you came on the field on the crowd starting cheering, you got all pumped up and raised your hands? We were actually cheering for the KC Wolf Mascot on the other side of the field. Winston you are an embarrassment to this team, the NFL and yourself. How you can think you are so omnipresent blows my mind. Every NFL Lineman consider themselves a warrior. You lacking that sentiment proves you are the wrong “man” A GLARING reason the team is as bad as everyone says you are. PLEASE SEND THIS A-HOLE PACKING!!!! I am so tired of this team…

  25. This isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened and it won’t be the last. Not saying it’s a good thing or anything like that but come on Eric where you been?

    Be mad at yourself for not protecting your QB. What fans cheer for has no real impact on anything.

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