Welker says it was just a joke, comedy dies a slow death

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The 24-hour cycle of parsing Wes Welker’s “stick it in Bill’s face,” line from last night had nearly reached it’s end, which means it’s time for the inevitable explanation of the Patriots receiver’s reaction to his 13-catch game after many less-active ones.

Welker, to the shame of every comedian ever who had to explain one that flopped, said “It was a joke,” and not intended as a sarcastic jab at coach Bill Belichick about his lack of action earlier this year.

“I don’t know what else to say about it,” Welker said, via Mike Rodak of ESPNBoston.com. “It was a joke. Bill and I, whether you believe it or not, have a good relationship, and it was a joke. I’ll make sure to keep that in-house going forward.”

It’s not the first time Welker’s had to explain himself for cracking wise (if you take things at face value and accept that’s what he was doing), as he was benched from a playoff game after making a string of foot jokes toward Jets coach Rex Ryan.

“Yeah, obviously. You just have to be careful with what you say,” Welker said. “Bill does a good job of challenging us, and being a great coach, and doing things that he needs to do, and I made a joke about it, and it won’t happen again.”

Belichick, the laugh riot that he is, said earlier in the day he hadn’t heard the remark, adding: “You should ask him about it then. What he meant by it, I don’t know.”

Try the veal. Don’t forget to tip your waitresses. He’ll be here all week.

27 responses to “Welker says it was just a joke, comedy dies a slow death

  1. Lighten up Bills fan. The easiest way to stop a team from running up the score is to stop them from scoring. Where is super “Mario”? I thought he was going to get 25 sacks this year?

  2. Just a point of clarification – Welker was benched for the first quarter of the playoff game against the Jets because at the beginning of the week Belichick *told* the players NOT to give the opposition any bulletin board material.

    Welker then proceeded to give the Jets bulletin board material.

    It’s unclear at this time if BB said “no joking” at any point this year, but I’m sure we’ll find out come Sunday.

  3. Fantasy owners everywhere are praying for Welker to shup up, lest they see a repeat of the first two week’s performance and their high draft picks of Welker go to waste.

  4. That’s today’s society for you. Apologize to the people who don’t like something, or don’t get it. Retract and say things the way they would prefer you to say it. People are a bunch of wussies these days. Comedians are even taking heat for what they say in a comedy club. Ridiculous. And since when do people in Boston not get a joke? They are one of the best cities to catch a comedy show and crap like this gets to them? Again, ridiculous.

  5. You need guys like Welker to keep it human. Silencing him does no one any good, especially the Patriots.

  6. Everybody thinks BB means Bill Belichick. In fact it means Barrel of Laughs Belichick. If anybody was confused about this being his last year in Pats land, you shouldn’t be now. Doesn’t matter if he catches 300 passes. It’s been great, good luck in the future.

  7. Welker is a great human being. Doesn’t take himself too seriously. We should all do that. And besides, if they don’t want you, you can always come back to the Dolphins and make that jersey that I bought, at the stadium, a week before your trade, relevant again.

  8. You know sometimes I think the media should give it a break. Welker has done nothing but produced. And, he has always carried himself in a matter that reflection professionalism and class. This is one time I believe the player

  9. Umm have u ever seem welkers Oklahoma city thunder cowboy boots the guys freakin hysterical and BB does have a good sense of humor just look at last year he let Ocho whatever his name is now pretend to be a patriot all year!

  10. “Comedians are even taking heat for what they say in a comedy club.”

    You better not be talking about Tosh.

  11. Welker has a great sense of humor, and I pray to the same God that has blessed Tim Tebow with a 666 Monday night game this evening to continue to move Welker to crack the occasional joke.

  12. Welker knows from experience that Belichick will bench him just to make a point,even if it hurts the team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him warming the bench for the 1st quarter in Seattle next week. Evidently,he didn’t learn from last year. I love Welker,and if it was anyone but Belichick,I wouldn’t care what he says. Wes,please shut it from here on out.

  13. The problem here is that he gave the bloodthirsty media a “quote” and they ran with it. Who didn’t know he was kidding. This guy is like Jared Allen in Minny…they are just different cats. Stop stifling these guys.

  14. Bill, don’t bench him!

    You already have to face Brandon Browner, the best corner not named Revis!!!

  15. Only reason he cares is because he still wants enough balls thrown his way so he can get paid well next season by his new team.

  16. yeah.. too bad the NFL is a billion dollar business, run by multi million dollar owners who during a course of business usually don’t have a sense of human, this would also flow (heavily) downhill (to the Coach). A lot of (newly) created player millionaires don’t understand that formality (since most have a heck of lot of money just dumped on then in a very short period of time. Good luck with that, Notice another receiver like Steelers’ Wallace didn’t say a word during his ‘hold out’. Tweet and facebook accounts don’t help much either in these situations. ahhhh.. to be wealthy

  17. After all the years ending in a loss, which 2012 inevitably will also – the question is: why does anyone still care what Bill and Welker think, or say about each other???

    It’s going to end in a loss. Doesn’t matter if its December, January, February – as sure as the sun rises, their season is going to end in a loss.

    So do everyone a favor – stop acting like its 2002 and everyone is worried about the awesome Boston Pats. They’ve been exposed as cheaters — and worse yet — they’ve been exposed as serial choke-artists.

    All their little jokes just really don’t matter anymore.

  18. 49erstim says:
    Oct 8, 2012 7:24 PM
    The problem here is that he gave the bloodthirsty media a “quote” and they ran with it. Who didn’t know he was kidding. This guy is like Jared Allen in Minny…they are just different cats. Stop stifling these guys.
    That’s a darned good comparison. They’re both irreverent and fun loving and likely to say things at times that raise eyebrows but they don’t mean any harm, and they are quite serious about their profession.

    It’s been pointed out to me elsewhere that WW could have also been poking at some of the local media that was harping on his lack of catches early on and speculating that BB has it in for him, etc. That makes as much sense as anything. WW and TB are great friends but WW is the one who put it out there exactly why TB was dog cussing him against Buffalo when TB wouldn’t reveal it.

  19. it was a joke on the media and its stupid hype machine and the media being as obtuse as possible when it comes to its own flaws didn’t get it.

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