Fran Tarkenton admits he was wrong about the Vikings

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Add legendary Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton to the list of people who were wrong about the Vikings.

People thought he was nuts in the preseason when he said the Vikings would trail only the Packers in the NFC North.

I was wrong,” Tarkenton said in a video with the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “We’re No. 1 after four weeks.”

The Vikings are 4-1 and tied for the division lead with the Bears at the moment, each of them two games ahead of the Packers.

Tarkenton raved about the stability of the Vikings organization, and credited them for not turning into a circus.

Of course, being in Minnesota helps.

“I like the stable ownership like we have in Minnesota,” Tarkenton said. “The Wilf family are so solid and great. I love our coach. I love our front office. They don’t make the headlines. Christian Ponder makes the headlines. Adrian Peterson makes the headlines. And how about Percy Harvin making the headlines!”

Whether they can sustain it remains to be seen, but at the moment, more and more believers are lining up behind Tarkenton.

36 responses to “Fran Tarkenton admits he was wrong about the Vikings

  1. It’s no surprise the Vikings are 4-1 at this point. It’s been a rather easy schedule, minus the 49’ers, to this point. The tough part will come starting Week 12:
    -@ Bears
    -@ Packers
    – Bears
    – Rams
    -@ Texans
    – Packers

    Vikings need to come with at least a 8-2 record to have a chance at the playoffs.

  2. Before the year, based on the schedule, i had the vikes starting 6-2 and finishing 7-9. This is from a packer fan who thought the vikings would start 6-2. So it shouldnt be a surprise. The only thing.that would surprise me is if they make the playoffs.

  3. “Of course, being in Minnesota helps” –
    This comes from a guy living in Charlotte, NC with a degree from world famous Appalachian State University? Whatever…

  4. kevinlone says:Oct 8, 2012 10:57 AM

    …other than the 49ers,have the Vikings beat a team with a winning record?? it wont last,so enjoy the limelight while ya can Queen fans..
    Have any of the other teams in the NFC North beat a team with a winning record? Nope. As it does every year it comes down to divisional play and so far the Vikings are the ones in first place with a division win.

  5. I admit, Fran Tarkenton is a jerk. The guy thinks that he is a lot more special and that he’s a better person than he truly is.

  6. I’m a rare fan who is both a Packer and Viking fan. As a Packer fan I am extremely worried but as a Viking fan I find no solace in another team losing if the Bears are still winning. 10-6 should get into the playoffs so the Vikings really should only need to go 6-5 the rest of the way. Their toughness has surprised me and by no means are they an easy win for any team facing them. What an interesting season. Gotta love the NFL.

  7. Who have the Bears played? Sheesh! And before the season started, everyone had the Lions as one of the top teams in the NFC and the Vikings beat them AT DETROIT. And it wasn’t like they beat the 49ers by a last-second field goal. They whooped them. I’m not saying they’re going to the Super Bowl, but at least give them credit where credit is due.

  8. The Vikings at 4-1 makes me happy. Once reality sets in and their record starts to match their talent level, the front running, bandwagon-riding fan base will go on suicide watch.

    The Germans have a word of it, Schadenfreude, I just call it entertainment.

  9. packhawk, I highly doubt you thought we would be 6-2, and since you are such an expert I am curious if you had your team 2-3 right now? Also look a little more into the win against the 49ers, we flat out beat a team that handled the packers and lions fairly easy and have completely dominated their other two opponents.

  10. Give the Vikes their due. They are having a great season. 4-1 is nothing to sneeze at unless you are one of the teams that everyone expected to be 4-1! Oh wait…..most of those teams are not 4-1! I am a Bengals fan so this isn’t a homer post either! Keep it up Vikes….I hope you prove all of the naysayers wrong!

  11. ninjapleazee says:Oct 8, 2012 11:09 AM

    You’re still wrong Frank they’re not number one. They’re tied.


    Technically, with the Vikes currently being 1-0 in division games, and the Bears being 0-1, the Vikes are in 1st place.

  12. Um … Tarkenton also said that Tom Brady is no longer an elite QB, and when the Vikings signed Brett Favre, he said it wouldn’t make them any better.

  13. If you’ve paid attention to the Vikes this year you can’t totally chalk their 4-1 start up to an easy schedule.

    This is a team that lost over 6 games last year by 7 pts or less, and much of that was due to their poor defense. This year with some fresh blood their secondary is playing much better along with their defense as a whole. They haven’t allowed more then 23 points to an opponent all season, and the 2 games the did allow 23 points were their first 2 games before they’ve had much of a chance to gel as a unit.

    If their defense can keep playing like this they easily can knock off the Packers and Bears, both who have substandard offensive lines.

    You can’t write off a team that is playing physical and solid defense, and has playmakers like Harvin and Peterson on the offensive side of the ball with a much improved offensive line.

  14. I love how some of you people just write off them beating the Niners(no one else has done that) but then fawn over the Bears because they make Blaine Gabbert and Tony Romo look bad.

  15. packhawk04 says:Oct 8, 2012 10:57 AM

    Before the year, based on the schedule, i had the vikes starting 6-2 and finishing 7-9. This is from a packer fan who thought the vikings would start 6-2. So it shouldnt be a surprise. The only thing.that would surprise me is if they make the playoffs.

    I also thought we could get off to a fast start and then have trouble in the second half of the season, but I didn’t expect we’d beat San Francisco and I didn’t expect our defense and Ponder to improve as quickly as they have. The second half of the schedule doesn’t look so tough now. After all, we get the Packers twice.

  16. @joeyashwi
    You can’t be a true Vikings fan if you are also a Packers fan. It’s simply not possible. Make up your mind.

  17. All these negative comments are from fans of a 2-3 football team.

    Hey, that’s what happens when your entire team revolves around ONE guy. Rodgers can’t do it every single week all by himself. Try improving some other things (running game, offensive line, defense)… it might help.

  18. does anybody know where i can get Vikings Superbowl tickets? Nearly all the fan base for that club must think those chumbalone’s are headed for the promised a football fan in general,and the queens already played their Superbowl when they beat the 49ers,theyve been in the league 50+ years with nothing to show for it,this year will be no different…

  19. @joereisma… no, i didnt have the pack at 2-3. These were my predictions… write them down please. Packers and bears 11-5 (pack sweep bears for division title) vikings 8-8, lions 6-10.

  20. kevinlone says:
    “…other than the 49ers,have the Vikings beat a team with a winning record??”

    You mean the 49ers who’ve beaten everyone else they’ve played by a combined score of 136-44? The same 49ers who slapped the Packers around?

  21. records are sometime hard to decipher. for example, bears beat colts, packers beat bears, colts beat packers. does that means that the bears are better than packers since they ( bears ) beat colts, the team that beat packers?

  22. Aside from the Colts, who else were the Viking supposed to beat so far?

    Granted, they haven’t played great teams but thats the schedule they were given.

    BTW — besides the Bears, what team has the Pack beaten that has a winning record…I realize this gets confusing when you include games when the Pack beats themselves.

  23. I don’t understand all of this hate/ignorance.

    I am a die hard Vikings fan and have been for years. Yes we are off to a great start and are playing the schedule we were dealt (8th hardest in the league) but i’m not claiming the division nor a Superbowl, that is just stupid. We are playing to our strengths and exposing other teams weaknesses right now.

    I am just a proud fan, proud of our young players and the organization, for them to all gel together and understand the mission. Don’t forget we have a 2nd year QB, it is just nice in general to finally see we have our franchise QB in Ponder. There is still a lot of work to be done, but this is a great foundation.

    For once we aren’t a circus/laughing stock of the NFL and we still get hated on.

    I guess that will always happen when you are in the division with the Packers, I respect their team and franchise…but I can’t say the same about their fan base.. about 85% of them are ignorant idiots, but it’s fine, I deal with it.

    We can’t all be fans of teams with a bunch of rings or the most popular franchises – or the sport wouldn’t be what it is today. Sure being a Vikings fan is usually just a bunch of stress, but when things go right, we’re on top of the world. SKOL

  24. Fran Tarkenton was one of the greatest quarter backs to play the game. And, he provided one of the most exciting memories I have of the Saints pre contending. The Vikings we’re driving to take the lead in a game that was tied at 24. Fran Tarkenton attempted a pass in the flat and Tommy Meyers intercepted it and took it back 87 yards for a touch down. I remeber that because the year before the Vikings came to the dome and waxed the Saints 40 to 9. You know now that I think about it the Vikings have humilated the Saints a lot over the years. So, the way I have it figured the NFC Championship Game makes us even.

  25. All the naysayers want to point to an easy schedule, Is it the toughest schedule no! But nobody had the Vikes winning more than 6 games! And the Vikes do make the playoffs!!! Be it as divisional winners or wild card!! To all you naysayers keep betting against the Vikes!! (Pretty darn good for a rebuilding team) Huh!!

  26. Vikings fans,
    We have to keep a level head here. Starting the season all I heard was 6 or less wins on the season. Now we get a few wins under our belt and I hear playoff talk and how great we are. Being 4-1 after a 3-13 season…It’s all gravy from here. Win or lose we are better. Sure, enjoy the wins, they’re great. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk playoff when/if they happen.

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