Ringer feared out for season, Johnson continues awful season

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These are not the days to be a Titans running back.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, the Titans fear they’ve lost backup Javon Ringer for the season with a left knee injury, suffered late in Sunday’s 30-7 loss to the Vikings. He was hauled off on a cart after he was landed on awkwardly during the kill the clock portion of the fourth quarter.

He was obviously in a lot of pain when he got injured,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said. “You lose a game, that’s bad enough. When you get guys hurt, that’s the hard part about this.”

It extends a tough start of the season for Ringer, who missed time with an infection in his elbow that he feared might cost him his arm.

Of course, the Titans have problems in front of him on the depth chart as well.

After a 141-yard day against the Texans last week, Chris Johnson reverted, with just 24 yards on 15 carries. In four of his five games this year, he’s been held under 25 yards.

“Not just the running game, the whole offense didn’t do anything,” Johnson said. “Nobody made plays. Everything took a toll; you just can’t say the running game. It’s the whole offense.”

Ah, accountability. The Titans are a mess right now, a problem that goes far beyond having their starting quarterback on the bench.

19 responses to “Ringer feared out for season, Johnson continues awful season

  1. Johnson has stunk for a couple years. Why are people shocked about this?
    Have you ever seen him interviewed? Give that guy a tank full of money and you really wonder why he stinks now.
    And he will be cut after the season due to the huge cap number and broke in 5 years. Book it.

  2. dude should wear a mask when he goes to the bank, cause it’s outright theft he’s doing to the titans.

  3. Cares more about him, his grills and hair than his responsibilities to his team and mates. Hope he saved some of his ill-gotten-fortune, because he is done after he is cut this year.

  4. Let us all remember this day the next time some idiot says a player out played his rookie contract. No such animal. When you sign a contract you agree to do something for a set reward. If you do a great job, fine. If you fail to produce ok, we will remember this next time we talk about your next contract. If you have one great year, you can not say you over played your deal unless you are willing to give money back when you do not produce.

  5. Suck to have a running back who can’t accept responsibility when he isn’t playing well. I don’t see any other top running backs doing this.

  6. I remember when Johnson claimed to be better than Adrian Peterson. Peterson does his job and was rewarded. Johnson held out and cried for more money. Peterson worked harder than he had to in order to get back and play the game he loves at the highest level. Had Johnson had the same injury Peterson did, he would be out the whole season, not playing at an all pro level from week one like Peterson has. Character…can’t put a price on that. There are currently 31 NFL teams with a better starting RB than the Titans. Ouch.

  7. Please think about Chris Johnson the next time you hear some ex-NFL player on TV say, “Just pay the man”.

    This is the problem on the owners side. You hear the players/agents constantly harp on “out-performing” their contracts and they want a ton of money up front.

    Well, what about when they “under-perform” their contracts? Do you ever see them give money back?

    Is Darrell Revis giving any money back that he held out for. Is it the Jet’s fault that he got hurt? What is Revis contributing? What is Chris Johnson? Gaither? You can go on and on.

  8. Go back three years, and ask yourself this question: Which back is more likely to sign a big contract and disappear, Chris Johnson or Marshawn Lynch?

    Admit it, you’d have answered Lynch, who is currently on pace for a 1600 yard season, while CJ2YPC, well…..

  9. Wait – what?? The Titans players didn’t all suddenly become personally accountable and responsible the day Vince Young was shipped out of town???

    Color me SHOCKED (not).

    Hey – maybe – just maybe – that dude with a career .620 winning percentage can actually play some QB (hint, hint, Arizona, Buffalo, KC, Jets, Raiders, etc, etc).

  10. After he is cut his money will dwindle and he’ll be hungry again. Someone will give him a chance. He’ll get some of his old speed and effort back at that point, but it will be far too late to salvage what looked like it could be a great career.

    Either way the over under on this guy being bankrupt should be set at about 6 years.

  11. Yeah, we sure aren’t hearing much from Mr. Big Mouth Michael Irvin these days. CJ has demonstrated through past behavior that he is a turd, so the Titans are getting what they deserved.

  12. Chris Johnson is either DONE or he’s intentionally sabotaging the team–which is what Marshall Faulk suggested he might doing in key losses last year.

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