Redskins to audition potential Cundiff replacements Tuesday


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said yesterday he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with kicker Billy Cundiff.

The answer, apparently, is take a look at the alternatives to having him continue to kick.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, the Redskins will work out at least three kickers Tuesday: Olindo Mare, Josh Brown and Kai Forbath.

Cundiff missed three against the Buccaneers (but hit the one late that mattered), and missed a 31-yarder Sunday which allowed the Falcons to get a game-tying field goal before the half.

Granted, they might get a load of those three guys, and realize Cundiff is still a better option. But the looking around speaks volumes about their intent.

22 responses to “Redskins to audition potential Cundiff replacements Tuesday

  1. Mare would be a downgrade for the Skins. How bout J0hn Kasay? He’s been pretty much automatic most of his career.

    Skins need to fix the kicking problem or they risk throwing their season away.

  2. Mark Mosely is probably a better bet than Cundiff.

    Seriously, if Shanahan didn’t see the red flags that came with Cundiff, he deserved what he got.

    Cundiff has never met a 30-yard FG he didn’t like to miss.

  3. Not sure why the Redskins can’t find a decent kicker. Even guys that don’t kick worth a hoot for the ‘Skins go elsewhere and perform admirably (Shaun Suisham for example). I guess D.C. is kicker kryptonite.

  4. i’m surprised josh brown is still out of work. he kicked very well in the pre-season and may have been the second-best performer in the Jets training camp. unfort for him the first-best there was Folk…

  5. Mare? Mare?

    After his work in Carolina, I can’t imagine any team thinking Mare would be an upgrade. Well, maybe a team with a one-legged kicker… that would make sense to give Mare a look… but anything other than that, forgetaboutit!

  6. This was totally predictable, and Shanahan should be hammered for this decision to get Cundiff. What quality coach sacrifices kickoff distance for field goal accuracy? Hell, the Saints have their punter kick off just so they can keep a medium leg kicker who can kick it straight.

  7. kicking is so mental…. the last thing Cundiff needs is to be put under the gun… Last year Cundiff was the toast of the league… miss a big one and there goes all the good you did…. and you’re a bum….

  8. There is no conceivable way they can trot Cundiff out again this Sunday. He should have been cut on his way off the field.

    Look- I don’t what his problem is, and I hope he figures it out and gets his career back on track, but he’ll have to do that on his own time.

    The Skins simply can’t afford to let him do it on theirs.

  9. “acknole08 says:
    Oct 8, 2012 2:19 PM
    Mare would be a downgrade for the Skins. How bout J0hn Kasay? He’s been pretty much automatic most of his career. ”

    All true, but I think it’s too late, because Kasay has already filed for social security.

  10. And the kicker carousel continues in D.C.

    Why is it so hard for them to find a halfway decent kicker?

    Cundiff has to go at this point. He’s 3/8 since the season opener.

  11. I can’t get over the showboating Josh Brown did at the end of the Rams/Skins game in ’08. He’s in my top 10 most hated players. If the Skins sign him I don’t even know if I could root for him.

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