Texans stay undefeated, but Jets hang tough

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The Texans are 5-0, but the Jets didn’t make it easy on them.

Houston’s 23-17 win on Monday night at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, wasn’t the blowout that many expected it to be, as the Jets kept it close deep into the fourth quarter. Only when a Mark Sanchez pass bounced off the hands of tight end Jeff Cumberland and was intercepted just before the two-minute warning did the Texans finally have the game in hand.

Texans running back Arian Foster had his best game of the season, topping 150 yards and scoring a second-quarter touchdown that gave the Texans a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. The Texans’ passing game, however, didn’t do a lot, and Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie did a great job covering Texans receiver Andre Johnson.

Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt is continuing to look like the best defensive player in the league. He recorded a sack, knocked down three passes (including the Jets’ last pass of the game), caused an interception, and spent most of the night in the Jets’ backfield. He’s an outstanding player.

And the Texans look like an outstanding team. The Jets gave the Texans the toughest game anyone has given them this season, but that wasn’t enough.

59 responses to “Texans stay undefeated, but Jets hang tough

  1. Sanchez I thinko played a pretty good game. He had no help from his recievers. Terrible play calling by Sparano bringing in Tebow on unneccessary times. Oh and one more thing, Watts for MVP!!

  2. I’ve never seen a defensive line consistently knock down passes like Houston’s does. Wade Phillips is a great coach, and I expect Houston to make a lot of noise in January.

  3. as a Jets fan I’m proud of the effort tonight. EVERYONE said the Texans were going to put up 50 point s and Sanchez would be benched, but it didn’t happen. The Jets had every opportunity to win this game but just came up short.

  4. The Jets played a tough, good game against a stacked best-in-the-league Texans team. Proud of the team, played pretty well after getting punched in the mouth. Good game Texans fans

  5. Jets are really comparable to the likes of KC, Oak, Jax & Tenn. They are closer to the Browns than The Pats. But if hanging tough makes you feel better OK.

  6. Im a patriots fan but I’ve gotta admit Sanchez is dreadful. He should have thrown at least two more interceptions, that first TD went through the defenders hands. The play calling is totally anemic..and Sanchez just cant play. The Texans played horribly tonight, and the Jets just couldnt capatalize. I know I knock Tebow for his throwing just like everyone, but that ball he threw was more accurate than anything Sanchez threw tonight.

  7. Ups for Sanchez tonight. I don’t think he’s a great qb but he hung in there and made a game of it even with those scumbag NYJ fans booing him every chance they had. And without Santonio or much help from the running game. I really hope he gets out of that toxic organization… let them have their “savior” Tebow, and laugh at them from somewhere that they can give you weapons and an O-line, Mark.

  8. Not surprising the Texans didn’t crush them. Sometimes hard to get up for game where everyone is expecting a blowout.

  9. I didn’t like the fact that everyone said we would dominate tonight. The Jets are always scrappy, and really tough at home. I’m just glad we finally beat them. The Texans showed tonight that they are never going to quit. In previous years, we would have lost that game. This year, our confidence and determination will carry us on.

  10. U need to pump fake JJ watt like its a basketball game. he could have stayed back and blocked every pass on his side of the field.

    Sorry jets fans you do not have an NFL Qb on your roster. Might as well go Tebow

  11. Green Bay lost to Indy, and Baltimore just scored 9 points on the road against a 1-4 team. The Texans next two games aren’t looking as tough as they were before the season started, seeing as they are both at home.

  12. It’s never ok to lose but I am proud of the way the Jets played. Some had us losing by 30 points and saying the season was as good as over. Got to find a way to stop the run and get some of these WRs/TE healthy.

  13. its the nfl this game was so predictable that the jets would keep it close. someone should tell rex that its ok to stop the run once in awhile. last time i checked revis didnt play d line. i bet we hear i havent had someone run this much on my d ever

  14. Sanchez didn’t stank up the place. If the Jets were concerned about getting better on the offensive side during the off season, they would be a better team.

    Tebow isn’t going to make this team better.

    The Jets have a lot of problems.

  15. I don’t know why you wouldn’t try to start Tebow. Everyone on tv is saying that Mark Sanchez is done if he gets benched for Tebow, but look at Alex Smith, he got benched for a bunch of nobody’s and he ended up being successful. I’m not saying Sanchez is going to end up being Alex Smith(I know it’s probably more coaching) but he’s definitely not done. Take the gamble and give Sanchez a reason to work harder.

  16. I don’t know that I’d declare the Texans champs just quite yet – but yeah they did look good tonight. Kubiak needs to get them there – this year, and one has to applaud the job he’s done.

    As for the Jets – I got nuthin’ – everyone’s used all the cool loser references already.

  17. The Jets played better than anyone expected…and it was almost enough to win. “Any given Sunday” has never been more true. Even though the Packers haven’t been playing very well, did anyone really think the Colts could come back in the second half? Who really thought the Vikings would be 4-1?
    My Texans were definately not at their best…but the Jets weren’t at their worst either. It takes some character to bounce back after that horrible game vs the 49er’s.
    Why don’t the Jets just give up and make Tebow their starting runningback? He’d be a huge improvement over Greene. I have to admit the “fake” punt was cool. The Texans knew it was coming and were unable to stop it.
    Hang in there, Jets fans…it’ll get better eventually. I know this because I’ve been an Oiler’s and Texans fan for 33 years!

  18. Not a fan of either team here but props to the Jets for coming out after being punched in the face like they were last week and hearing that this week would be even worse against Houston and hanging in there and making tonight’s game quite competitive. Granted, Houston didn’t play their best game but the Jets certainly could have done better as well given their patchwork roster.

  19. Another great gameplan by Kubiak, establish the pass early then run all day, trust your D. As a Tezxn fan, if I,had ti nitpick, their special teams are terrible.
    However, if that is as bad as it will get, I will yake it all daya

  20. This game was better than I thought it would be. I figured the Texans would kill the Jets but it was a pretty good game. Man JJ Watts is a beast ! May be Defensive player of the year if he keeps this up.

  21. Let’s not get too carried away with the Texans title talks just yet. Their opponents combined record is 8 – 17 and every team they’ve beaten is sub .500

    I won’t say that Houston is not good, they’re very good, but people are too high on them at this early stage.

  22. Time to bench Sanchez, he’s bringing down the rest of his team. The team has absolutely no enthusiasm..reminds me of the Bronco’s last year before Tebow came the starter. At least Tebow will bring that enthusiasm that the Jet players badly need and lets face facts..Sanchez has the worst percentage of the league, almost like last year. Sanchez reminds me of a broken record player.. all i see is the same old song being played..he’s bad for the team and i just cant find the correct words to describe what i mean.

    Tebow on the other hand at least is “always” productive…and can lift the spirits of his players 10fold…some times that is all that is needed, ala 2nd half of the season of the broncos last year.

    You do NOT have to be a top tier quarterback to be a great quarterback…

    Tebow has three weapons, while sanchez only has one.

    Tebow Weapon: When his passing is on, its ON. Running the ball and team enthusiasm..this is what Tebow can deliver to any team.

    Sanchez Weapons: When his passing is on, its ON. Sanchez has nothing else, period.

  23. Good game Jets, everyone had the Texans blowing them out. I believe the Texans DB’s didn’t take the Jets offense serious until the fourth quarter. As a Texans, I say the DB’s better step it up the next game against the Packers. Good game by both teems!

  24. I hate it when anybody says an NFL team “hangs tough” or says anything similar. Like they’re some Division 3 school playing Alabama. Every NFL team should “make it a good game”.

  25. The quarterback is the leader, and a team can’t win with two drama queens. When the jets got Tebow they should have traded Sanchez. All this silly drama isn’t necessary.

  26. Jut because they didn’t get blown out Jets fans are happy?! That’s just pathetic. They will be lucky if they win even ONE more game

  27. Judging Sanchez per game is the wrong way to go about this. All you need to ask yourself is:

    Will Sanchez ever be an elite QB?
    Will the Jets ever win a Super Bowl with Sanchez?

    The answer to both is no. Starting Tebow is just for fun, but it solves the bigger problem, you get to move away from Sanchez and start planning for a new QB. Let Tebow suck it up the rest of the year, and then have your new franchise QB ready to go for next year, either through the draft or trade.

  28. Sparano had some good playcalls. but overall his coaching was disgraceful in this game. Why are you so confused as to when Tebow goes in and out? Don’;t you do pregame prep? Example: 1st and goal at the 3, there is confusion, And why waste Sanchez over there? And Tebow gets stuffed. But you useTebow 4 times from the 3(and yes from the 3 with Tebow you go 4 downs), you will get a TD and make it 23-21.
    And then there were times where they would bring Tebow in and then take him out and even worse there would be confusion leading to a wasted timeout. Outside the red zone, I dont care if you use Tebow or not, but be decisive. Even before the half, once you get near the 15, why isn’t Tebow in there? The indecision by the coaches cost them a virtual shutout in the red zone. They made two trips , gave up a FG on one and scored a FG on the other.

    Oh, and JJ Watt was a damn steal at #11. Wow, this guy is for real.

  29. Can’t put this squarely on Sanchez. He may not be a good QB but he doesn’t have any talent around him either.

  30. I am a Chicago Bears fan but this week Im gone jump on the Texans bandwagon. I hate Greenbay an the only thing worse is a packers fan.. 2/4 in the basement

  31. They played tough, but it was mostly trick plays that kept them in the game. Trust Sparano to keep doing this, he was the same with the Dolphins. It’s confusing just watching this stuff. I guess it was the only way the Jets could stay in the game. Sanchez has no one to throw the ball to. Gates the ex dolphin went down injured, and he was useless with the Dolphins. If that’s the extent of their talent, they have problems.

  32. The Jets pissed off a lot of people by losing last night. They pissed off a lot more by not losing by ten, though.

  33. Got to give the D some credit here. The way they played in the 2nd half especially late in the 4th is the D we have been seeing that past 3 seasons with Rex. We need to play that tough for 4 QTrs. Also, Greene had some nice tough runs late – needs to build on that.

    Lastly, Sanchez! I have defended this kid from day 1 and last night is no different. He is badly missing Keller for that middle field option. He made some bad throws but he made better ones as well. That pass to Cro was nice (little to outside for a DB) and he was placing the ball where the receivers could get it. I know that stats wont show it but Sanchez played a nice game.

  34. I hate it when anybody says an NFL team “hangs tough” or says anything similar. Like they’re some Division 3 school playing Alabama. Every NFL team should “make it a good game”.


    Let me help you out on this. No Jet fan in their right mind thought the Jets were winning last night. In fact, when every starting receiver and 2 tight ends are injured on an already talent thin receiving core for the Jets it was an absolute shocker they had 230 passing yards. When Clyde Gates and some guy named Hill are seeing significant time on the field as wide receiver that is the NFL equivalent to D III.

  35. Where was the “complete implosion” of the Jets that I kept hearing about? The Jets never lead in the game, of course, but Jets kept it a lot tighter than I was expecting.

    Man, JJ Watt is tough. My Bears play the Texans in a few weeks. Should be a great game.

  36. Jets could have won. D played great. Why do Jets fans think Sanchez is so wonderful. Under 50% again, 2 int, couple of knock downs, can’t move in the pocket, inaccurate. Had a chance to come up big at the end and came up very small.

  37. Texans allowed the Jets to feel good about themselves.

    Schaub threw an INT into double coverage that led to a TD and they gave up the TD on the kick return.

    Without those two mistakes we are talking about a 23-3 victory.

  38. I fault the coaches for their blind dedication to a mediocre QB. Innaccurate Sanchez threw behind his receivers several times causing blown oppoertunities & interceptions. It’s Not what you have to Lose by trying Tebow out – it’s what the Jets can GAIN by giving him the helm.

    So many overlook the proven record of 7-1 in a challenging trial by fire as a mid season starter.
    nd a playoff victory over the Steelers. Ignore that? Ignore this:

    Tebow set NFL records for yards per completion and yards per attempt in a playoff game. He was the first quarterback to throw for more than 300 yards against the Steelers. The overtime victory, which spanned one play and 11 seconds, was the shortest OT contest ever, and that includes the regular season. The game-winning 80-yard pass play was the longest touchdown pass in NFL overtime history.
    and, oh yeah … his avg yds/carry as a rookie: 5.3
    But Jets coaches just yawn. The ignorance!

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