Kevin Faulk will announce retirement on Tuesday

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Kevin Faulk held out hope this offseason that the Patriots would call him back for one more season, but it seems he’s decided it is time to move on.

Something about Stevan Ridley rushing for 256 yards in the last two weeks makes it seem like that’s a wise decision.

The Patriots announced Monday that Faulk will make his retirement official on Tuesday. He gave a sneak preview of the kind of sentiment that will be on display as Faulk puts a lid on a 13-year NFL career.

“I’m definitely looking forward to it tomorrow. It’s a chance to say thanks to the fans and teammates and coaches,” Faulk said, via Chrisopher Price of WEEI. “It’s been a wonderful experience to play for the Patriots. Of course, it was a difficult decision, but it wasn’t something that was difficult because I knew this day was coming.”

Faulk retires as the Patriots’ all-time leader in kickoff return yards, all-purpose yards and receptions by a running back with 431. He also won three Super Bowl rings with the team.

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  1. I thought it was the emergence of Shane Vereen’s soft hands in practice that made the pass-catching/third-down back expendable. I’m curious what the 3rd down play percentages are for Vereen vs. Woodhead vs. Ridley. Faulk was the consummate Patriot, great career man!

  2. What this article doesn’t say is that Faulk does film review sessions with Ridley every week. Thanks for everything Kevin, you will be missed and I’m sure we’ll see you soon for your inauguration into the Pats hall of fame.

  3. Not to mention every Wednesday, Faulk watches film with Ridley and has been his mentor since he entered the league.

    Congratulations on a great career by a great Patriot who will also be donning a red jacket at One Patriots Place in the not too distant future.

  4. Kevin it has indeed been a great career we’ve watched. I truly hope the patriots can keep him on staff to mentor the core of young running backs. RB coach Faulk?

  5. Congrats to Kevin Faulk! A great former Tiger passing the torch and helping out another former Tiger.

  6. Kevin Faulk has been working out with Ridley and reviewing film with him every Wednesday according to Ridley. Especially giving him tips on pass protection.

    Class act all the way.

  7. Kevin Faulk was—and is—the quintessential New England Patriot. Some adjectives pertaining to him that come to mind include words like selfless, diligent, humble, reliable, versatile, and loyal. Above all else, he was the ultimate team player. Kevin will long be remembered as one of the giants in Patriots franchise history.

  8. I’ll always remember commentators calling him by his surname in the lead up to various game, always followed by the derisory “of course…this isn’t Marshall….its Kevin”.

    Well ‘Kevin’ went on to have a fantastic career as the archetypal Patriot – a flawed player with fumbling issues when he entered the league – he worked hard every day to make the absolute most of his talents.

    I’m sure is Brady could pick a guy, any guy, to sit back next to him in the shotgun on a key play – that man would be Kevin Faulk.

    Thanks for the memories and good luck with the future.

  9. Kevin attended Carencro High School in tiny Carencro LA, my alma mater, and has been a wonderful representative of that small community. He is a high caliber professional and brought a lot of enjoyment to football fans everywhere. He is also a great example that no matter how humble your beginnings, if you work hard enough, you can make it in any field you choose.

  10. Just want to add my well wishes for Faulk. He was everything my fellow Pats fans said above and more. As unselfish a player as there has been for the Pats. BB got lucky with Faulk as he was there from the prior regime, but he’s the type of player BB would have chosen IMO.

  11. One of the things that I always noticed about him was what a good sport he was on the field. Never saw him retaliate or get up in someones face when a lot of other players would. True to himself.

  12. Enjoyed many fun Sundays of football thanks to Kevin. A great example of how hard any given athlete can work to get the most out of his talents.

    Class, class individual, the very embodiment of “the Patriot Way”.

  13. A member of the Patriots “core” during the Super Bowl (winning) years. One of those guys that only trues Pats fans really understood how valuable he was to the team.

    Pats Hall of Famer! Congrats and good luck!

  14. I have to leave my two cents because the man deserves the respect of all who watched him…the least I could do is post something somewhere explaining how great he was for the Patriots organization.

    Faulk definitely developed in a key cog in the Pats offense in the middle of his career. At first he was an afterthought, holdover, from the Carroll era. But he stayed the course and eventually made enough plays to be noticed.

    I’ll never forget how clutch this guy was…taking direct snaps in the SB and getting into the endzone. He was always where the team needed him to be.

    Class act and solid, solid football player. Hope he gets into coaching because he could definitely part some wisdom onto other guys in the future.

  15. It’s funny, but the first couple seasons he was with the team he had the case of the fumbles (as someone else who obviously knows his career stated in a comment earlier). As a long time fan I wanted him to get the boot.

    Then it was like someone flicked a switch on him and he turned into Mr. Reliable. The guy hardly ever lost the ball anymore after that. He became a clutch third down back for the team and even though opposing teams knew it, they couldn’t stop him. He use to do what Welker does for the team now when needed. He could catch as well as run with the ball.

    He did whatever was needed for the team to win. Many games he was just a blocking back. Some backs would get ticked off by that and wanting more touches/carries, but Kevin would just take it in stride and do what was needed for the team to win.

    Kevin, I have been watching this team since ’73 when I was a kid. There have been only a few players that have earned the title of “Mr. Patriot” in my books. Every one of them has a red jacket. You played on the same team as one of my favorite “Mr. Patriots” who just got his red jacket, Troy Brown. You will be getting that red jacket just like him on that first nomination “Mr. Patriot”.

    I hope the organization finds a way to keep you with them in some capacity. I’m sure Mr. Ridley would like that as well as any others that come on board like him.

    Thanks for all the wonderful years and good luck with whatever your future holds for you.

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