Mario Williams on injury disclosure: I haven’t done anything wrong

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While the Bills investigate how to turn things around on defense after allowing 97 points over the last two weeks, the league is reportedly investigating whether or not they have violated the league’s rules about injury disclosure when it comes to defensive end Mario Williams.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported this weekend that the league was looking into Williams’ failure to appear on injury reports despite his public statements about being bothered by a left wrist injury. The Bills contend they didn’t list Williams because he didn’t miss any practice reps or games, although that falls short of the standard the league has set for inclusion on the injury report.

Williams was asked about the kerfuffle on Monday and said that anybody watching film would know he’s been bothered by the wrist injury. He also correctly pointed out that he has nothing to do with the injury report.

“All I do is I go out and I practice,” Williams said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “I brace it up, do whatever I need to do to practice, and I play in the game. Now, I don’t report anything. I don’t know all the odds and ends about [the injury report]. I don’t know if you go through practice if you report that or not. The players don’t control that. I didn’t even know if I was on the injury report or not. I don’t check injury reports. That’s not what I do.”

The Bills will likely be fined by the league for their failure to put Williams on the injury report, which will bring this little saga to a close. Then the Bills will get back to work on getting Williams and the rest of their defense performing at a level closer to what’s required of NFL teams with hopes of success.

19 responses to “Mario Williams on injury disclosure: I haven’t done anything wrong

  1. Why would the team have to disclose an injury if the player is not limited in practices?I thought that was the designation.

    This season it looks like the entire Bills defense is injured and should be put on IR.

  2. Funny how some athletes “out perform” their contracts and demand more cash. What happens when they “under perform” their contracts? I suppose they can get cut, but do you think the team will demand their signing bonus back? The player would laugh at them all the way to the bank. Signed; every guy that beat teams out of huge bonus’s and tanked it. Albert Haynesworth welcomes you to the club Mario

  3. 8to80texansblog says:

    “Does the Texans GM Rick Smith deserve Exec of the Year considerations for NOT giving this guy $100mm?”

    To be completely accurate, the Texans couldn’t have given Williams $100 million even if they had wanted to. They didn’t have room under the cap to do so. Thank God.

  4. Buffalo fans must be sick. This was supposed to be their year. I feel bad for the fans. If it were the Jets I’d be rubbing their noses in it….

  5. randallflagg52 says:
    Oct 8, 2012 4:01 PM
    How about the NFL starts cracking down on Belichick and his shady injury reports?

    They already did years ago. BB used to be intentionally vague with the injury report. It was funny. One guy would have an injured foot, another guy would have a hurt knee and another guy would have a hamstring…..and all three would listed on the injury report as “Questionable: Leg”. The league cracked down on that years ago.

  6. I can only remember 1 more 100 mil guy on defense (fat albert) and he just tanked after he got that contract… i hope mario rediscovers his form…

  7. I thought it was hilarious how some of these so called experts on the NFL Network,ESPN and other networks said the Williams signing was the best aquisition in FA and it would turn the Bills around. No position in the NFL other than top tier QB (unless your Michael Vick) deserves the kind of money he got. The warning flags were there. Oh by the way I still think Reggie Bush has out performed him in his career. At least he has a ring.

  8. AlbertHaynesworthitis is a difficult diagnosis to make. This is career threatening where suddenly wealthy players are suddenly sluggish, appearing lazy, have balance issues during games and may have to lie down on the ground for periods of time.

  9. Mario is nothing like Haynesworth. Mario is in amazing shape, studies for games, etc.; Haynesworth is none of those things. Mario just lacks the game intensity it takes and gets blown out of plays. In his defense, this is nothing new–he has always had these deficiencies. So, get mad at the Bills organization for spending so much money, but don’t get mad at a guy for getting as much money as he can.

  10. Just make a play when it matters Mario, please, just make a play. You are a freak of nature, even one-handed you should be able to make something happen in a game.

    So disappointed in these Bills. Not a single positive thing to take away from their 3 losses. I’m still hoping Mario can find a way to do something to make him worth some of the money he’s being paid, but I’ve lost hope for the team this season. No desire to win, no confidence in the QB.

    Time to hit reset. Chan and Fitz both must go.

    “Geno Smith and anyone but Chan 2013”

  11. Mario should have taken the Chicago Bears offer an played with a good defense. Instead of going to the Bills for the extra money. Now he is expected to win games by him self an when the Bills lose they talk about his CONTRACT

  12. It just didn’t work out for Chan and the gang. At least he came to play in the Cold Buffalo, I don’t recall any other coach wanting to play and bring a team back from the dead! At least he is getting there! I know, Time is of the Virtue..But I think Chan needs to stay for at least one more year and bring in the Defensive Cordinator from Seattle and let him take over Chans Job if he doesn’t produce. Then in the Draft, GO FOR A DANG QUARTERBACK, (DUH) Then a Wide Receiver! Or 2 WR’s. We need production out of these slouches, they just want to collect a check and go home to their wives and kids and not work anymore! That is what’s wrong with this country anymore! Lazy Bums!

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