Falcons adopt businesslike approach to 5-0 start

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As well as the Falcons are playing right now, they’re convinced they could be better.

Despite getting off to a 5-0 start for the first time in franchise history, the true mark that this team is getting it was in the attitude adopted by the team after beating the Redskins yesterday.

“The best thing about it is that we are not playing our best football and we’re 5-0,” veteran center Todd McClure said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “This team is much better than what we’ve played thus far. It’s easy to make corrections when you’re 5-0. We have a lot of room for improvement.”

Quarterback Matt Ryan wasn’t as sharp as Matt Ryan had been, throwing an interception which was returned for a touchdown. It was just his third pick of the year, against 13 touchdowns.

But it was also his 18th career fourth quarter comeback, an alarming number for a fifth-year player.

“It is great start for us. It really is,” Ryan said. “At this point you can’t really worry about what is going on in the history of our organization, but we have put ourselves right where we need to be five games into it.”

There’s a businesslike quality to what they’re doing at the moment, and they know they can’t validate this until the postseason.

But the efficient play and appropriate attitude at this point in the regular season are good signs they could change their reputations.

14 responses to “Falcons adopt businesslike approach to 5-0 start

  1. …and they are doing the thing without their best CB Grimey (Brent Grimes, out for the season at a cost of $10+ million) & fine DT Corey Peters out for another month as 1st round bust Peria Jerry has subbed fairly well for him. And the same O-linemen who disappointed (understatement) last year like OT Sam Baker & OG Garrett Reynolds.

    When the opening playoff Dome game comes around….two words… throwback jerseys… if possible.

  2. I’ve been saying this for three weeks straight and I will continue to say it until otherwise, but the Falcons are the best team in the NFL. Ryan is playing like the MVP of the league right now. Defense is playing well. This is a really good team.

  3. i’m a 30 year falcons fan and every fiber of me wants to gloat and see the media writing stories and hear analysts say how great they are… but then my brain kicks in and i realize the very best thing that can happen to the falcons right now is that they keep flying under the radar and have the league ignore them until playoff time. in the meantime… this sure is fun.

  4. Meanwhile the Jets adopt a governmentlike approach to their start. Full of overpaid blowbags and spend money on things (Tebow) with no value

  5. The Falcons are so good, they don’t even need to prepare to beat the Raiders.

    As a matter of fact, the Raiders shouldn’t even bother going to Atlanta, that’s how good the Falcons are.

    There’s no no need to even play the game.

    What a team.

  6. If RGIII knew how to slide, it might have ended very differently. What a hit. That was like Ray Lewis impact. Glad he is ok.

  7. congrats to the Falcons! I’m a Redskins fan and although we lost yesterday i enjoyed that game. you guys found a wat to win without taking the deep shots downfield. Tony Gonzalez is a beast. I hope you make it to the big show

  8. Nice road win. Ryan > Flacco. At this point, let’s get past that one. But I also agree that Atlanta doesn’t seem any better than the pack of teams that we all know are contenders. No parts of their game are dominating. They are just very good.

  9. I was very fearful all week long that the Redskins were going to beat the Falcons. Glad the Falcons escaped with the win. The Redskins have really improved a lot and will continue to get better. Hope RGIII is ok and can start next week. Keep running the ball Redskins. Your running game is really good.

  10. While Ryan certainly is playing very well, is there anymore overrated stat that 4th quarter comebacks?

  11. “There’s a businesslike quality to what they’re doing at the moment, and they know they can’t validate this until the postseason.”

    Hmmm, so you’re saying that they might not be very good but assuming that they’ll be in the postseason? All they can do is play their schedule and it if they’re one of the best teams then we’ll see then. Up until then what the media thinks doesn’t matter.

  12. Atlanta sucks who have they played that is really good no one really they got lucky against Carolina
    and barley beat the Redskins give me a break Atlanta fans beat some one good then talk


  13. So what do you say about the results of these games:

    Phil 17/Cleveland 16 – Eagles overrated?
    Giants 41/Bucs 35 – Giants overrated?
    Eagles 24/Ravens 23 – Eagles overrated?
    Cards 20/Pats 18 – Pats overrated?
    Vikes 20/Colts 23 – Vikes overrated?
    Texans 31/ Den 25 – Texas overrated?
    Texans 23 / Jets 17 – Texans overrated?
    Ravens 31 / Pats 30 – Ravens overrated?
    Ravens 23 / Browns 16 – Ravens overrated?
    Packers 28 / Saints 27 – Packers overrated?
    Eagles 19 / Giants 17 – Both overrated?

    Basically you’re a trolling idiot… There’s nothing cheap about the way the Falcons have one this year. Carolina had 10 days to plan and they executed a great game plan. Let’s remember that the Falcons knocked the ball out of Cam’s arms and Ryan had to make the throw for Roddy to catch it. Also ATL had to get the ball into field goal range after that catch. Remember when people complained that Aaron Rodgers couldn’t win in the post-season after they lost a shoot out to Warner’s Cardinals team? People also complained that Drew Brees couldn’t lead a dome team to a title. It’s early in the season, but the Falcons have shown that they can win many different ways. Let’s see how things look in January.

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