Ron Rivera thinks Cam Newton’s trying to do too much

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Seahawks safety Earl Thomas said after Sunday’s 16-12 win over the Panthers that the Seattle defense knew how things would play out for Cam Newton.

“We know he’s a great dual-threat quarterback, but once we bottle it up and frustrate him, we know he’s going to tank a little bit. We were able to do that today,” Thomas said, via the Associated Press.

Indeed they were. Newton was 12-of-29 for 141 yards during a frustrating day that saw Newton, given a chance to possibly pull things out late, underthrow a receiver in the end zone on fourth down. It was a terrible performance by any measure and it’s no surprise that Panthers coach Ron Rivera was asked about what’s wrong with Newton on Monday. Rivera thinks Newton’s trying to do too much and needs to be willing to take different things when necessary.

“It’s not just to advance the ball quickly. But it’s to work the different levels, different options and different combinations that are there. They take this away, come down and get this,” Rivera said, via Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer. “I think sometimes he holds it a little bit. He’s waiting for that guy to clear, and sometimes it’s too late.”

Rivera called it part of Newton “developing as a football player,” although it has looked like a move in the other direction at times this season. The Panthers offense is going to be stuck in neutral whenever Newton isn’t playing well, which makes it all the more urgent for him to get on track.

20 responses to “Ron Rivera thinks Cam Newton’s trying to do too much

  1. Somethings seems off with Cam, the guy is an amazing athlete, I was one of those people that wanted him to prove he can play on Sundays and he can.

    It just seems after losses, his attitude is terrible, and I think it has started to carry into the next week on the field.

  2. cam is in a funk… panthers need to run the ball more…
    without cam firing… they are probably the worst team in the league…

  3. Uh, isn’t it the coach’s job to get a player to “stop pressing” and throw intelligently?

    Who’s running the offense? Cam “White Towel” Newton or the coaches?


  4. I’d be rattled too if I saw Red Bryant headed right for me while wondering if Chris Clemmons or Bruce Irvin were about to crush me in my back.

  5. Of course, the defense is terrible, the offensive line can’t block, and the receivers aren’t very good outside of Steve smith and Greg Olsen. So he feels the need to carry the team, which he has to do if we want to win.

  6. I feel like Cam forgets that he has two good running backs. The offense is entirely placed on Cam’s shoulders. Before Cam, Deangelo williams was a Beast, now he can’t sniff 20 yards a game?

  7. On the team when you few players showing passion to rid themselves of the losing name tag it has to be frustrating when to see players not play up to their level on a constant basis. ( see their Thursday night performance against the Giants)

  8. his stats from last year: 21 TD and 17 INT.

    stats from this year: 2 TD and 5 INT .

    on pace to finish with: 7 TD and 16 INT.

    Is it possible he was a little overrated coming off last year – looks like defenses have figured him out.

  9. Our problem is we have no consistent balance on offense. When the running game goes stagnant, so does our offense.

    What we really need is another wideout to compliment Smitty.

  10. Funny how seattle’s D gets no credit for shutting down an explosive player like Newton. True, he is almost the only weapon in Carolina, but the way he was completely dominated is a matter of note for seattle.

  11. What’s wrong with you nfl media types he is in his second year and he broke records in his first year. Lay off the kid I would take cam over the the noodle arm Andrew luck a millions times over.

    P.S. don’t talk about lucks throws in the dome don’t forget it’s a dome it is perfect conditions.

  12. Oh, for chrissakes! The Panthers are not running a pro-style offense, or even a college-style offense. I watch every game and all I am seeing is a high school-style offense. Cam is that dude on your high school team that would call then coach’s play in the huddle, and then after the ball was snapped, turn it into a QB sneak or a QB sweep. Can we just go into our time machine and sign/draft some o-lineman and DB’s like we should have? I’m not saying it’s all Cam’s fault either – the Chud-cat offense is a joke!

  13. After watching yesterday’s game, I saw three offensive problems with the Panthers. First, the offensive line played terrible. For the fifth week in a row. Second, the Panthers miss Jeremy Shockey and they overestimated the impact their young wide receivers would have on the offense. They should sign Plaxico Burress to give Cam another target in the passing game. Third, teams are double teaming Steve Smith and the running game is struggling. Plus, expectations were too high for this team in the preseason.
    Cam can be blamed for some of his passes but he is not playing with a stacked deck.
    Just an outside observation by a Texans fan. Go Texans.

  14. Is “Sherm” the guy that got body-slammed three or four times by 5′ 8″ Steve Smith?

    Cam’s teammates should thank him for taking all of the heat. It’s funny how we have no reporting about how poorly the rest of the team is playing. It’s disappointing that none of his teammates have really had his back. They are letting him take his share of the blame and their share of the blame. This is the worst tackling defense in football, and…silence.

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