Cam Newton’s timing appears to be off again today

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Cam Newton’s marketing staff has done an incredible job of increasing his exposure.

But their timing is as bad today as his was yesterday.

According to Erik Spanberg of the Charlotte Business Journal, Newton will apear at local retailer Belk’s headquarters today for what is described as a “brand announcement.”

Maybe they’re selling “Bad Idea Jeans” again, but putting Newton out there for a promotional appearance after a horrific performance dropped the Panthers to 1-4 Sunday couldn’t look much worse.

Newton’s already fighting perception problems in a market that isn’t quite used to one of its own transcending the borders of Mayberry.

The only thing that will fix that is playing better, and the Panthers also have a horribly timed bye week staring them in the face.

So unless Newton develops a sudden ankle sprain that requires intense treatment all afternoon and keeps him off any podiums, the heat he’s feeling from a dissatisfied fan base is only going to get hotter and last longer. That it’s unreasonable and irrelevant won’t matter, as this will become a talk-radio topic in Charlotte for 10 days.

He’s also done ads for a local hospital in addition to national deals with Gatorade and Under Armour, and whatever presentation they’re making this afternoon was likely booked months ago — back when people thought the Panthers might have a much better record, and Newton was getting better at playing quarterback.

38 responses to “Cam Newton’s timing appears to be off again today

  1. Over hyped player. I do not feel sorry for this guy.
    He will have to adapt to the defenses as will RG III

  2. I think all young players, not just Cam, would be wise to time those for the offseason (I realize that’s not always possible) or limit them a bunch and do more for charity appearances. I don’t mind that they get endorsements right away, but being prudent with them is a must, especially for young QBs on losing teams (they were coming off 6-10 already). Perception, even if it’s not right, can become reality as Cam is well aware of by now. Leaders have to think big picture.

  3. Cammy Cam has wrought this situation upon himself, and not one person should feel sorry for him or make excuses for him.

  4. I’m assuming it was booked months ago as well. But let’s be honest, if he backed out, you’d be posting that he canceled last minute because he’s a diva and he owes the company some type of compensation for not showing up. Give the guy a break. He’s struggling and from the looks of watching that games, his wideouts aren’t always helping.

  5. Could it be that he signed a contract for that appearance at Belk and wants to honor it? Maybe this appearance was set before he came out and underachieved this season? Maybe you’re making something out of nothing? I’m not a fan of cam myself, but this article is nothing but a giant reach.

  6. For all those ppl who gave Alice Smith a hard time for his statements regarding QB play and how it relates to winning games etc and how Cam Newton is a far superior QB, guess what? He was right.

  7. Cam didn’t have an off day. He was beaten into submission by a top 3 defense. Give the credit where it’s due.

  8. I hope that Cam handles adversity much better than Vince Young did. Very identical players and stories.

  9. don’t forget his commercials with beats by dre too.

    ok so why isn’t Greg Jennings under this much fire too? at least cam is playing and trying to get better. what would look worse, if he no showed for the pre planned event.

    Would you prefer if went out and beat up a woman, or had a dui? He is struggling, but let the man breathe

  10. Overrated all he cares about is the fame, looking cool and dancing. Not a team player… pretty much everything you DON’T want your qb to be. O and the money

  11. I see a lot of simialrities between Cam and Jay Cutler. Both are just loaded with talent in their athletic ability. When things are going well and running smoothly they are great teammates and players. But when it is crunch time or when things start to go south look out, abandon ship. These are not guys you would want on your side in the “trenches”. A lot of Me first almost Diva WR mentality.

  12. Cam took full responsibility for his play yesterday. He owned up to his struggles in the post game press conference. Our o-line was outmatched all game but Cam said they played great. Our backs and receivers dropped double digit passes. But Cam took the heat.

    You haters have no clue.

  13. Serious gut-check time for Cam Newton. During the next few games, we’ll find out if he’s the next Vince Young or if he can grow up and become the great QB the Cam lovers continue to rave about.

    I don’t think Newton has the attitude or inner resources to change from ME to TEAM. With that said, I hope I’m wrong because I hate to see the Panthers disintegrate the way they’re doing.

    It’s going to be a brutally long and disappointing season in Charlotte… that’s for sure.

  14. Southcak,

    Cam definitely does own up to his mistakes in his pressers. No problem with him there, that’s what leaders should do. Problem is a guy who talks about hating to lose (good thing) dancing around in the EZ when his team is down 23-0 and he scores (bad thing). His actions don’t jive with his words. Time will tell which is the real Cam.

  15. Superman NOT

    Another one of these difference maker QB’s
    I never understood how all off season everyone talked about him as if he was great 6-10 does not add up to great.

    Cam RG3 and Andy Luck
    My money is on the guy in Indy that is slowly getting it done.

    Ask Bob if he has any idea about getting out of bounds after the play is not going to happen.

  16. Cam Cheating is a disgusting player. His academic problems and his way of avoiding dishonesty was to go to another school where the puppet media elevated him to sainthood. Then he goes to Carolina where he is a loser with gaudy personal numbers and continues to fail as a 2nd year player where his disgusting personality traits are showing through. His lack of class and professionalism isn’t something new – these are traits his PR machine tried to hide – and now the Panthers are stuck with a simply disgusting human being as their poster child.

  17. I said last year right after the draft that this guy is another Vince young . This guy will be out of the league in 3 years . he can’t read defenses and makes poor decisions .

  18. I think the haters had a big clue, seeing them in my area even the announcers said why doesn’t he throw to the TE. When he did they gained yards, the announcers after he threw to the TE said they must have made up. Cam is hanging around his bro, Smith to much. He is full of himself and that cute smile does not win games.

  19. Its his second year and some fans are writing him off. I do think there’s a little too much Cam off the field than on it, but i think this story is being a bit blown up. The franchise is poorly run. Theyve given money away and havent gotten production, its not just Cam

  20. Scam Newton, as we call him in Alabama, is a baby. He was superman at Auburn and could do no wrong. Now he is running with the BIG DOGS and can’t stand failure. Grow up Cam!

  21. Give the guy a break. He obviously has an endorsement from Belk’s to model their fall line of Turkish cotton towels! With his stellar play, why else would he have a reason to cover up his head? Not sulking!! Modeling!

  22. I do not care one way or another for this young man. I certainly wish him no ill-will. I would like to have someone explain why a qb with his two year w/l record is hyped as though he was an elite player at the position. In addition he had a very checkered past while in college, and I remember numerous reports about his lack of character and me-first attitude around the time he was drafted. I’m not so sure The Panthers aren’t wishing they did a little more due diligence. Jeez, Sanchez is 2-2 at this writing. One would think he is the worst qb in the history of the NFL. It doesn’t make sense to me.

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