Buddy Nix wants more urgency from the defense


The Bills are hanging out in the desert this week before they face the Cardinals and they’re doing a little bit of soul searching to figure out how to stop a slide that’s seen them outscored 97-31 in the last two games.

When they’re hanging out in a sweat lodge, General Manager Buddy Nix would like some members of his team to concentrate on finding a little more intensity in their games. Nix thinks the Buffalo defense isn’t showing enough urgency and he thinks that needs to change. Urgently.

“And that could be on any segment or as far as any part of our group. But to play defense you’ve gotta play fast and you’ve got to play reckless and you’ve got to play aggressive,” Nix said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “For some reason, especially in the second half of both games, we didn’t do that. We were a step slow reacting. We missed tackles. We didn’t get off blocks. When you miss tackles, usually it’s one of two things, it’s talent or lack of effort. We’ve seen these guys do it before so I think they can. We gotta get that urgency back somehow.”

One imagines that Nix wasn’t planning on making a plea for intensity from his defense five games into the season when he was shelling out Ralph Wilson’s money to sign Mario Williams and Mark Anderson this offseason. It’s hard to believe that all of Buffalo’s problems could be solved just by flipping a switch, but something’s got to change if the Bills are going to even remotely resemble the team that many thought they would be coming into the season.

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  1. I’m sorry but that soft zone that Wannstedt is calling is beyond comprehension. Anyone can throw on that coverage, we saw it when Sanchez went off on them. You drafted corners and safeties high in thee draft, man these dudes up in press coverage and give the d line time to make plays.

  2. It has to be coaching. Too much talent on that D to be this terrible. Just seems like they have no motivation to succeed. Give any good D-coordinator in the league this squad and you would have a top 10 defense. Seems like Gailey and Wanny lost the locker room, oh well clean house again.

  3. What’s the urgency if you’ve already cashed the check? Urgency would be shown if the players are hungry or cared. If you’re going to pay someone make sure he has good character.

  4. To really gauge the defense you need to look no further than the game this week with the Cards. If they can’t get least a half dozen sacks that will tell you all you need to know

  5. Give that team a good QB and they would be really good on offense. Down field, the receivers are open all day, QB just cant make the throws. The defense has the talent just not a DC . I hope they get it together.

  6. As a cardinals fan, i unfortunately have the feeling that we’ll make their defense look real good. Mario Williams will get a few sacks this game. And since our running game has been virtually non-existent, that shouldn’t scare the Bills at all. Of course I could be wrong and Arizona will come out of this extended resting period with fire and play good. I hope that happens.

  7. Overpaid and over rated free agent signings leave little room to add depth. These guys cannot run with the best or even middle talent. The evidence is in the books from the past three weeks. Sorry Bills fans but you need new leadership from the top down.

  8. Urgency Buddy??? Urgency ….really?? How about accountability… accountability by you and your staff for not drafting an impact player, for being completely wrong about a franchise quarterback, hiring coaches that are not qualified for the modern NFL. you want to talk about urgency, how about taking your own advice, you are going to start losing attendance by your fans at the absolute worst time in this franchises history. Urgency? Let’s see it from the GM down, then I’ll agree with you

  9. In that picture, Mario seems interested on what’s in his back pocket. Sounds about right.

  10. The coach should be addressing the lack of intensity, not the GM. And as far as Nix’ contention that missed tackles are due to talent or lack of effort, he completely ignores the most common reason for missed tackles…..technique…which again, comes from good coaching.
    Clean house and hire a real coaching staff.

  11. The defense is playing like they’ve lost all faith in Dave Wannstedt. The schemes he’s calling are not putting the defense in position to make plays, and once they fall behind by two TDs, they have no faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick to rally them back, so they give up.

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