Report: Suggs won’t be back for Texans game

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On Sunday, a report emerged that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs could be back from a partially torn Achilles tendon by October 21, when Baltimore is scheduled to play the Texans in Houston.

On Monday, Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reported that Suggs won’t be back by October 21.  Wilson’s story cites an unnamed source who says that Suggs isn’t targeting the Week Seven contest, and that “it’s far too soon to know” when Suggs will be able to play.

Per Wilson, Suggs is more likely to return in November, probably later in the month.

Suggs is on the reserve/non-football injury list.  He’s able to return to practice after Week Six, but before Week Nine.  Once he returns to practice, he’ll have three weeks to join the active roster, or revert to a season-ending reserve list.

10 responses to “Report: Suggs won’t be back for Texans game

  1. WE ALL KNOW the Ravens and Suggs are targeting the Steelers games . Only a blind fool would think otherwise . Dont matter . They will be ready .

  2. Even if the Ravens need him,which they obviously do, it is stupid to rush him back. Sadly enough for him they will choke in the big one with or without him as usual.

  3. I think the case is made that Terrell Suggs is the most valuable player on the Baltimore Ravens. The fact that a defense that features Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata and Lardarius Webb looks as pedestrian as it does in his absence is the only argument necessary. That said, they are 4-1 without him, as ugly as those W’s have been. Pushing a less than 100% Suggs back on the field only hinders the Ravens chances come January. Besides, this Ravens team has no excuses anymore: they have an offense that is “supposed” to be able to survive a deficit like this by excelling on the offensive side of the ball. Suggs should not have to imperil his health because Joe Flacco and Cam Cameron can’t get it together. The Ravens offense should be able to keep them in games. After being leashed by the Browns and the Chiefs this may not be the case after all.

  4. This is what will happen…

    They will start him practicing a couple weeks before the 1st steeler game.

    He will make his debut as a situational pass rusher in that game.

    He will play that role for a few weeks while they monitor his snaps.

    When the 2nd steeler game comes around he will play the full game and maintain that role for the duration of the season barring any setbacks.

    Now let’s not revisit this subject again until 2 weeks before the 1st steeler game.

    Thank you

  5. Doesnt matter texans will smash them! And when they come to da burgh that sorry excuse of a defense is gonna get torched!!!

  6. The Achilles won’t hold up, look at his size and the force on that tiny area that’s already been damaged. One wrong move, twist, fall or hit and it’s hello season-ending reserve list.

  7. Nov 18 can’t get here fast enough. The Steelers will lay a massive smackdown on this over-hyped and over-rated team, no matter if Suggs plays or not. You know it’s true, and it will happen. Enjoy your win against the mighty KC Chiefs without even scoring a TD. Hope Harbaugh enjoyed his gatorade bath after that big win.

  8. Maybe he can help that pathetic defense stop a running back from putting up a buck fifty on them. Ravens = window closed

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