Cedric Benson won’t play against Texans

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Packers running back Cedric Benson did not attend medical school at Texas.

We point out this fact, which is likely well known to our readers, to point out that it is always wise to wait until doctors weigh in on an injury before assuming all is well based on a player’s self-assessment. After Sunday’s game, Benson said that the foot injury that forced him out of the loss to the Colts wasn’t serious. That assessment might have been a little premature.

During his Monday press conference, Packers coach Mike McCarthy ruled Benson out of this week’s game against the Texans as a result of the injury. There’s no timetable for his return to action, which leaves the Green Bay running game in the hands of John Kuhn, Alex Green and James Starks, who was inactive on Sunday. Kuhn and Green weren’t able to allow the Packers to eat enough clock to keep Andrew Luck from beating them and it is hard to see the group making much of a dent against a good Houston defense this week.

McCarthy also said that defensive tackle B.J. Raji, who had an MRI Monday on his ankle, and tight end Jermichael Finley, slowed by a shoulder injury, both have a chance to play in Week Six.

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  1. maybe less options for this offense will be good for Aaron.

    He throws for 40TDs when they have no backfield,, struggle when they add the run game.

  2. Not having Benson hurts, but Raji is the real killer. Without Raji in there Foster and Tate are going to have huge days and the Packers offense is going to be spending most of the day on the sidelines.. which is not good when they are this out of rhythm. Hopefully Raji can play, because it’s going to be hard for the Packers to avoid a 2-4 start with him and practically impossible without him.

  3. Too bad about Benson. He was running hard.

    If D.J. Williams can catch the ball, then Finley might be out of a job.

  4. Wow…. The Pack is 4-6 in their last ten games, totally evaporated in the second half yesterday and are now banged up as they head to Houston to take on the best team in the league. Who would have imagined a 2-4 start for this team…..

  5. we dont even need a “good” running back..an average one will do just fine. can we just get an average running back? can we trade one of our 50 WR’s for an average running back? Beuller….anyone….anyone? The window is closing quickly

  6. Somehow I don’t think this will make a difference. Houston is the best team in football and the packers have not looked like a good team since that loss to the G-Men in the playoffs. Houston walks away with this one.

  7. back to being a one dimensional offense which worked out great in the second half yesterday! MM cause use alex green out of the back field and hand the ball off too, but, we all know he wont. Rodgers get ready to throw 60 passes

  8. WOW! Without Cedric Benson’s 38 yards rushing what will the Packer’s offense do? This will force Aaron Roger’s to pass at least two or three more times to make up those lost yards…. Yikes!

  9. Thankfully, I am not a Packer fan, but fo those who are, please tell me this. Why doesn’t Green Bay utilize Randall Cobb like the Saints do Darren Sproles, or the Vikings do Percy Harvin? Why are they putting their chips on something called John Kuhn and some other washed out RB’s? Why not put it into a playmaker’s hands!?

  10. Cobb is not Harvin. Harvin is pretty unique. Cobb is built more like a wideout. Percy is a blend between slot receiver/tail-back/small tight end.

    Cobb might be faster than Harvin, but I think he’d get killed if they used him like they do Harvin.

    But they definitely SHOULD use him more…

  11. chi01town says:Oct 8, 2012 5:37 PM

    Now I know they are threw.. atleast Benson was trying to run the ball. Greenbay gone get smoked

    Nice to see Chicago’s education rearing it’s ugly head

  12. Did one of our players walk underneath a ladder this off season?

    Shields plays perfect coverage – gets shoved – either gets called PI (on him) or not called at all…

    Nick Perry gets a sack – Penalized for flexing his muscles – penalized for “Helmet to helmet” (even thou he hit Luck in the chest/ribs area) …

    The fail mary … now all these injuries.
    smh… suppose it’s better to overcome adversity and toughen up early in the season than to breeze by and peak early. idk

  13. This is the worst possible news for the Packers. Our offensive line is utter garbage. With no respectable run game, Houston is going to eat Rodgers alive. I’ll be shocked if he manages to leave the game in one piece. Watt, Reed and Cush are probably licking their chops already.

  14. I’m a Packers fan and the simple fact is we will be this bad until we show some intensity. We LOST to the gmen in the playoffs just like we LOST to the 49ers, Seahawks, and Colts. Despite the horrible call by the re-refs at the end of the hawks game it shouldn’t have been that close I hate the way we’re playing right now.

  15. Karma. Blame it all on big mouth Woodson. Who also is now queen of holding / interference – called or uncalled.

  16. myeaglescantwin says:Oct 8, 2012 5:30 PM

    maybe less options for this offense will be good for Aaron.

    He throws for 40TDs when they have no backfield,, struggle when they add the run game.
    Apparently you did not see the second half of yesterday’s game or the second half of the game against Seattle. The threat of a running game makes any qb more effective in passing.

  17. Here’s the irony. All I hear is how these pass rushers of Texas, Detroit, Chicago and the Colts are going to eat Rogers up.
    Never hear how any of the Packer rushers will do the same. Why. They HAVE NONE! Mathews is playing rusher and not linebacker so there are plenty of openings up the middle for first down passes to the tight ends. The Place Mathews should be playing to prevent that.
    This Packer team is a joke. If someone said they will not win another game this year I for one will not argue the point. No running game, passing game, defense, kicking or special teams. Just what do they have that people think is special??????????????

  18. Not completely worried yet. 15-1 last year and knocked out in divisional round. 10-6 in 2010 and won Super Bowl. It’s all about who peaks at the right time. I think they are playing super sloppy football right now. But if they can hold it to 6 losses this season they will be in okay shape at least for a wild card spot. I hate to admit but I think Chicago will win the division. Minnesota is a fluke that will die hard real soon. GO PACKERS!

  19. Perhaps the Packers are missing Joe Philbin the most. Seems like all they want to do, is go for the 20+ passing gains. Where they have their most success at mixing up the short and long gains.

  20. first of all how many drives have ended now because if drops? Finley leads the league the last 2 year’s in drops, can we please drop him already? I’d be perfectly happy to see a 6 win season, maybe then we could get some help on defense and o-line in the draft. its getting pretty sad how abused the defense is.

  21. maybe the one smart player on team this week, he knows they r gonna lose so why risk injury on a wasted performance…..mmmm wonder how many other players try to follow suit this week?

  22. Well, the GB running game isn’t really in the hands of Kuhn, Green, etc – it’s in the hands of McCarthy, and he isn’t much for running. Reportedly the OLine was not happy at all that he called seven straight passes to start the 2nd half. Belicek found a way to get the NE offense going again; wish I was as confident that McCarthy will get GB’s tires re-inflated.

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