Blaine Gabbert’s job is secure


When you lose two straight games by a combined score of 68-13 and three home games by a 98-20 count, there are going to be questions about making changes to your personnel.

Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey got those questions on Sunday evening after his team let a 3-3 halftime tie unravel into a 41-3 curb stomping that sends them into their bye with a 1-4 record. The questions about changes might feel a bit more urgent for the Jags since there’s precious little indication that better days are around the corner with the current personnel. At the top of the list of positions under scrutiny is quarterback.

Blaine Gabbert threw two pick-sixes in the second half and lost a fumble that killed a prime scoring chance just before halftime, the latest performance that made it hard to reconcile offseason talk of improvement with what what’s unfurling in front of your eyes. That led to questions for coach Mike Mularkey about whether or not there would be a change under center when the team returns for Week Six.

Mularkey said no and then went to work absolving Gabbert of the blame for the two interceptions. He blamed Justin Blackmon for not coming back to the ball on Charles Tillman’s interception, a forgiving assessment of a ball Gabbert should never have thrown. The second interception bounced off of Maurice Jones-Drew’s hands into Lance Briggs’ and Mularkey wrote it off as bad luck. It was a high throw, though, and Jones-Drew had to reach up to get it with a defender right on top of him, which led to the deflection and six more Bears points. Gabbert wasn’t as willing to point the finger at others.

“It falls on my shoulders when the momentum swings that bad,” Gabbert said, via the team’s website. “When you have two pick sixes, you’re not going to win ball games.”

The Jags are now 5-13 in games started by Gabbert and the results are taking on a grim similarity that usually precedes big changes. Mularkey told his team that no such things are coming.

“I said, ‘No matter what is said outside, I think people inside know we are closer than anybody will ever write or say in the next two weeks,'” Mularkey said, via the Florida Times-Union.

You won’t get any argument here because there’s little doubt Mularkey’s got more confidence in his team, especially their offense, than I do after watching them on Sunday.

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  1. Gene Smith must be fired. How is it possible for the Jags offense be that awful. It’s decently worse than last years.

  2. Although the offense looks horrible, a lot of the blame can go to the offensive line. Gabbert has almost no time. He’s been sacked so often that he’s gun shy. Start by improving protection.

  3. Urlacher caused that interseption
    on the short pass to MJD an Briggs took it to the house. I have been pissed at Urlacher for not taking care of his self in the off season. So its time to give credit to him because its do. He played a good game

  4. Everyone knew this guy had major issues coming out of the draft with accuracy for throws beyond 15 yards and no pocket awareness.

    Even the jaguars coaches know this, which is why they installed this quick strike offense to try and hide this.

    And I don’t want to hear about the lack of talent. With MJD and Blackmon, he has a better supporting cast than quite a few quarterbacks who manage to perform okay like Sam Bradford and Russel Wilson.

  5. 4 years of drafting for a GM .. and the result is franchise lows in a whole gamut of categories.

    Gene Smith has to go.

  6. This is the worst Jag team ever. Worse than the first year. That 4-12 team was somewhat competent and disciplined. This team is awful. The players suck and until they have better players, they will continue to suck.

  7. How can anybody take this team seriously in the first place when they hired Mike Mularkey as their head coach!? Way to get your fan base excited with that hire!

  8. In fairness to Gabbert, he was supposed to sit and learn, if you remember.

    Well, it never worked out that way and the next thing you know, he’s starting.

  9. It’s a good coaching staff. And the players are trying their best. The reality is that the cumulative talent on this team is less than the cumualtive talent of all other teams in the NFL, and significantly less than most. Success is unattainable with a talent gap like this. And that falls squarely on Gene Smith, who must be fired. The team is way worse that it was when he began this rebuilding. Now we need a new GM and the rebuilding will start again. I still love the team and am keeping my season tickets though. Go Jags!!

  10. MJD you got anymore tweets for Cutler? cause you didnt do well at all when you had to face him. 41/3.. I think you should leave NFL QB’s alone

  11. I would call for patience from jags fans. Yes things are going badly, but the teams that have coaching and Back office changes every 3 years don’t seem to fare much better. Need to ride out the bad weather for stabilitys sake and build patiently.. not burn everthing down and start from scratch

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