Saints weren’t allowed to show Payton on video screen


Yes, Saints coach Sean Payton was allowed to attend Sunday night’s game between the Chargers and the Saints.

No, the Saints weren’t allowed to acknowledge it via their in-house camera system.

Jay Glazer of FOX noted during the game that the league prohibited the Saints from showing images of Payton on the video board.

Glazer referred to the item as coming from the “department of the absurd,” and tagged it with “give me a break.”

Though I usually agree with Glazer (and if I don’t he threatens to “choke me out”), I can understand why the NFL would have concern about showing images that could have turned the Superdome crowd into an angry anti-league mob — especially with the league descending on New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII.

Besides, I still think a suspension is a suspension and that if a guy is going to be suspended he should be suspended.  Though I still have concerns about the magnitude of the punishments in light of the quality of the evidence and the widespread existence of natural football motivation to use clean legal hits to knock opposing players out of a given game, the concept of a suspension becomes grossly undermined when exceptions are made.

In other words, whether the Saints could have shown Payton on the video board shouldn’t have mattered, because if Payton is suspended he shouldn’t have been at the game, regardless of its historical significance or whether Drew Brees said “pretty please” and/or whether he sprinkled any natural or artificial sweeteners on top.

It sends a horribly mixed message for a league that all too often dabbles in bright lines and absolutes.  And it perpetuates the impression that, despite the appearance of order and consistency and uniformity, the league ultimately is going to do whatever the league wants to do.

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  1. Cant speak for anyone else but I sure will be glad when this “One Life to Live” style daytime soap opera is over with for the Saints, the league and the fans.

  2. As far as I’m concerned he is suspended from his job. That should not keep him from going to any games as a spectator. The stadium is a public venue and he is now a member of the public.

  3. Payton discreetly had his hand in the playcalling that lead to the Saints win. Ya know, kinda like a kingpin calling all of the shots behind bars. JK

  4. Clearly sends a mixed message about what the word “suspension” really means. Out here in the real world when one is suspended that means ALL activity of that from which one gets suspended ceases.
    I guess the NFL is clearly different.
    Those of us who live outside the inner circle of the NFL, are not privy to what eveidence there is in regards to this “Bounty” scandle.
    I cannot speak to the “quality” of the evidence quantity of evidence that brought about these suspensions, and I agree that football is inherently violent, and players will inevitably get hurt.
    The issue that I have is this….the now banned defensive coordinator was the individual who indicated that there was an initiatives program in place.

  5. I still can’t figure out why Sean Payton was suspended. If I remember correctly the league suspended him for covering up and lying about a 3 year bounty program.

    But all evidence, all testimony, everything the league has put forth doesn’t point to a 3 year bounty program.

    At most it points to maybe a QB out pool in one game. And that is very questionable.

  6. The NFL is becoming a joke in many phases. Dominate teams are losing to teams who we all know do not have a shot of winning.
    Two teams winning yesterday (one man in the hospital fighting for his life) not being negative just saying. (Even though I root for the Saints, Brees breaks record and wins after 4 straight losses).
    I am not hating, just saying. Something stinks in the NFL.
    Congrats to Brees for his accomplishments.

  7. when will this drama stop with Goodell…if Goodell was concerned about Saints allowing video showing Sean Payton, then he should’ve rejected drew brees request to have payton, loomis and vitt to attend the game…this is a public venue and what is the big deal if video showed those guys to the fans…the nfl is about having fun, but with Goodell in charge it’s filled with drama, confusion, red vs. blue testosterone, huge egos..

  8. I think it’s a little too worry about the saints fans being hostile toward the league. And, besides that I think that any hostility would be directed toward one individual and not the entire league. On another note, I think Drew Breez holding out has hurt the timming of the offense.

  9. Goodell is so petty with his silly personal rules and it’s obvious he has a personal vendetta against Sean Payton cause Sean will not sell out to him like Gregg Williams did to lie and throw the players under the bus..

  10. Payton looked like Farmer John every time they showed him in the stands. He must have been wearing hisTexas outfit.

  11. This has become a PR mess. While the NFL is increasing in popularity, ONLY in viewers sitting out side these over priced stadium seats. Roger, the dodger, should be fired

  12. thingamajig says: Oct 8, 2012 10:36 AM

    Payton looked like Farmer John every time they showed him in the stands. He must have been wearing hisTexas outfit.
    I thought he looked quite comfortable and relaxed with his son as he always does. There was no anxiety… no strain… and definitely no farmer john look. If that was a Texas look then your statement was a compliment.

  13. Goodell overstepped his boundaries when after he suspended Payton for the year went on to say that he could not have any contact with anyone one in the Saints organization….these people are also his friends and Goodell can control who he socializes with too? gimme a break! not being on the sidelines or pressbox during a game is one thing, not having any contact whatsoever is out of line….

  14. I guess if your talking consistency and suspensions, one should ask why Greg Williams has the freedom to go to Rams games? Maybe the Player’s Association should open it’s own inquiry about “payola” within the league and the practice of rewarding certain individuals for “favors” performed on behalf of the NFL! The whole who-ha over forbidding Coach Payton to be shown on the jumbotron is absurd, everybody knew he was there and TV cameras showed him and his son in “time out”. The more the league does to further anger and incite the fans is just more gasoline on the fire. Unless this gets resolved as peaceably and quickly as possible, the NFL will have more fireworks at the Superbowl that they want. WHO DATS don’t forget…but obviously, the preppy Goodell has never been exposed to a bunch of crazy cajuns and don’t understand the meaning of Cajun Justice!

  15. WHO DATS don’t forget…but obviously, the preppy Goodell has never been exposed to a bunch of crazy cajuns and don’t understand the meaning of Cajun Justice!
    Yeah, GODell better have a food tester if he ever expects to eat the fine Louisiana cuisine the great New Orleans has to offer!!

  16. I’d love to read where the mayor of NOLA tells Goodell that “If our Saints can’t compete for the game our city is hosting, then be prepared to stage the entire event on your own. Our city will provide nothing ~ no transportation, EMS, security, concessions, traffic control, in-house TV operation. maintenance, custodial, or any other service. If our team can be used as a weekly commodity to determine who eventually gets to play in the game ~ and we are excluded from that possibility ~ then its your party. You staff it and pay for it.” Of course, that will never happen but in my mind it should. I’m not trying to excuse what led up to all this mess, but if the Saints players on the field are allowed to play in the season, they deserve the right to complete for the crown. Otherwise, shut down the franchise or move it elsewhere. Goodell is not the only person in this mess with teeth ~ or he shouldn’t be.

  17. Goodell’s inconsistency in just about everything he does, says, or hands out, in the way of punishments, says just about everything about Goodell that can possibly be said – as it relates to his complete ineffectiveness as commisioner, and his girlish way of changing his mind from one second to the next.

    Somehow, Goodell needs to no longer be NFL commissioner, as he is steadily killing the game.

  18. They let Greg Williams go see his son coach with the Rams why can’t Sean Payton go see Drew break the record?

  19. morty999 says:
    Oct 8, 2012 11:01 AM
    I’m just glad the Aints are 1-4 and my Falcons are 5-0. Aints are a non-story, let’s move on!
    Might want to start by winning ‘A’ playoff game under the current regime if you ever expect the Failcans to be a story!

  20. Who cares! Payton wasn’t making plays on the field…he was lucky enough to be there to witness it in person. No reason he needs to be on the big screen. Payton probably doesn’t care either. A whole lot to do about nothing.

  21. This entire episode of treating Sean Payton and the Saints like some kind of Guantanamo Bay terrorists without a shred of credible evidence being presented – either to the accused or to the public – has damaged the reputations of Goodell and the NFL far more than it has the Saints – except, of course, to the loser Viking and Falcon fans who can’t see past their own noses.

  22. I would characterize the league’s concern about showing Peyton’s image on the screen as beyond the ridiculous bordering on pure paranoia. Just another apologia for the NFL’s poor handling of this entire issue, whether with respect to the coach, his staff or the players.

    Asked another way, why did the league ban internal images inside the dome but not even attempt to prohibit the myriad of images of Peyton and Vitt broadcast all over? That makes as much sense as a box of hammers.

  23. That whole scene last night was a complete bend over for the Saints by the refs and the NFL. The game had a predetermined winner as it was quite obvious that the refs were homers all night long and didn’t call anywheres near a fair game on both sides of that sideline last night. The refs did everything possible to make sure drew got his record and the Aints got the win last night. Allowing SP to attend the game was BS. Doesnt that mean he go to any other game now? Goodell was made a fool last night and he should feel like a complete tool today for allowing a suspended team employee in the doors at the Superdome. The NFL is the new WWE.

  24. The whole thing is dumb. Bounty gate is dumb. Goodell’s suspensions of a non-existent bounty program is dumb. Letting Payton come to the game but not showing him on the jumbotron is dumb. And, with all due respect to Brees, the consecutive TD record is kind of lame. It’s like crowning Barry Bonds the HR king. While Brees is not personally on steroids, the game itself is on steroids with defenses being castrated. Brees plays 9 games a year in a dome playing arena football rules. Unitas played in an era when real football was played. Goodell has frustrated me.

  25. I wish I’d been at the game! Because seeing Payton approximately 200 times during the telecast was a bit much. I have no problem with him going to games. I don’t even have a problem with him being shown on TV and the announcers making note of the fact he’s there. But he was on-screen in the fourth quarter more than some of the players who were on the field. They kept switching to the shot of him sitting (sometimes even standing!) like they expected him to be pulling his hair out, crying, trying to signal plays down to Brees? No idea what they thought those repeated shots were going to show.

    It did look to me like he’d lost a bit of weight. He looked trim. And kind of nice to see somebody in a box without a tie on. It gets old seeing the owners, GMs, etc. all dressed up for games like they’re at a board meeting.

  26. “The refs did everything possible to make sure drew got his record and the Aints got the win last night.”

    Yeah, it was the refs who allowed Devery Henderson to get 15 yards behind the defense on the record touchdown pass.

  27. “Brees plays 9 games a year in a dome playing arena football rules. Unitas played in an era when real football was played.”

    You will never get me to dispuite Unitas was a great QB. You will aslo never get me to diminish Brees’ accomplishment last night. Unitas never again approached it. Neither did other great Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks like Bob Griese, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, Dan Fouts, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Fran Tarkenton … you get the idea. It’s a fabulous accomplishment in any era.

  28. There goes the self-proclaimed shield trying to act tough, u allow the man in the game put him in a visible area but when it games to fans seeing him on the screen then you say no. Yea thats tough right there

  29. I can’t wait til this whole thing blows up in goodells face. He’s going to look really dumb. Coaches can’t even get their players pumped up anymore. The NFL has become a joke. You can hit anyone for fear of a penalty, or say hit someone hard. Before Goodell leave the lingerie league will have harder hits.

  30. I wish you would talk about the Phantom calls on the Chargers rather than this.

    The Chargers got jobbed by Goodell and the Refs.

    Absolutely Disgusting.

  31. Its fair in a way because I am pretty sure the Saints are not allowed to show Roger Goodell on their video board either, though that prohibition comes from FEMA and the USGS earthquake center not the NFL, buildings downtown aren’t built to withstand the reaction that would happen if they showed Goodell.

  32. @Morty999 we will see how far the Falcants, can go It’s not over yet, I thought I seen them do this before. LOL!!!

  33. I gets better still. Michelle Tafoya told San Diego radio station XX 1090 days before the game that Goodell told NBC that they weren’t allowed to talk to Sean Payton. I told have the link but it’s in their archives section.

    Goodell makes this worse every time he does something new.

  34. I’m just glad the Aints are 1-4 and my Falcons are 5-0. Aints are a non-story, let’s move on!
    Might want to start by winning ‘A’ playoff game under the current regime if you ever expect the Failcans to be a story!

    Falcan’ts need to win something, then u can start takling trash

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