Jerome Simpson concerned about leg injury

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Lost in the unlikely euphoria from the Land of 10,000 Lakes is the fact that one of their newest weapons could be unavailable in the coming weeks.

Receiver Jerome Simpson, arguably the fastest man on the team and the only true deep threat in the passing game, emerged from Sunday’s 30-7 win with an injury to his lower leg.  And he’s worried about it.

“Just being injured, my level of concern is always high,” Simpson said, via  “I’m pretty sure I’ll get through this and just keep the faith and just do what the doctors say.”

Simpson will undergo further testing on Monday regarding an injury that kept him out of much of the game, and that hindered him when he played.

“We are still trying to figure out exactly what is going on with his lower leg,” coach Leslie Frazier said.  “Some of you may have seen us working him out early, trying to figure out if he was going to be able to go or not.  We decided to let him play and he did a pretty good job, but he wasn’t himself.”

Frazier’s comments suggest the injury occurred before the game, but all indications are that the injury occurred at some point early in the contest.  (Unless he did it while leaping high in the air during the pre-game introductions.)

“He wasn’t able to really push off and didn’t feel like he had the strength in the lower leg.  We have to try to find out why, why is that the case,” Frazier said.

Nine different players had catches on Sunday.  Simpson wasn’t one of them.

Though the Vikings were fine without Simpson, they’ll need him as the season continues to unfold — and as the schedule eventually contains something more than one-win teams.

Yeah, Vikings fans, we know your team beat the 49ers.  But the combined record of the other three teams the Vikings vanquished is 3-11.

15 responses to “Jerome Simpson concerned about leg injury

  1. On KFAN in Mpls they said he woke up yesterday morning and there was something wrong with his leg, so he didnt suffer it during the game.

  2. its not about combined record its about how they play on sundays mondays or thursday anyone can win on anyday of the football season stop hatin u scab

  3. Okay, I get it. The Vikings have a brutal schedule after the bye and yes, beating teams with a combined record of 3-11 isn’t very good. I do believe though that the Lions were a playoff team just last year and everyone was high on them and their high powered offense. Nobody, including this fan, thought Minnesota would be 4-1, so I will take it and make no excuses or apologies for beating teams with a bad record.

    I’m a realist, which I understand a good amount of fans aren’t, but stop raining on the parade.

  4. “arguably the fastest man on the team and the only true deep threat in the passing game” ??? So Florio u think its worth arguing that hes faster than Percy Harvin??? R U insane or do you just hear quotes from others and have no idea that Percy is on the same team ??? And while Percy doesnt catch balls that are thrown deep, although yesterday he did have a nice one, hes always a threat to go the distance.

  5. Florio –

    First, the Vikings can only play the teams that are on their schedule. Second, they’ve controlled the last three games from start to finish. Two of which were against teams from last year’s playoffs.

    And finally, why aren’t you questioning the Texans, Patriots & 49ers who have yet to beat teams with winning records? Or the Falcons whose only win against a winning team is the Chargers. Take a look at the opponents records for many of the top teams in the league and they’re very comparable to that of the Vikings. These teams aren’t questioned, nor should they be, so why not give the Vikings the credit they’ve earned as well?

  6. What’s the matter Florio, you don’t want people to know that you used to be a Vikings fan so you had to delete my comment? Lame.

  7. It’s not like the Vikings are Super Bowl contenders or anything, but they didn’t just beat the 49ers, they beat them up — the same team that’s put 40 points a game on the board since the Vikes spanked them.

  8. Why does everyone discount the win over the 49ers? The Vikings soundly beat the team that has outscored their opponents 79-3 the last two weeks. The Vikings are a legitimate 4-1, just like every other team that is 4-1.

    And the Packers are a legitimate 2-3. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  9. Gotta love it when the blogger/writer baits the fans.

    That is one place where bloggers/writers go when team or player performance does not fit their narrative.

    “This is why your team is not good, despite my inaccurate prediction for their overall performance and success:”

    – Downplay or discard the importance of legitimate successes (49ers win)
    – Attack the legitimacy of wins against inferior teams.
    – Overplay the importance of losses to inferior teams (Colts loss). This tactic was not available to the blogger/writer due to the GB vs. Indy result yesterday.

    I don’t think anyone in Vikingland is expecting to be elevated to elite status after 5 weeks. But, could you at least let us enjoy it while it lasts?

  10. Say even if the teams the Vikes beat have losing records, Good teams win those type’s of games. Everyone assumes that the Vikes can’t win the tough games, But just you watch!! NFC north watchout!!

  11. Yup, and aside from the Jets (who haven’t played tonight), the 49ers have only beat teams with a combined record of 5-9. Add in the Jets: 7-11. Add in the Vikings 11-12. The Vikings opponents’ combined record? 9-13. Wow. What a discrepancy

  12. Apply the same logic to the Packers and the fact that they have lost to two of the teams that the Vikings have dominated and what does that tell us?

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