Russell Wilson still a rookie, but making strides

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The Seahawks appear to be coming to peace with the two Russell Wilsons.

One one hand, the rookie quarterback had one of his best games of the season. On the other, he nearly cost them a game they had well within their grasp.

Statistically, a 19-of-25 for 221 yards day was a smash hit, an efficient showing for what had been the league’s worst passing offense (allowing them to pass the Jaguars for that honor).

But throwing behind tight end Anthony McCoy in his own end became an interception which was returned for a touchdown, the Panthers only such score in a 16-12 road victory.

Honestly, it didn’t even faze him,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “It’s because he has this extraordinary belief. I wish we all had that.”

Wilson then completed seven of his next 11, including the go-ahead touchdown to Golden Tate, which came inside the red zone, on third down. Both of those areas had been a problem for Wilson previously.

But Sunday, he was 9-of-10 on third downs, for five first downs and a touchdown.

“He fixed something that we challenged him to fix,” Carroll said. “I thought he was big time.”

“The main thing is having amnesia,” Wilson said. “That’s what I always say. Whether it is good or bad, you have to forget about it.”

Wilson had written the word “poise” on his wristband prior to the game, and he showed plenty of it Sunday.

11 responses to “Russell Wilson still a rookie, but making strides

  1. RW had his best game as a pro, yes he did, but it was Browner and Sherman that won the game for the Seahawks.

    Welcome to the new Seahawks secondary, Mr. Steve Smith, another All Pro receiver completely demoralized by the two CB’s.

    When Russell gets over the rookie jitters, this team is going to be reeeeaaaalllll good.

    And, oh by the way, the NFC West is the best division in the NFL right now. All 4 teams are over .500 –


  2. I’m sick of the hype on this guy and Pete Carroll constantly gushing about him. He’s average. The Seahawks would be better off if Flynn was their QB.

  3. What makes you think Flynn would be any better? What has he ever done? Everyone loves the back up cause ya can’t toss INT’s from the bench. Remember last year we all called for Charlie, yeah how’d that work out? now I’m not convinced on wilson long term BUT he does have 3x the wins that Flynn has.

  4. The pick six was the worst throw he’s had all season, and the first interception he’s thrown all year where there weren’t extenuating circumstances (receiver bobbling ball to defender, end of half desperation heave, etc.).

    Seattle’s defense is very solid. The offense is still a work in progress, and would be regardless of who is playing QB.

  5. Remember he’s a rookie QB. Eli hugely struggled his first two years and wasn’t playing at an elite level until his 4th year.

  6. The bottom line of what was frustrating to me is that he has all of the ability to have a higher learning curve. He looked like someone who is learning to swim in water that he can stand in. not saying rw is any better than the other rookie qbs in the league, but he needs way more of an open offense than what he was playing in.

  7. I have watched several seahawk games this year and personally I think he is below average and will probably be riding the bench before the year is up.

  8. I am pulling for Russell Wilson I hate the stereotype professional scouts place on height and weight. But the Seahawks should be 2-3 and they scored 20 points or less in 4 out of 5 games. I don’t see them as a threat.

  9. Most of you Seahawk fans need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Pete carroll is doing what’s best for Pete Carroll, not for the team.

    The last thing he wants is a QB controversy and to hell with everybody else.

  10. As much as i dislike them, the Hawks have a dominant D (much like the rest of the NFC West)

    They don’t need Wilson to be ‘dominant’.

    He hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been terrible either.

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